Rockin’ Harry Potter Halloween costumes that enchanted our socks off

Little Miss Ginny

If this girl doesn’t look like she’s ready to hop aboard the Hogwarts Express, we’re not sure who does. With her scarlet and gold tie, it’s clear she’s a Gryffindor, and she might even be in her fifth or sixth year, judging by how old she looks. Come to think of it… red hair… confident expression… she must be a Weasley. It’s no surprise that Dean Thomas, Michael Corner, and Harry Potter himself were interested in her – she looks like a keeper. (Well, a chaser actually.)

Delacour delight

When Harry enters his fourth year at Hogwarts, he meets a young lady by the name of Fleur Delacour. She comes from Beauxbatons Academy, a magical school from France that is staying at Hogwarts to participate in the Triwizard Tournament. Fleur is a veela, which is a creature that is known for their stunning beauty. This young lady was quite bold when she decided to dress up as Fleur for Halloween – and we think she hit it out of the park.

I must not tell lies

This may very well be the only time we’ve ever been excited to see the face of Dolores Umbridge. The wicked Hogwarts High Inquisitor was pretty darn awful to everyone she spoke to, especially Harry, and yet this young woman seems to have changed our minds about her. Although she sparked up a lot of harsh memories with this costume (“I must not tell lies”), we have to admit she pulled off Umbridge’s signature pink ensemble with flying colors.

You’re so ‘Vane’

It’s hard for us to tell whether this girl’s hair is red or brown, and therefore we don’t know if she’s trying to be Ginny or Hermione. Considering the fact that she looks great as it is, we’re content saying that it really doesn’t matter. We’ll chalk it up to her being a potential Lavender Brown, or maybe even a Romilda Vane, depending on your stretch of the imagination. If she is Romilda, mind you, we think that her love potion is working pretty well on us.

Patil and Patil

We think it’s pretty safe to assume that these two ladies are not actual twins, but due to the fact that they’re matching so nicely, we’ll give them the Patil twins. Of course, for all of you sticklers out there, we know that Padma Patil was a Ravenclaw, but come on… how good do these two look with matching Gryffindor outfits? Also, don’t these two young ladies seem like the perfect Yule Ball dates for Harry and Ron?

You have your mother’s eyes

Well what do we have here? Is it yet another young lady with vivid red hair and a wildly confident smile on her face? Spoiler alert: there will be a lot of them in this article (but trust me, you won’t have a problem with that). That being said, it’s a good thing Ginny’s not the only red headed Gryffindor gal in the Harry Potter series. Harry’s mother, Lily Potter, also had dazzling red hair, and so we’d like to anoint this costume to be hers.

I open at the close

Alright friends, now is when we start getting into the truly quirky and strange. Just when you thought that all the girls wanted to dress up into Hogwarts uniforms (not that there would be anything wrong with that), here we give you a young woman who dressed up as a golden snitch. However, she’s not dressed up as just any ordinary golden snitch. She’s portraying the very first golden snitch that Harry ever caught! Which is why is says on her dress, “I open at the close.”

150 points!

We knew you wanted more snitch talk, so here we give you yet another young lady who dressed up as a golden snitch, except this time she arrived with her very own Harry. Considering the fact that Harry loves quidditch, and loves to “catch the snitch,” it makes sense that these two would go well together. It truly is a wonderful couples costume, if we may say so ourselves. We only hope his girlfriend doesn’t make herself too hard of a snitch to catch…


Alright, now it’s pretty safe to assume that this girl is Hermione by all accounts. You could judge tell by her bushy light brown hair. Or perhaps her knowledgeable smirk. Or perhaps her Gryffindor scarf. Or perhaps it’s the fact that she’s holding what us magical folk know as a “time-turner,” a time traveling device that was given to Hermione by Professor McGonagall in her third year so she could attend all of her classes. Yep, she’s one awesome Hermione all right.

The pairing that should’ve happened

Bet you didn’t see this one coming, did you? You gotta love Voldemort and Bellatrix, gazing at each other lovingly as if they are a couple. Of course, this is what makes this couple’s costume so genius. Voldemort and Bellatrix were never a romantic couple, and yet they totally should have been one. Bellatrix considered herself to be Voldy’s biggest supporter, and Voldy… well, Voldy could’ve used a little bit of love here and there.

