Why Studying Abroad in Asia in College is So Worth It

Going to college in America is the standard, most popular plan of many. In fact, it is pretty much understood as the normal thing to do upon graduating from high school. Many people grow up dreaming of their American college experience, thinking about which IVY league school they would love to go to, or small town history or liberal arts college, and which of the 50 states it will be located in.

Although their choice might not be so close to home, they hope the experience will be worth it, and know that it’s just a bus ride away to make it home for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.  However, studying in America, although a very good way to go, is not the only way to go.  
Studying abroad in Asia is probably one of the best things a young student can do to maximize both their success and happiness.  For one, studying far away from home allows for the ability to truly fully experience the independence of being a student, as well as the overall feeling of independence for the first time. Being so far away from your family might seem difficult, but for the first time in life, you are given an opportunity to fend for yourself, think for yourself and enjoy your free time as you please, in a beautiful and exciting new place.  Another advantage of studying abroad in Asia is that it enables you to learn more about yourself, and what you really want in life.  When you’re put in a situation alone, in a place foreign to what you are used to and comfortable with, it forces you to challenge yourself, both personally and academically.

You’ll be experiencing new things and traveling whilst still graduating on time, no need to take time off for a ‘self-discovery’ trip. Even if you study abroad for merely a semester, in most cases you will be granted credit at your home university.  Not only will you receive an internationally recognized degree, but you will be learning so much more than merely what comes out of your professors mouth in the classroom. Chances are you will not only learn a new language, but a whole new culture, to a level that cannot be achieved without actually living through it, and experiencing it first hand. This new knowledge can be used in several different ways later on in life throughout your future career, whatever it may be.
Furthermore, nowadays connections are more important than anything. And what better way to network than meeting an international group of people who may be both your friends and colleagues for life.  You’ll also always have a free place to stay around the world and an excuse to go travel to more destinations. Everyone else will have studied in America and have gone through similar experiences, met similar people, but you however, will have a wealth of unique experiences to stand for yourself.

Asia offers one of the highest levels of education world-wide and provides a truly competitive experience, although one that will undoubtedly change you only for the better, and be something that cannot be taken back for the world. A true once in a lifetime experience.
Furthermore, a big worry of those studying in America is the financial aspect, how will they afford the tuition, how will they support themselves throughout, and how will be they pay back their student loan, are big questions for most students. However, tuition fees in Asia are generally much lower than those in America, as well as the overall cost of living being much cheaper in Asia as well.

The education itself in Asia tends to be more intensive than that of America, however you certainly get your money’s worth and the education you always dreamed of.  So what do you have to lose?

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