Teenager Tours School Posing as Ohio Lawmaker

A young man posed as a state senator and spoke to a class while touring a high school. It was weeks before school officials realized they were fooled, according to authorities in Ohio.


Izaha Akins from Marion, Ohio, impersonated a senator by claiming the was a lawmaker who was replacing the original speaker at the high-school in December. The Mohawk Local School District officials only realized the teenager duped them when the real speaker, Republican Sen. David Burke, of Marysville, came to speak a couple of weeks as scheduled.

The school and the Senator started working with law enforcement when they realized it was all a hoax. The incident was part of an elaborate scheme, according to Burke.

Akins was recently charged with impersonating a peace officer and felony counts of telecommunications. He declared that he tried to show how easy it was to bypass school security in a small community.

Akins had knowledge about Burke’s scheduled speech on Jan. 14, and called the school to let them know he was Burke’s replacement and that he was available to give a speech earlier. He gave the school his real name and provided school officials with his driving licence when he visited the school on Dec. 15.

Even though no one at the school was in any danger, the district declared that extra steps will be taken to verify the identity of all visitors.

Sources: Washington Post & The Blaze