Greyback boogie

Before we get into this character, we just want to acknowledge how impressive this costume is. Kudos truly to this man who found a way to dress up as a werewolf. Of course, this is not just any werewolf. This is Fenrir Greyback, one of the most savage creatures to roam the magical world. He is the one responsible for contaminating Remus Lupin, and he is one of Voldemort’s most vicious supporters. Interesting though, never knew he had a macbook…

Expecto Patronum

Before you get whisked away by the deep brown eyes of this woman, we’d actually like to invite you to try and guess who (or what) she’s dressed as. Have you taken a few seconds? Great! It’s a stag. But not just any stag. It’s Harry’s patronus, the one we constantly see him create throughout the series. For those who don’t know, Harry’s father James could transform into a stag at will, which is the sole reason Harry is so connected emotionally to this animal.

He’s looking Moody

Here’s another pretty awesome costume that we’d like to award a nice plethora of points to. We honestly would like to know where in the world this man managed to find a magical eye. Our only conclusion is that this is in fact the real Mad-Eye Moody. Then again, it’s really tough to say these days. He could also be Barty Crouch Jr. under the influence of Polyjuice Potion. The real Moody would advise us to be extra careful, and not be too naive.

Not my daughter, you…

We told you we’d get you another Ginny, right? In fact, Ginny is one of the most popular characters in the entire Harry Potter franchise, and we’re not surprised why. She is a prominent beacon of talent and confidence (something that is shown in her spellwork, resourcefulness, and quidditch talent as well), and she also happens to be the significant other of Harry himself. You can never have too many ladies dressed up as the wonderful Ginevra Weasley.

My father will hear about this

You can always count on the presence of Lucius Malfoy to put a giant damper on all of the fun. That said, this right here is a pretty awesome couple-costume of Lucius and his wife Narcissa, and we commend these two for pulling it off majestically. What makes it even more perfect is their convincing expression that they’re giving the camera. You have to possess that kind of swag when you exist within Voldemort’s inner circle.

Millicent’s cat

You may be a tad confused when you see this picture, but for those who are well versed in the Chamber of Secrets installment should get it right off the bat. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione use polyjuice potion in the second book, they attempt to resemble Crabbe, Goyle, and Millicent Bulstrode. Unfortunately for Hermione, she accidently uses Millicent’s cat’s hair instead of Millicent’s, and temporarily turns herself into a cat. Needless to say, she is not pleased at all.

You’re a wizard, Harry

You gotta love Hagrid, eh? It’s not just the way he walks, and it’s not just the way he talks. It’s the fact that he is Harry’s first real friend. Hagrid’s also the one who reveals to Harry that he’s a wizard, changing his life forever. This dude found a pretty good Hagrid costume, but we gotta say… this beard doesn’t look fake at all. Kudos to this guy for going all natural with it. We appreciate it, and Madame Maxime appreciates it as well.

Dynamic duo

Another one of Harry’s unsung heroes, and a character that doesn’t always get a lot of love in Hedwig. Given to him from Hagrid as a birthday present the day he turns 11, the snowy owl is with Harry through thick and thin, even when he is forced to spend countless dull hours at his less-than-pleasant relatives, the Dursleys. These two really hit it home with an awesome Harry-Hedwig couples costume, although we feel compelled to disclaim that romance was never the nature of Harry and Hedwig’s relationship.

Veela in training

Here we have yet another young lady who decided to dress up as Fleur, and she did it quite well. However, for the sake of diversity, let us entertain the possibility that this may actually not be Fleur, but rather her younger sister, Gabrielle Delacour. After all, Gabrielle was also blonde, also a veela, and she too eventually studied at Beauxbatons Academy. But whether she’s Fleur or Gabrielle, this Halloween costume is on point to say the least.

Harry’s parents?

Okay, we have to admit that this costume ensemble is pretty hilarious, if not because it’s simply ridiculous. First you got pops dressing up as Ron. Then you’ve got mom dressing up as Hermione. Even though she’s blonde, we know she’s Hermione because of the books in her hand, and of course because she’s married to Ron. But here’s the strange part… their cute little baby is dressed up as baby Harry. Bit odd, but we’ll take it.

Best owl ever

We remember how excited you got the last time someone dressed up as a Hedwig that we found yet another young lady who did! This girl really went all out with her snowy owl costume, and we really want to commend her for it. Something tells us that whatever Halloween party she went to, she won’t have a lot of trouble finding a letter to send. When she starts to fly, we hope she meets some nice owl friends on her journey.

Dobby is free

Although it may not jump out at you right away, the pairing of these two is slightly unfortunate. The woman on the right is dressed as Bellatrix Lestrange, the evil henchwoman of Voldemort. And the man on the left is dressed as Dobby, the timid yet loyal and confident house elf. The sad significance of the pairing here is that Bellatrix was responsible for ending Dobby’s life in the seventh installment. However, they seem to have made up since then, no?

