These twins’ first moments have touched the hearts of everyone for one sweet reason

We all have our own dreams in life. Some dream of going to the moon or having their name in lights. Others dream of curing horrific diseases and saving the human race, while others still dream of writing for a living. Yes, if you asked everyone you spoke to about their career aspirations, you’re bound to hear different answers from all of the people you talk to. However, if you asked them about their life ambitions, you might hear many people say the same thing. They want a family. For many couples, having a baby is something they dream about for their whole lives. They want to share their love with a tiny human, and they want to raise someone and call them their own. Because of this, they squeal for joy when they finally see the beating heart on the ultrasound – but what if there was more than one heart?

Multiple births are on the rise in the United States, and there were a whopping 133,155 twin births in 2015 alone. While this news can be a shock to expecting couples, most parents take this on the chin and learn how to care for two babies as they go about their days. They learn from every experience, they find new tips and tricks every single day, and they learn what works best for them. Yet, sometimes there are aspects of their twins that they just can’t understand. This is because many twins have noted weird and wonderful connections with their brother or sister. Some have been able to communicate in a completely new language, others have been able to know exactly what they were thinking, and there are even some twins who have been able to feel the pain of their twins’ injury. Despite this barrier between twins and parents, one couple were still able to witness the amazing moment between their twins, and it seems their first moment has also touched the hearts of people across the world…

Welcome to the world

For some couples, bringing a child into the world is one of the most defining moments of their lives and their relationship. Many spend their adult years dreaming of holding their son or daughter in their arms for the first time, and watching their many achievements as they grow up into young adults themselves. However, some parents get the shock of their lives when they discover that they are not only pregnant with one baby… but multiple babies! Although Dane and Lisa Lyman were not as surprised as some to learn that they were expecting twin boys, they were surprised to see what happened when they first entered the world…

The couple in question

However, to truly get to the core of this story, we need to learn a little more about the couple in question. So, say hello to Dane and Lisa Lyman! This adorable couple seemed to have the perfect life ahead of them. In 2012, the pair solidified their love as they tied the knot and became Mr. and Mrs. Lyman, and they soon made sure that they weren’t alone in their little love nest. Just two years after they got hitched, the pair welcomed their first daughter into the world and called her Corinne. Before too long, their brood expanded once again, and Amelia became the newest addition to the Lyman family.

Another announcement

However, it seems that for Dane and Lisa, four wasn’t a magical number for the Lyman’s and they decided to try to expand their family even more. This time, their first scan was a little different. Instead of seeing one little heart beating, they saw two! In November 2017, Dane took to Facebook to make their exciting announcement and to tell their friends and family that they were expecting twins. While most parents would be shocked to realize that they were getting two for the price of one, Lisa and Dane were fairly calm…

All in the family

Of course, Lisa and Dane were a little taken aback by their life-changing news – but with twins already in her family, Lisa was not as surprised as she could have been. Lisa knew from a young age that because her grandfather was a twin, she would have a greater chance of bringing two little ones into the world as well. It’s incredibly common for those with a history of twins in their family to welcome twins themselves and for the gene to miss a few generations. Because of this, she always knew it was a possibility.

Ready for the new arrival

In fact, Lisa and Dane were incredibly excited to welcome their twins into the world. Although Dane was busy with his work and his studies at the University of Central Florida as a medical student, he was over the moon to be able to welcome another two additions to their family. Lisa, who previously went to college to train as a nurse, was also taking a break from work to ensure that her family were well looked after and cared for while they were awaiting their twins. They were ready.

The big day

As their due date got closer and closer, Lisa and Dane and their two daughters were shaking with excitement to welcome their sons into the world. However, that date came a little early. Four weeks early, to be exact! The twins arrived on February 25, 2018, and they were immediately checked over by doctors. Although they were premature, they were both happy and healthy boys. Now they had a big decision to make. What should they call them? After considering several options, they eventually settled on the names Weston and Caleb.

Capturing it on camera

Thankfully, the birth was as uncomplicated as could be, and Lisa was also fit and healthy after welcoming Caleb and Weston into the world. Although he was by her side throughout the whole process, Dane also had another important task to be getting on with while they were still in the hospital. He wanted to capture his twins’ first moments on camera, and so he did exactly that. He filmed them as the nurses carried them over to be weighed, and watched as they cried their eyes out and screamed at the top of their lungs.

