4 Must-See Websites To Live A Mindful Life

To achieve a pure state of bliss, consciousness, and an awareness of the present, we need to be more mindful. Mindfulness is the trait we all take for granted but when properly developed and taken advantage of, we inherit an inner peace and the ability to move through our lives with a strong sense of optimism and clarity. To see more good in the word we need to be capable of doing good, which is why these 4 websites are absolute must-sees for anyone looking to improve their mindfulness.


KarmaTube is a brilliant way of reaching out to the public while integrating modern technology into mindfulness. The site doesn’t just relay stories of generosity and positivity – it gives the viewer 3 simple suggestions on how to “pay it forward.” By “it,” we mean kindness, acceptance, and support for the people around you, as well yourself. The videos on the site dictate first-hand accounts of caring acts, perceptions of beauty, and ways to heal in a world that can sometimes hurt.

Head over to KarmaTube. All the cool, happy kids are doing it.


Storytellers For Good

Storytellers For Good is a remarkable website with a meaningful mission. Photographers and journalists from all over the globe point out places in the world that wish to inspire change in troublesome areas and make a difference where it counts. To achieve a state of mindfulness, we must be aware and adequately informed about the rest of the world and what we can do to not just help, but recognize how other people, families, and countries live in times of crisis or rebirth. Being mindful isn’t just being consciousness about yourself and what you experience in the present; it’s about cultivating a sense of empathy and knowing how to put both subjective and objective circumstances into perspective.

Scroll through Storytellers For Good and see for yourself.


Letters Of Note

Letters of Note is the type of heartwarming website that every optimist, or struggling pessimist, needs in their life. At first glance, you might think to yourself “Heartwarming is not the adjective I would use to describe this site” but if you get down to the nitty-gritty of the content, you’ll be surprised at what you begin to feel. Letters of Note can be a key source of mindfulness for everyone, although, it may speak volumes louder to those who look for inspiration and guidance from some of the most influential humans of our existence. The site has over 600 letters written well-known or famous individuals, to their most loyal fans looking for advice or just simple support.

Check out Letters of Note and feel hopeful today.


Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is a great site that you teaches the average reader how to practice what they preach. Life’s hardest struggles are typically what throw us off of our inner, peace-seeking coil and Tiny Buddha helps us reflect on greatest lessons learned from some of the most difficult obstacles that try to bring us down. Relationships, long term (and short term) goals, parenthood, finances, and professional or emotional responsibilities have the potential to grant us with a newfound wisdom and will prepare us for future hurdles. It’s how you choose to navigate the unfortunate circumstance that brings you out of the darkness and into the light… for good.

Visit Tiny Buddha to make the most of the present.