Rockin' Harry Potter Halloween costumes that enchanted our socks off

Rockin’ Harry Potter Halloween costumes that enchanted our socks off

If you’re a fan of the world of Harry Potter like we are, chances are you’ll be pretty enchanted by some of these wild pictures we’ve found for you. Halloween may occur only once a year, but there’s never a wrong time to check out some of daring Harry Potter costumes people (and ladies especially) have worn over the years.
[post_page_title]Little Miss Ginny[/post_page_title]
If this girl doesn’t look like she’s ready to hop aboard the Hogwarts Express, we’re not sure who does. With her scarlet and gold tie, it’s clear she’s a Gryffindor, and she might even be in her fifth or sixth year, judging by how old she looks.

Little Miss Ginny

Come to think of it… red hair… confident expression… she must be a Weasley. It’s no surprise that Dean Thomas, Michael Corner, and Harry Potter himself were interested in her – she looks like a keeper. (Well, a chaser actually.)

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