This high school girl was asked to leave prom because of the dress she wore

Clare Ettinger and her boyfriend were very excited to attend the Richmond homeschool prom. It was themed a twilight in Paris and they couldn’t be more ready. Unfortunately for the two, the evening did not turn out as they had anticipated.
[post_page_title]Prom 101[/post_page_title]
Clare Ettinger was escorted by her boyfriend James Thompson to their homeschool prom. Their emotions were running high, this was a symbol of the end of an era.

Prom 101

Prom is the be all and end all for teenagers. Imagine, the tickets have been ordered, the suit and dress had been fitted, hours were spent on makeup and getting ready and the boutonniere was fastened. But it was all cut short when the couple got kicked out of their own prom.

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