Why NASA scientists are studying in the Ketogenic Diet

If you’re a reader of the health press, then you’re sure to be aware of the Ketogenic, or Keto diet. But, what you might not be aware of, is that the latest undersea mission of NASA Scientists involves an examination into how the Keto diet can help the human body in extreme conditions.


Deep space simulation

In June 2017, four crew members conducted the NASA Extreme Mission Operation 22 Expedition. They spent 10 days in the Florida National Marine Sanctuary, six miles off the coast off Key Largo, in a simulation of a deep space mission with similar objectives to those during an exploration to Mars. Among the research conducted there, was how the body reacts to extreme conditions. As part of this a crew member had his body induced into a ketogenetic state to assess and measure how it reacts to being in a deep space-type environment.

The results will then form part of other research on neurological risks associated with space travel. As you can see, the Keto diet is much more than a fad and could even be beneficial to NASA’s research and future space flights and landings. However, for most of us, a ketogenetic state is something we want to induce to help us with our personal fitness and health goals.


How a Keto Diet Works

A Keto diet is a low carb diet that works to encourage your body to take its main bulk of fuel from the fats you consume rather than carbohydrates. The name – Ketogenic – comes from lowering your carb intake and increasing your consumption of good fats. Those good fats are then turned into molecules of energy, called ketones, by the liver.

If you’re able to maintain this diet and follow it correctly, then your body begins to take all its energy from your fat intake. This leads to:

  • Dramatic fall in insulin levels.
  • Higher rate of fat burning.
  • Not feeling as hungry.
  • Having a steady supply of energy.

As you can see, all the above are in line with losing weight and being healthier – and that’s what you can achieve by trying the Keto diet.

Keto friendly desserts to help you stick with it

Getting used to a new diet plan can be tough. It’s harder still if there are no treats allowed at all. Luckily, the Keto diet isn’t one of those. There are a variety of tasty and healthy Keto desserts you can enjoy, while staying true to the Keto diet rules. And, if you just want to grab something sweet when you’re in a hurry, then why not try the following:

  • You can still enjoy a little chocolate – just make it of the dark variety and at least 75% cocoa.
  • Low sugar jello is also a tasty and easy option.
  • Anything involving coconut and/or coconut oil is usually a winner, too.
  • Berries as a snack or in a dessert are popular among Keto dieters.
  • And, sugar free peanut butter can add a soft texture and a naturally sweet taste to your sin-free dessert.

A Keto friendly diet isn’t about depriving you of the things you enjoy, it’s about altering the way you fuel your body. There’s little nutritional value in sugar, but it tastes good. So, keep any sugary or sweetened carb intake down to less than 5 grams per serving and you’ll enjoy the taste without affecting your body’s new way to source energy. Increase your energy, lose weight and get healthy with the Keto diet – or you could even end up going on a NASA research mission.