A man goes for a simple haircut and the results will floor you

You may have heard the phrase “first impressions are everything” and it many ways, it is a truism that influences our everyday lives. People make assumptions about a person within seconds of meeting them which s a phenomenon psychologists refer to as “thin slicing.” This means that when you meet your potential future employer or sit down for coffee on a date, the person across the table from you is already making opinions about you based on what they see. This could be about what you look like or how you are interacting with them.

Although this may be frustrating to us, this phenomenon does underscore just how valuable the first impressions we give off are, which explains why we put so much effort into the way we look. An average person would not show up to a job interview in sweatpants or show up to a date in a Halloween costume (unless that’s what the date called for). This is because, as social creatures, we care what people think about us.

Because of this desire to give off a good impression, whole industries have been created: clothing, makeup, cosmetic surgery and weight-loss programs are just a few of them, and speak to the supply and demand of their consumers – we would not wear suits to work or buy makeup and hair products unless we thought they make us marketable or acceptable in society.

In many cases, changing up one’s style or appearance can be quite a transformative experience. This is why many people opt to get makeovers if they feel like their wardrobe needs some updating. There is even an entire genre of television shows based people getting makeovers either through getting new clothes and a haircut or even going under the knife. In addition to boosting one’s confidence, a makeover can truly change one’s life and even give a person opportunities they might not have otherwise had. And the makeover doesn’t even have to be so drastic and it can be as simple as getting a new outfit or cutting bangs into your hair. In one instance, a haircut was so transformative that it made one man going viral. One day, a barber got quite the surprise after a bushy man walked into his shop and asked him to chop of his long locks and bushy beard. This is a story about one particular thick bearded man who got a makeover that made him almost unrecognizable.

A man walks in to a barbershop…

This shaggy looking gentleman took a trip to the barbershop and when he asked for a haircut, the barber did not even know where to begin. The young man’s hair was all over the place and pretty unkempt. The barber could not tell where his hair ended and his facial features began and it was clear that this was going to be quite the haircut. After a long time working on his client, the hairdresser revealed his masterpiece and the results are going to surprise you.

Hero hairdresser

The amazing transformation was revealed online by the hair client and Reddit user who posted a before and after picture. On the subreddit page titled “male hair advice,” the receiver of the miraculous haircut posted the photo alongside the caption, “My barber is a god**** hero.” Although the post was partially made as a joke, the before and after pictures illustrated what a huge difference a simple haircut can make.

An experienced stylist

Not all superheroes wear capes and this hairstylist is definitely considered a hero by the man whose hair he cut. The barber in question is Tyler Fleetwood, who owns White Stag Barber Co. located in Missouri. Fleetwood has been doing hair for a living for almost a decade so he knows his way around a pair of scissors. Fleetwood’s clients know that he is a talented stylist and they trust their hair in his hands.

Look and feel good

Not only does Fleetwood work to make his clients hair look good but he also works hard to make each of his clients feel good too. He said, “If you sit in my chair, you will undoubtedly have a highly trained expert providing you with an extraordinary hair experience.” He strives to give his clients confidence and pride in their looks and as it says on his website, he wants to, “Make you look the BEST you’ve ever looked in your life!”

Confident in your skin

On his website, Fleetwood notes that part of being a person who is motivated to do his or her best in life is feeling confident and like you could take on the world. Many people would agree with this as it is often said, “When you look good you feel good.” Although looking good is definitely not the most important thing, it is hard to ignore the impact that feeling confident in one’s own skin can have on their life.

The fateful day

It seems that this long-haired young man could tell how passionate Fleetwood is about hair and he knew that he could trust his luxurious locks in the hair stylist’s hands. And he was right. When the unkempt young man made his way into White Stag Barber on that fateful day, Fleetwood knew that it would take a lot of hard work to chop all his hair away but he took it upon himself to make his new client feel confident and look great.

An untamed appearance

From the looks of it, this guy had not been in a barber chair in years and as such, his hair cascaded down to his shoulders and his beard grew out in all sorts of directions. We can understand that people find the ability to express themselves through their fashion and hairstyle, this guy was giving off the impression that he didn’t care about how he looked. However, he really did care which is why he headed over to the barber shop in the first place.

