Netflix just added these shows and movies, so be prepared to binge watch


Netflix is the online streaming service that has given us thousands of hours of viewing over the last few years. What once started as an online DVD rental company all the way back in 1998 has now grown to become one of the most popular sites to stream hundreds of movies and TV programmes, as well as now creating many of their own originals, too. Back in the beginning, members could have unlimited DVDs sent to their door.

This continued for many years until 2007 when the company took themselves online. Although the founders wanted to become a streaming service for many years, they needed to wait until the internet speed caught up to their demand to make their dreams become a reality. As the years continue to pass, Netflix still adds a whole variety of productions to their catalog. Thankfully, they haven’t slowed down yet as Netflix just added all of these shows.

The American Meme

Kirill Bichutsky? Check. Brittany Furlan? Check. Josh Ostrovsky? Check. Paris Hilton? Check. What else could you need from a hit Netflix show? It doesn’t end there. This social documentary is set to follow these social media influencers as they show us what it takes to climb to the top of the internet.

That’s right; for the first time, we can decide what’s hot and what’s not as we watch the secrets that lie behind creating these profiles. The documentary premiered on December 7 and has been a massive hit with the world so far as we see more to these celebrities than ever before.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

The fantasy movie The Jungle Book has held a dear place in many people’s hearts over the years, and now it looks as though we could get the chance to see the darker side of the story thanks to Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. The movie stars the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Cate Blanchett, and Christian Bale as they bring the stars to life.

Not only does the film showcase some incredible animations, but it also delves into the hidden details from the original book that have been overlooked in many of the movie creations. Thankfully, it’s ready to watch as it debuted on Netflix on December 7. Just be careful – it’s a jungle out there.

Blue Planet II: Season One

What could be better than the soothing tones of Sir David Attenborough teamed with some incredible scenes from the depths below? We thought so. Like many of Attenborough’s documentaries, the show was an instant hit as soon as it hit our screens back in 2017, and it doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon.

The series hit Netflix back on December 3 and gives many of us a welcome break we need from all those Christmas movies and festive specials that seem to dominate the holiday period. As if seeing some of the ocean’s beauties wasn’t enough already, the series also helps to highlight the importance of conservation all around the planet.

The Hook Up Plan

December 7 was the day yet another romcom dropped – and many of us couldn’t wait to see the story of The Hook Up Plan unfold. The French series has been dubbed as a fresh start for Netflix by many as the company prepares to enter the new year. So what is it that had got people so hooked?

The show follows the tale of Elsa, played by Zita Hanrot, as she struggled to work past her feelings for her ex-boyfriend after they called things off two years before. Being the good friends they are, her gal pals hire a male adult worker to help coax Elsa back into the world of dating only for sparks to fly.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale

There’s not long to wait until the fantasy series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hits us with their festive episode. However, you can forget fluffy puppies, happy elves, and singing reindeer if the trailer is anything to go by. Yes, this show looks set to bring a whole new meaning to “festive cheer.”

We might have only seen one minute of the special episode so far, but it looks as though moving dolls, garlands for the man down below, and even Santa are the main themes of the episode. It wouldn’t be true Sabrina style without a touch of magic, would it? It seems as though we might need to buckle in for this one.

Fuller House: Season Four

Full House was the sitcom that got many of us laughing throughout the ‘90s. Thankfully, Netflix has bought it back to life with their spin-off, Fuller House. The show debuted in 2016, and it was such a success that it is now in the fourth season.

Season four is set to hit our screens on December 14, giving us plenty to watch over the Christmas break. Still not enough? Candace Cameron Bure has confirmed there is still plenty more to come from the show.

The Theory of Everything

This biographical romance movie first gripped the world back in 2014 as we got to watch the life of the late Stephen Hawking and his wife, Jane Wilde, unfold from the very beginning.

The holiday period is all about those feel-good movies, right? It could be time to grab a tissue and sit back with one of the greatest as The Theory of Everything is set to hit Netflix on December 16. At last, we can relive those tear-jerking scenes all over again.


