This baby has the most beautiful parents in the world


We have no choice over who are parents are, so the mom and dad we end up with is merely the luck of the draw. Unfortunately, we can’t all have the fortune of kids like Blue Ivy Carter who get someone like Beyoncé raising them, but what can you do? Famous or not, we still love our parents exactly as they are, though it would be nice to live like the rich and famous. We definitely wouldn’t complain if we had Stormi Bree and Lucky Blue Smith as our parents.

Striking gold

When you grow up with famous parents, you don’t tend to realize just how fortunate you are. You’ve never known anything other than the luxurious lifestyle you lead, so you tend to take things for granted.

Of course, it’s up to your mom and dad to steer you right and show you how lucky you are, something that we reckon this kid’s parents will never fail to do. After all, Lucky’s in their name. Gravity Blue Smith really hit the jackpot when she was born to these two.

Gunning for the crown

Stormi Bree and Lucky Blue Smith probably never imagined where their lives would end up when they first entered the spotlight. It was the former who found fame first when she began a career in the pageant circuit.

Stormi was an entrant in Miss Teen USA 2009, a competition that she’d never thought to enter before. She was in the running as a representative of Tennessee, and she ended up bringing home the crown for her state. At just 18 years old, her beauty was already getting her far.

Reaping the rewards

For the next year, Stormi fulfilled her duties as the reigning Miss Teen USA. She, alongside the winners of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, made appearances at various events, helping bring her face and name to the attention of the American public.

Although she only got to wear the crown in 2009, the title gave her the leg up she’d needed to forge a career for herself. She had her foot in the door; now she just had to ensure that it stayed open.

Born to be famous

Around the same time that Stormi was building a name for herself, someone else was getting their big break too. Lucky Blue Smith, at just the age of 12, bagged himself a deal with an international modeling agency.

Having grown up in a family of models, striking poses for the camera was in the boy’s blood, so his signing with Next Management didn’t come as a surprise. He moved to LA with his family so he could be available for shoots, something that soon impacted his life dramatically.

Launched into the spotlight

It wasn’t just Lucky that caught the eye of Next Management. The company was also interested in his three sisters, and the four of them featured in various shoots together.

It was their appearance in Vogue Homme Japan that really catapulted the family name to success, though. People were immediately enamored by the siblings, particularly Lucky, and they soon found themselves appearing in front of the camera more and more. Once Lucky’s agent advised him to dye his hair blond, his career took off, and it’s yet to slow down.

Musical ambitions

Going into the 2010s, both Stormi and Lucky were building careers thanks to their looks. However, it wasn’t just their faces that were making them money. In early 2011, Stormi appeared on the tenth season of American Idol which helped keep her name on people’s lips.

She progressed to Hollywood but was quickly eliminated from the competition, leaving her at a loss of what to do about her music career. Fortunately, when she later joined the group U.G.L.Y., she found herself signed to CBE, Chris Brown’s label.

Pursuing his dream

Stormi isn’t the only one with musical talent. In 2009, not long before getting signed to Next Management, Lucky started up a band with his siblings. Known as The Atomics, they were a surf rock band that put their love for music above all else.

According to Lucky, who acts as the drummer for the band, he’s more interested in pursuing a career in music than he is in modeling. Luckily, both of his ambitions are supported by the same management agency, so he never has to worry about choosing between them.

Destined for success

As models and musicians, Stormi and Lucky were both double threats. The older they got, the more popular they became, with their work in front of the camera excelling faster than either had anticipated.

Lucky especially found himself the source of much media attention with photographers desperate to snap him up. After several years on the job, he’d already featured in more than a dozen magazine covers, as well as several prominent fashion shows. He had a notable appearance alongside Lady Gaga in a video by designer Tom Ford.

Hitting the runway

Lucky’s career has involved more than just posing for magazine covers over the years. He’s been a regular on the runway, styling clothes for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Emporio Armani, and Marc Jacobs.

Moreover, he’s featured in various ad campaigns for well-known brands like Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, L’Oreal, and Calvin Klein. Despite only just hitting his twenties, he’s had a career that most models dream of, and at the rate he’s going, it’s going to continue for many more years to come.

All over Insta

Models in this day and age don’t have to restrict themselves to posing for photographers to get their face out there. The rise of social media, notably Instagram, has given them a way to build up their audience without waiting for a job to come their way.

Both Stormi and Lucky have their own accounts on Instagram, with the former boasting 993k followers while the latter has over 3.2 million. Their social media pages were once completely filled with modeling work, at least until they met each other.