Lady Weasley twins

You might be wondering what exactly is going on with this costume, but we think we’ve got it covered. These two young ladies seem to be dressed up as Gryffindors, and we feel compelled to believe that they’re red headed enough to be Weasleys. Is it possible that they’re dressing up as Fred and George, the wacky Weasley twins? After all, their popularity is quite legendary – we wouldn’t put it past a couple of ladies to clone themselves as the Weasley twins. Good job, girls!

Luna “Loony” Lovegood

How can you go wrong when it comes to good old Luna Lovegood? She certainly isn’t your conventional gal, and the girl who dressed up as her certainly hit the nail on the head when trying to emulate her. This Ravenclaw student first gets introduced to us in the fifth installment of the series (Order of Phoenix), and Luna eventually becomes really close with Harry and his friends. She also becomes a prominent member of “Dumbledore’s Army,” a secret organization they put together while at Hogwarts.


Only true Harry Potter diehards will under the meaning behind this title, but even if you don’t understand, we will explain. In Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts, he plucks up the courage to ask his crush, Cho Chang, out to the Yule Ball. The only problem is, instead of asking her coherently, he says, “Wan-go-ball-wi-me?”, to which she doesn’t quite understand at first. This girl dressed up as the Ravenclaw seeker Cho, and she did it quite well.

Wingardium Levi-OH-sa

You didn’t think we were only going to give you one Hermione, did you? Hermione is such a prominent character in the Harry Potter series, and such a big fan favorite, that so many girls are constantly trying to portray her in the best way possible. This one here is one of our very favorites, with her bushy light brown hair matching that of the really Hermione’s pretty well. And then of course, there’s the confident look as she casts her spell.

You have the Grim

One of the coolest things about young millennials dressing up as Harry Potter characters is that they can sometimes show us a younger take on a much older character – and in this case, the older character is Professor Trelawney. The Hogwarts divination teacher and kind of off her rocker, she is known to have made two profound prophecies. This may or may not be what Trelawney looked like when she was young, and if so, she seems to be getting a headstart on her fortune telling.

The Big Three

They’ve been called the “Big Three,” they’ve been called the “Holy Trinity,” and pretty much any other “three” nickname you can think of. Harry, Ron, and Hermione, make up a trio that is one of the best of all time, for their daringness, their loyalty to each other, their talent, and their overall awesomeness. For that reason, we’d like to praise these three friends for dressing up as them, and presenting themselves in the complete package that is necessary.


Even though this girl is clearly holding “Hogwarts, A History,” in her arms, like only Hermione would do, we’d like to entertain the possibility that this girl is Lavender Brown. Why, you ask? Well, because Lavender Brown is a girl in the Gryffindor house too, and she needs some attention too. Also, let’s not forget that Lavender also has brown hair, and actually resembles Hermione somewhat. Also, would Hermione ever get those tattoos? We think not…

Eat slugs, Malfoy

Since the previous girl we showed was so clearly Lavender Brown, what better reason to present you know with the one and only Ronald Bilius Weasley. We truly feel like this young man right here may be the best version of Ron Weasley we’ve ever seen. Honestly, he may even be better than Rupert Grint himself, the actor who portrayed Ron in the films. There’s just something very “Weasley-like” about him, no? We know you can see it…

Albus and Minerva

Hogwarts would’ve never been able to function with these two characters – Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore. McGonagall is the head of the Gryffindor house, and the Transfiguration teacher. Dumbledore… well, you know who Dumbledore is. After all, his list of accolades is pretty long, anyway. These two individuals absolutely hit it out of the park when it came to dressing up as them, especially because they did it together. The combo of Dumbledore and McGonagall is simply priceless.


Severus Snape might be the most dynamic, misunderstood, controversial, and heavily debated character in the entire Hogwarts series. Perceived to be a bully for the majority of the books, then later perceived as an all out evil person, only to finally be realized as the ultimate romantic – we may never understand this guy. And yet, Snape is very much revered as a beloved character by many, including the young man here who wore his costume.

All-Star seeker

The one who started it all. The one where it all comes back to. The one whose name is on the darn title. Harry James Potter. We love this costume because it shows Harry in perhaps his most favorite light – quidditch. The person decided to dress up as Harry, the seeker, in his Gryffindor quidditch robes, with his Firebolt perched atop his shoulders, and we gotta say – the overall effect is straight up awesome in so many ways.

Readers love a rebel

There are many, shall we say, aggravating characters in the Harry Potter universe, and although Rita Skeeter isn’t a Death Eater, she’s not the world’s biggest saint either. A journalist intent on spreading gossip wherever she sees fit (regardless if it’s true or not), she rubbed Harry and his friends the wrong way a number of times. This young girl emulated the sinister Rita Skeeter pretty darn well, with her iconic lime green coat, her spectacles, and her quick quotes quill.