Permission to cut

There was simply so much hair on the man’s face and head that it was difficult to gage what he looked like underneath. He almost got lost under all of the excess hair and it was time to take it all off and reveal his good looks to the world. Once he gave Fleetwood permission to do whatever he wanted with his hair, he went to work to de-fuzz his new client.

So long ponytail

With a long road ahead of him, Fleetwood began by gathering all of the man’s hair and tying it into a ponytail behind his head. In one snip of the scissors, the ponytail would soon fall to the floor and Fleetwood would have a canvas of remaining hair to contend with. With the long ponytail gone, Fleetwood would be able to assess the situation and have a vision of how the wanted the man’s entire head of hair to look.

A close cut

Fleetwood stood behind his barber chair sculpting and snipping of the locks of his formerly hairy client. He went for a close shave on the back of the man’s head as he wanted to go for a clean and professional look. However, the man also had thick and luxurious hair so Fleetwood was careful not to cut too much away and to leave a voluminous amount on the top. His vision was beginning to take place.

What lies beneath

And it wasn’t just the man’s hair that was taken care of. The barber shop was also adept at taking care of beards. The unruly facial hair was trimmed down to a manageable length and finally, the man’s attractive features were visible. No one could tell what this grungy-looking Samson looked like before but it was now obvious that he was actually rather attractive. The hair was finally tamed and the results were surprising.

Good grooming

The man under the beard was almost unrecognizable! Even Fleetwood could not believe how transformative the haircut and shave had been to this man. His good looks were hiding under all of that hair and now he looked like a groomed gentleman. It was hard to believe that this was the same man who walked into the barber shop and now it is easy to see why he praised the hair stylist online.

Chiseled cheekbones

What was revealed under all of that hair was a handsome man with striking features. The man’s beautiful blue eyes were now visible without all of his hair distracting from them. The man had an angular jawline, clear skin and sweet smile. He could honestly be a runway model, and it is likely that he turned a lot more heads walking out of the barber shop than he did when he walked in.

Viking to hottie

People on Instagram could not believe how radical the hair transformation was and they let the man know in the comments. One enthusiastic commenter expressed, “Look at that gorgeous man” and another talked about how handsome he was. Someone else commented, “From Viking to hottie!” Fleetwood was taken aback by all of the supportive comments and he even dubbed his client as the “wolf man.” And the comments didn’t stop there.

Marriage proposals

In addition to many of the complimentary comments, the formerly hair man was getting prepositions and attention from women. One woman took matters into her own hands in order to attract the attention of the newly discovered hottie. She posted on his video, “Love at first sight! Do you want to marry me?!” This is upfront to say the least but it is clear that the video had a significant effect on the man’s offers for dates.

That is his name?

In addition to getting views and comments on Instagram, the bearded hunk was getting a lot of attention on Reddit. He got even more views that he got on Instagram with over 11,000 people getting a glimpse at his unbelievable before and after pictures. It was thanks to this virality that allowed his fans and admirers to finally learn the name of the man behind the transformative haircut.

Girlfriend on Reddit

Unfortunately for the woman who asked the man to marry her, the man’s girlfriend saw the post on Reddit and let everyone know who he was. It was revealed that the woman’s name was Cara McConnell and she was the mother of her boyfriend’s three children. The man’s name was Kerry Conner and he was in fact, the man behind the viral photos and videos. One look at all of them together, and it is obvious that good looks run in the family.

A well-known guy

It seems that Conner’s girlfriend wasn’t the only Reddit user who saw the post, as one of McConnell’s friends also commented. She said, “I know this guy! I’m friends with his girlfriend. We all got pretty great entertainment from this.” Another person also commented that he knew Kerry and how funny it was to have stumbled upon him on Reddit. Kerry Conner was just your average guy who happened to be good-looking but he was now becoming a sort of online celebrity.

What does Kerry think?

Although Conner himself never commented on how he felt about his haircut, it was clear that the people around him were getting a hoot out of the whole situation! However, it does seem that Kerry loves his new do although he never explicitly stated it because, from the looks of his girlfriend’s Instagram posts, he has kept his hair short. Kerry looks as handsome as ever and Fleetwood is one proud hairstylist!

