Web design trends all small businesses should follow in 2019

Every new year brings with it new changes, and this couldn’t be more true for an industry that’s as rapidly changing as digital marketing and web design. While this isn’t news to most, what might be startling is the fact that only 46% of small businesses still don’t even have a website to begin with. There’s no better time than the present, and there’s no better excuse than a new year to completely change the look of your company. If you’re looking to rehaul your entire office space to increase efficiency or simply spice things up, you might as well do the same with your web design.

Nostalgia Fueled by Asymmetry

2019 is going to be the year of throwbacks, at least in the world of web design. Top firms and analysts are noting a shift in the various themes that web designers are putting out there and predict that retro throwback website themes will become even more popular as the year progresses. This could be anything from the color schemes to the fonts used and even the imagery that pays homage to vibrant decades such as the 70s and 80s. Expect asymmetry to be a part of this trend as well, as it’s what’s fueling this obsession with nostalgic throwbacks. Part of this asymmetrical look includes overlapping design features and offset photos that draw your attention to the main image.

Varied User Experiences

When choosing a web design company in 2019, it will be incredibly important to enquire about their attention to UX experience while ensuring you can get your hands on high-quality and innovative examples. Why? 2019 foster in a whole new era of attention to user experiences, with trends such as non-traditional scrolling, rotating animations and design schemes that encourage user interaction topping the list of must-have for small businesses. Expect to have to put a lot more focus, and money, into your web design in the coming year, simply due to the fact that users are wanting to get more out of their visit to your website. Enhancing your UX efforts early this year will ensure you get a leg up on your competition.

Increased Implementation of AI

Artificial intelligence, in a general sense, is still a fairly new and developing technology that marketers, businesses and individuals are working to figure out. Artificial design intelligence, however, is continue to gain popularity in the web design community as a way to identify trends and implement them in a creative manner. This type of technology could see small businesses being able to alter their web design and marketing strategies in a way that increases their overall conversion rate and competitive edge. One thing’s for sure. 2019 will continue to see the emergence and rise in popularity of businesses using AI and machine learning to gain more valuable information about their target audience and customer base.

Stay True to Your Company’s Image

Just because a new calendar year is beginning doesn’t mean you have to give your company a complete makeover. It’s always important to stay true to your roots and the image you have already established for yourself. Find creative, unique ways to make actionable, profitable changes to your website in 2019 without foregoing your company’s style and message and you’ll be able to achieve a sweet balance that’ll pay off in the long run.