Lucky in love

Soon enough, it was impossible to avoid the fact that these two were a couple. Pictures of the pair were all over their Instagram pages, a move that did great things for their follower counts.

From cuddling up with each other on nights out to being snapped together on the runway, Stormi and Lucky became inseparable. The pair weren’t bothered by the fact that the latter was eight years younger than his partner, especially with Lucky proving to be the more successful of the two. Age was just a number.

Taking things further

As the months went by, the relationship between the two only intensified. It was clear to see they were both serious about each other, and fans speculated when they’d take things to the next level.

Their relationship was doing great things for their career, as is often the case when two models fall in love, and it looked like it would last forever. It was only strengthened further when the pair took to Instagram at the start of 2017 to announce some exciting news with their fans.

Baby on the way

The couple was over the moon to reveal that Stormi was currently pregnant with their first child. They were thrilled to share the good news, with the baby speculated to arrive in the summer.

For the next few months, they kept fans updated on the pregnancy, with Stormi regularly showing off her bump on social media. As the couple approached parenthood, the next stage of their lives was about to begin, but trouble seemed to be brewing on the horizon. All was not as it appeared for the loved-up couple.

Welcoming Gravity

July came around, and it was finally time for Stormi and Lucky to become parents. They welcomed a daughter – Gravity – into the world on July 27, and the pair wasted no time showing off their beautiful baby to their fans.

They raved about how happy they felt and praised Gravity as “the most perfect beautiful gift” they could have received. The models were inundated with good wishes online, but while it might have looked like they were playing happy families on Instagram, that was far from the truth.

Not meant to be

It seems that at some point during the pregnancy, Stormi and Lucky decided that enough was enough. While it might have been love that brought their daughter into the world, their feelings for one another weren’t as strong as they used to be.

The models found themselves at odds with each other, and they couldn’t handle it anymore. They parted ways not long before Gravity’s birth, with the pair ceasing to post the adorable photos that everyone loved on Instagram. Now they had lives as single parents to deal with.

Leaving it in the past

Confirmation that the pair had split up was never given. However, there were very clear signs that the two were no longer in each other’s lives.

All the pictures that Lucky had posted of them together disappeared from his Instagram page, while Stormi started being seen a lot with R&B artist Saro. Unfortunately, no matter what happened, the pair couldn’t completely cut one another out of their lives. They had a daughter to think about now, and the last thing she needed was to be in a broken family.

Putting her first

The pair now appears to split their time evenly between caring for Gravity. Both models post regular photos of them with their young daughter, and they’re all as cute as you’d expect.

Although we’ve no idea what led to Stormi and Lucky splitting up, it apparently wasn’t anything too serious. They appear to still be amicable with one another, likely for the sake of Gravity. No matter what’s happened between them, their daughter shouldn’t have to suffer because of it. She’s the innocent party in all of this.

Writing it all down

In light of everything that’s happened, the models have both thrown themselves into their work and parenthood. Stormi has returned to her musical passion and gotten serious about her songwriting.

Although she might not have had much success with singing, that doesn’t mean she can’t still write material for others (or even herself). Stormi’s found songwriting to be an excellent creative outlet when she’s not walking the runway or spending time with Gravity, and it seems the model has a lot she needs to get off her chest.

A change in direction

As if she wasn’t already skilled in enough things, Stormi has also turned her attention to acting. After last appearing on TV when she was in “American Idol,” she returned in 2015 for an episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Since then, she’s lent her talent to various shorts, including “Saro: Boy Afraid,” as well as the sci-fi film “2307: Winter’s Dream.” Stormi recently played the part of Summer in the action-comedy movie “Hot Water” which is set to debut in 2019. This model has been a very busy woman.

Man of many talents

It’s not just Stormi that’s applied her talents to acting. Lucky has also been busy on the big screen, most recently appearing as Bridger in the romance film “Love Everlasting.”

The same year, he also starred in an episode of comedy series “Studio C” where he played himself. Although Lucky continues to prioritize his modeling and musical careers above other ventures, it’s good to see he has plenty of options at his disposal. Plus, at just twenty years old, he still has most of his life ahead of him.

United by Gravity

Stormi and Lucky might no longer be together, but their lives are doing just fine without one another. Though we miss seeing all of their ridiculously adorable Instagram photos, at least something great came out of their time together.

These two will always be united by Gravity, no matter what happened between them. They’ll get to share all the exciting moments as she grows up and hopefully follows in her parents’ footsteps. With these two as a mom and dad, she’s surely destined to be a model, right?