Aspiring Instagrammer

Speaking of Kerry’s girlfriend on Instagram – it seems that Cara is a budding Instagram influencer and blogger. The gorgeous mom posts pictures of her daily outfits, adventures and three young daughters. She also has a self-titled blog where she shares her thoughts about life, fashion, parenting and weight loss as she recently lost over 90 pounds through exercise and healthy eating. The blog gives us a little glimpse into the life of the Missouri based family.

Talented photographer

Cara got into blogging and posting about her life partially because she was already taking pictures for a hobby and for work. In older posts, Cara shows her followers pictures from engagement and family photoshoots that she has taken and it is clear that she is a talented artist! But now, Cara is taking a trip to the other side of the camera and has become the subject for her “lifestyle” account. We’re guessing that Kerry takes or at least supports his girlfriend’s pictures, which makes him a seasoned “Instagram boyfriend.”

Being confident

From the posts on Cara’s blog, we can tell Kerry is not the only one in the family that is confident with his new look. In one post, Cara discusses how she used to feel ashamed of her body and she never wanted to be in a photo but now that she is living a healthy and active lifestyle, she is so much stronger than before. She wrote, “Now that I have much more self confidence and I actually love the person staring back at me.”

Changing her life

“How I lost 90 pounds in one year, naturally,” Cara talks about how 2017 was her year to shed the pounds. Even though she started the process to improve her appearance, the outcome has greatly improved how she felt on the inside, as well. In the post she explained that eating right and working out “completely changed my relationship with food, which is what I believe has been the missing puzzle piece for all of these years.”

Thrifty fashion

One of the reasons why Cara began her blog in 2018 was because she loves fashion and but she found that she was spending too much money on them. She stated on her blog, “I’m committing to ONLY buying preloved clothing items this year” so that she could save more money to go on vacation with her family. Her blog is a great outlet for other moms who are on a budget but still want to dress on trend.

No perfect relationship

Cara does not shy away from being brutally honest on her blog and this is evident from the post about her weight loss. Cara revealed that Kerry had been unfaithful to her which knocked her “world upside down.” She went on to say that she used exercising as a way to relieve some of her frustrations. Thankfully, she and Kerry have worked on their relationship and it seems that they have gotten through it and become stronger than ever.

A doting father

Kerry also has an Instagram account but he doesn’t’ have quite as many followers as his lovely girlfriend. It is clear from his account that he is a red-blooded, all-American type of guy. He posts pictures of his pick-up truck, doing construction jobs and of his outdoor adventures. Another thing that is apparent from Kerry’s Instagram is that he dotes on his children and that he is a great father!

Family life

Cara has also revealed information about her relationship with Kerry on her blog. She explained that she and Kerry have been together for eight years and they have three daughters who are one and a half, four and seven. Kerry is a builder and works on boats in the lakeside community where they live. Cara is a stay-at-home mom and it sounds like she has a lot on her plate since she has three children in addition to her two dogs and a cat.

A softer side

Even though Kerry is a “man’s man” and spends most of his time building and driving in his truck, his Instagram page shows he has a softer side, too. Kerry is definitely a hands-on father who is very attached to his daughters and loves spending time with them. After working for hours as a builder each day, he seems to truly enjoy being surrounded by his girls when he gets home, where he gets and receives plenty of love.

Another transformation

Kerry may have had a makeover with his hip new haircut, but this isn’t the first time that he has had a drastic transformation. Kerry posted an Instagram in 2014 of his middle school identification card. Of course we all looked different in middle school but Kerry looks completely unrecognizable. Kerry was once a nerdy looking teenager but puberty was good to him and he turned into a bearded man with a chiseled jawline.

Viral video

Not only did the man’s transformation influence his day-to-day life, the video of the process also went viral on Instagram. In November of 2016, the man shared the video with his followers and it was an instant hit. Over 5000 people have watched the video and hundreds have commented their thoughts on the stunning transformation. So what were the man’s followers saying about the photo?