Separated at birth

As Dane followed their next few minutes with their camera, he watched as they were literally separated at birth. The nurses needed to weigh them individually and check them over on their own – but the boys weren’t having any of it. Although they were just a few inches away from each other, they were visibly uncomfortable with what they were going through. Were they just grumpy? Were they hungry? Were they not happy with the fact that the nurses had taken them away from their mom? The real answer, as it was soon revealed, was actually much more adorable…

Unfamiliar surroundings

One of the first ideas that came into Dane’s mind was that his sons were scared of the world around them. Of course, it is to be expected. Making an entrance into the big, wide world after nine months in a womb must be a scary experience for anyone. It must be even more frightening to tiny babies who have no idea what’s going on. They’re suddenly able to see bright lights and weird shapes, they’re able to feel blankets and textures around their body, and they’re even able to smell the hospital.

Reunited at last

However, Dane soon realized that his sons were much tougher than that and that they weren’t crying about the fact that they were surrounded by unfamiliar sights and sounds. Instead, Dane realized just what his twins were crying over their desire to be reunited. They had been weighed, they had examined, the doctors and nurses had had a good look at them, and they were ready to be returned to their cot. It was at this moment that Dane and the doctors saw something remarkable, with Dane catching the whole thing on camera.

Drying their eyes

As soon as Caleb and Weston found their way back into their cot together, they were still teary. It seemed as though the whole experience had really upset them, and they just needed to let the world know about it. Yet, the crying didn’t last that much longer. In an attempt to make them more comfortable on the blankets, the nurse decided to lay one of the twins’ head on the chest of the other. As soon as their skin made contact, both of the twins immediately stopped crying.

Spreading their story

When Lisa heard what had happened with her twins, she became emotional herself – but she was mostly just upset that she had missed the incredible moment with her two boys. Luckily, Dane had captured the whole exchange on his camera, and was able to show his wife the footage of their Caleb and Weston, and show them just how comfortable they were with each other. When they got home, Dane decided to share this footage with some of their friends to start with… but then decided to spread their story and post it publicly on Facebook.

Making others happy

After word of their story made it to the outside world, Today got in contact with Dane for an interview. It was during this May 2018 discussion that Dane explained why he had posted the video on Facebook for the world to see. At that moment, he was feeling overwhelmed with love for his family. He had a beautiful wife, two perfect daughters, and two loving new additions to their brood. The video made him incredibly happy, so he wanted to see if it could make others happy. If they could brighten someone’s day, they had done something right.

A special moment

Dane immediately knew that he had made the right decision, as he was soon inundated with incredible messages of love and support from people across the world. At the time of writing, his original post on Facebook has achieved over 200 likes and been shared nearly 100 times. Nevertheless, this was the start of their whirlwind journey. Before too long, News Center Maine had uncovered their story and got in contact with the couple because they wanted to share their video and share their story on their website.

A strange turn of events

When the news team from News Center Maine got in contact with Dane, he was confused. He believed it was such as a strange and incredible turn of events, and couldn’t believe that his two boys were garnering so much attention. Although he admitted that it was weird to see his five-week-old twins receive attention from across the world, he was glad to see that they were brightening the days of others. They brightened Dane and Lisa’s days every single morning, so it was only fair that they shared it.

A viral sensation

After News Center Maine posted the video on their website and their own Facebook page, it immediately became a viral sensation. It was able to reach millions of people across the globe and soon amassed some impressive numbers. In fact, at the time of writing, the video has been viewed by 5.2 million people and liked by a whopping 50,000 people. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the incredible video has also been shared by more than 65,000 people! Neither Dane or Lisa knew just how popular their twins would be.

The hope of a parent

Dane has since told his friends and family that the video of his two boys is one of the sweetest things he has ever seen and that they had high hopes for their boys. They knew that twins would often have connections unlike other siblings, but they also knew that there were other twins who were incredibly different. All they wanted from their boys was for them to grow up and support each other through life. If the moment in the hospital was anything to go by, they didn’t have anything to worry about.

An unexpected blessing

He also went on to note that he had no idea just how far his boys would make it in the world. When he originally posted the video, he just wanted to share a little joy with those on his friend’s list. Dane and Lisa can’t believe that the video of their little boys has since been watched by millions of people from all walks of life and in all corners of the earth, and they hope that it can fill people’s hearts with joy and hope. They also hope that the video continues to make people happy.

Spending time together

Amazingly, it seems as though the twins’ reactions in the hospital room have not changed now that they are older. Although Dane and Lisa try to keep them within arms’ reach of each other all of the time, there are instances where they have to split them up to change them or to feed them. However, these parents know immediately when they shouldn’t have split them up because both of them will instantly start crying. It seems this isn’t the only connection they have, as they also always have hiccups at the same time!

Sharing with the world

Now that the boys are getting older, Lisa and Dane are appreciating their family even more. They look back at the video of their twins and wonder how they got so lucky, and realize just how lucky they are to have such a large and loving family. Alongside their children, Dane and Lisa are also grateful for having social media in their lives. After all, they would have never been able to share their happiness with so many people around the world without it. For that, they are truly happy.