Would you like a badge?

Hermione showed us many sides to her personality throughout the course of the Harry Potter books, and one of those sides was her activism. A muggle-born herself, she fought for the equal rights of all creatures, including house elves. In her fourth year, she created S.P.E.W., which stood for the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. Not everyone was on board at first, but it looks like this particular girl is showing her loyalty pretty well by emulating Hermione throughout this time in her life.

Tom Riddle’s pen pal

Yet another stunning redhead dressed up in a Ginny costume, and it feels like Christmas has come early (which is ironic, because we’ve been talking about Halloween this whole time). That said, she is actually different from all of the other Ginnys, if you pay close attention to the objects she’s holding in her hands. In the right hand, a basilisk fang. In the left, the destroyed diary. Although she didn’t destroy it herself, that diary was certainly in her hands quite a lot that year…

His most devoted supporter

When it came to Voldemort’s “inner circle,” there were a number of Death Eaters over the years who swore that they were in fact his most devoted servant. Some of them had pretty strong cases, but we think it’s pretty safe to say that Bellatrix Lestrange, the women who this girl dressed up as, holds the crown. Not only did she do her master’s bidding whenever he’d ask, but she was practically obsessed with Voldemort. She’d have probably married him if he’d asked.

Tom Marvolo Riddle

As long as we’re on the topic of Voldemort, let’s go back in time a little and appreciate the costume that this young man on the right wore. He dressed up as Tom Riddle, who was, for those of you who don’t know, Voldemort himself. It was his birth name, and he only decided to change his name once he’d been in Hogwarts for a few years. The Slytherin admitted he was ashamed of the name, because it was also his father’s, who he felt alienated from.

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs

It’s one thing to dress up as a cool character, but we’re always on the lookout for truly creative ideas – such as dressing up as a magical object. That’s exactly what this Halloweener did, putting together a dress that was a real life emulation of the Marauders’ Map. For those who aren’t aware, it was a map of Hogwarts that was created by James Potter and his friends, and it enables the holder to see exactly where everyone is in the castle at any given time (among other things).

Moaning Myrtle

In the Chamber of Secrets, the second installment of the series, Harry and the gang meet Moaning Myrtle, the ghost who “haunts” the girls bathroom on the second floor. They later find out that the nature of her death was at the hand of a basilisk, the monster within the Chamber of Secrets itself. Myrtle has a bit of a gloomy personality most of time, which is why the girl here painted a tear on her face, and hosts a less than positive expression.

Miss Mad-Eye

We gave you the perennial dark-wizard catcher known as Mad-Eye Moody a bit earlier, but the fact that it’s a girl dressing up as him now presents a bit of a twist. It’s a shame that we didn’t really get to know the “real” Moody throughout the books, because he’s actually an imposter most of the time. By the time we start getting to know him a little bit more, he meets his unfortunate demise at the hands of a Death Eater in the Deathly Hallows.

The Hogwarts gamekeeper

We simply couldn’t resist showing you another version of Hagrid. Let’s be real, he’s such a unique character that we feel there are so many kinds of directions one can go with the costume. While we certainly love the first one, this one takes the cake because of the way he combined it in with his surroundings. It looks like our Hagrid visited one of the various Harry Potter theme parks in the world, and it makes his character look that much more authentic.

Back in Black

This picture is great, because it depicts the vibe of the third installment, Prisoner of Azkaban. Everyone is living in worry and fear due to the breakout from prison of the dangerous criminal, Sirius Black. People are also afraid how Harry will react when he finds the true meaning behind Black’s crimes, because they co-relate to his parents’ deaths. Harry later discovers that Black has been innocent the whole time, and that he actually loves Harry and his parents.

Unlikely combo

This is a very strange combo of characters to be standing together, we’re not gonna lie. You have the Hufflepuff hero Cedric Diggory on the right, and the French maiden Fleur Delacour on the left. If it was just them two, it would make sense, because they we co-participants in the Triwizard Tournament. But the presence of Professor McGonagall in the middle makes things a bit awkward. Maybe she was giving them advice in the tournament the whole time too?

Luna Potter

Here’s a coupling that many Harry Potter fans have speculated about over the years. These two young adults dressed up as Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood, respectively, a relationship that was underratedly solid in the series. Although a true romance between the characters never transpired, Harry did take her to a party once (as a friend), and they have always had a unique bond with one another. Fans have fantasized about them as a romantic couple, and this picture gives us an idea of what that would have looked like.