This show first premiered on Lifetime back in September 2018. However, Netflix was so impressed with the series that they signed it up for season two as a Netflix Original.

The psychological thriller follows the life of Joe Goldberg as he becomes obsessed with an aspiring writer. If you’ve watched the teen drama Gossip Girl one too many times but still need your fix of Penn Badgley then look no further – December 26 on Netflix has got you covered.

Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable

Many of us have fallen in love with this comedian thanks to her time on her own self-titled talk show. However, Ellen DeGeneres has left a gap in her resume over the last few years: live comedy. It’s been 15 years since we have seen Ellen up on stage but that is all set to change.

Netflix follows the show as Ellen discusses everything from her rise to stardom to being part of the LGBT community and everything in between. All we have to do is wait until December 18 to see the results.

Out of Many, One

Netflix has earned quite the reputation for itself as it has opened the lid on many world issues over the years. The short documentary Out of Many, One is no exception as we’re about to dive headfirst into the world of immigration.

The movie follows the lives and journey of a group of men and women as they set out to gain U.S. citizenship through the national test. Plus, it gives us the chance to learn all about their journey to America in the first place in an eye-opening documentary.

Derry Girls

If you want to know what life was life for teenage girls in Ireland back in the ‘90s then look no further – Derry Girls has you covered. The sitcom is still relatively new, but Netflix has already signed up the show to their streaming service.

Derry Girls is set to air on December 21 as we take a look at the hilarious journey of girls trying to make it through life with all the trials and tribulations that come with being a young woman.

Nailed It! Holiday!

Nailed It! is the reality baking show that took the world by storm ever since it made its way to our screens back in March 2018. So what happens when the world wants a festive special? They get what they ask for!

Nailed It! Holiday! is now coming our way as the episode took itself online on December 7. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s still packed full of impossible tasks, missing ingredients, and plenty of tears – only this time their all festive. Christmas really is magic.

The Great British Baking Show: Masterclass Season Five

It looks as though Netflix is going baking mad as The Great British Baking Show: Masterclass Season Five headed online on December 1. The hosts of the series, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, join forces once more as they show us how to make all our favorites and more.

While it can be great watching the amateurs put their spin on the recipes, there is nothing quite like seeing the professionals put their skills to good use. All it takes is a little practice, and we could be whipping up some creations of our own.


The drama movie Roma first hit our screens back in November 2018. However, it was such a success that Netflix has signed it up as part of their arsenal due to be released on December 14. The film follows the story of Cleo as she works for a maid in the 1970s.

However, this live-in housekeeper is about to discover what life is really like on the inside of a middle-class Mexican family as they work to keep up appearances while battling their own personal demons.

The Casketeers

There have been many spins on reality series over the years, so what about one that follows the lives of people working in a funeral home? That’s right; The Casketeers is about to give us a whole new view on what really lies underneath the lid of a coffin.

The show is set to debut on December 21 and follows a couple living in New Zealand as they go through all aspects of running the funeral parlor – even if there are some screw-ups along the way.

Baby Mama

It’s been a decade since we first got to see Amy Poehler and Tina Fey team up in this romcom, but that doesn’t mean it’s got any less impressive. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long to stream the film.

Netflix has announced it will hit their service on December 16. So what can we expect? Expect all the comedy that comes with a surrogate mother played by Poehler, teamed with an argument or two about Arby’s thrown in for good measure.


Many of us lost our heads when the sitcom Friends took to Netflix, but now it looks as though there is more Jennifer Aniston than ever as the actress takes on one of the leading roles in the coming-of-age movie Dumplin.

The actress plays the role of Rosie Dickson as she watches her plus-sized daughter, Dumplin’, take on the part of a beauty pageant contestant. The best bit? Dolly Parton soundtracks this feel-good movie giving us one more reason to kick back in front of Netflix as of December 7.