This family got a big surprise as they posed for a selfie

A family takes a selfie in their car before a road trip. They never expected this to happen while they posed for the picture. Who doesn’t love to snap a selfie? Whether we are out with our friends or that a family gathering, snapping a selfie is a great way to commemorate the moment and remember it forever. But what if your selfie turned out to be something surprising? As we all know, selfies have become ingrained in our culture and basically everyone has taken one. It is hard to walk down the street without seeing someone snapping a selfie so they can share it on social media. People work hard to get the best angle and lighting for their selfie so they can look their best and get the most likes online. We have all seen our favorite celebrities rack up the likes on their selfies. Kim Kardashian made bigs waves on the Internet after she posted a provocative selfie where she was not wearing clothes. She even published a book of some of her most notable selfies.

While many would say that taking a selfie is a superficial thing, there are cases where the selfie have been used for good. Who could forget the famous selfie that Ellen took at the Academy Awards ceremony that went viral? Selfies have the ability to make a huge impact on popular culture even though we might just see them as a shallow endeavour. The Richter family decided to pose for a family selfie in their car one day, a seemingly normal occurrence as they were going on a family road trip and they wanted to document it. However, something happened while they were taking the selfie that would leave the family members screaming. Read on to find out what it was.

Road trip

Erik, his wife Amber, and their three children decided to take a road trip from their home in Oregon for a nice vacation. The Richter family were excited about their trip and had packed the car full of their suitcases and were ready to go. The three Richter daughters piled in the car and were ready to get on the road when something very unexpected occured. The Richter’s could have never imagined what was about to happen.


Spring vacation

The girls were especially excited about the road trip because it was spring break. They were off from school and did not have any homework, tests, or projects to do. Everyone was in a great mood as they packed up the car and got ready to go. They were all happy to be together and to be free from work and school. But before they left, they needed to sort out a few last things.


The girls were arguing

With so many kids and opinions, the girls had to figure out who sat where. While they usually got along well, they all wanted to be comfortable for the ride and began arguing over who had more legroom or who had a better seat. Amber eventually had to intervene to stop her daughters from arguing and they were all happy in their seats. She put her youngest daughter near the window because she usually gets carsick and Amber sat in the front next to Erik.


I want pizza

The family had not even left the driveway yet when another argument broke out when the youngest complained that she wanted to eat. Her sisters told her that should have eaten breakfast and now there was not time to get food as they wanted to get on the road. Erik wanted the argument to end and assured his daughter that they would stop for pizza at a rest stop after driving for a while.


Say cheese

Now that all of the kids had finally calmed down, Erik was ready to get on the road. Before he started the car, he thought that he should take a selfie and document the start of the family road trip. Amber is normally the one in the family that likes taking pictures but now but this time it was Erik who decided to snap a picture. The kids obliged and smiled for the camera.



Amber was planning on documenting every aspect of the family trip and making a scrapbook using all of the photos they would take. Although she wanted to document all of their memories, everyone was a little apprehensive as they were all in comfortable clothes and did not think they looked presentable for the camera. Regardless it was nice to have the memories and Erik took out his phone to take the picture.


No camera noise

Erik got his phone ready and switched it to selfie mode. He made sure the family was in the picture and got ready to snap. Everyone was waiting for him to take the picture but no one heard the click that normally goes off when you take a picture. The girls were starting to get frustrated with their dad as it was taking him so long to take the picture. Was he doing it on purpose or was he not tapping the right button?


Erik was taking a video

He girls eventually realized that Erik was actually taking a video and not a picture but they decided to play along and started dancing and doing poses in their seats for the camera. The rest of the family had no idea why Erik was filming but their were about to be in for a big surprise and Erik had caught it all on video. The girls could never have imagined what they were about to see.


Who’s in the video?

While they were giggling and making poses in the camera, the Richter noticed someone pop up in the phone screen. A man wearing a black hoodie jumped up into the frame. He was in the trunk of the car and scared the family. When they realized their was someone in their car, the girls started screaming in surprise. Who was the man that had come into their video and was sitting in their trunk?


The Richter son

The girls were screaming at the man standing in their car but not because he was a stranger. The whole family was surprised to see the man with his head sticking into the car but they knew this mysterious man very well! The girls continued to scream with excitement as they realized who the man in the hoodie. It was Rowan who is Amber and Erik’s son and the brother of the Richter daughters.


No room for Rowan?

But why was Rowan not in the car if he is a member of the Richter family? Did they not have room for him in the car? Did he want to stay home and not join in on the family vacation? The Richter family is very close so that would not have been like Rowan to miss out on a family road trip. Did Rowan jump into the background of the picture to scare his sisters?


You scared me!

The girls seemed to be stunned to see Rowan. Amber did not believe what she was seeing and thought she was dreaming after she saw Rowan come out of the truck into the car. The family was both scared and happy to see Rowan which caused Amber to say, “oh my God, you scared the **** out of me!” While everyone was surprised to see Rowan, there was one person in the car who knew what Rowan was planning.


Long time no see

After the entire family had calmed down from the initial surprise of seeing Rowan, he came into the car through the trunk and gave hugs to all of his siblings and his mother. It was a bit hard to give everyone hugs as the backseat was small so everyone began getting out of the car so they could properly greet him. The Richter family missed Rowan as he had not been in Oregon in quite some time.


Did Erik know?

Rowan was usually off in another country and his family members were very happy to see him home. None of them knew that Rowan was coming home except for one. Amber thought her husband might have something to do with this surprise but could not recall any mysterious behavior on Erik’s part. Amber was still overjoyed after seeing her son and turned to her husband and questioned him, “Did you know he was doing this?”


Planning a surprise

Amber knew her husband must have known about Rowan’s visit as he looked guilty and he was filming a video when Rowan jumped up to surprise the family. Erik was still laughing as he admitted to Amber that he, “went and got him at the airport,” and he know that Rowan was coming home all along. Amber could not believe what Rowan and her husband had pulled off and shouted, “You’re evil!”


Giving hugs

Everyone was getting emotional as they hugged Rowan as he made his way to the front of the car. Amber got out of the car so she could stand up and give her son a proper hug. Rowan jumped out of the car and gave his mom a big hug. The whole family was so happy to see Rowan. But where had he been and why had the family members not seen him in so long?


Viral video

Now that Rowan had successfully surprised his family, Erik could turn the video camera off and spend some quality time with his family. The video was supposed to be a photo for Amber’s scrapbook and Erik did not know what to do with it. Eventually he decided to put the video on YouTube so that the family could go back and watch it and they could show it to their friends. However, the video was soon see by other people.


A million views

The first couple of views on the video were from the Richters who wanted to relive the moment over and over. But after a while, the video started gaining attention of other YouTube users. The video eventually got over a million views. The family was stunned as the video was just a reaction to the Richters seeing Rowan but viewers seemed to relate to it and hundreds of comments started pouring in saying how great the video was.


Hilarious video

Viewers of the video thought that it was both touching and funny to see the reaction of all the family members. One user wrote, “[I] don’t know what I liked better, Mom’s extreme reaction or the love in Dad’s non-stop smile! It’s a tie.” The family were amazed at how many people had viewed their video and commented. Strangers from all over the world felt that they had a connection to the Richter family from the video.


Emotional video

Viewers not only liked the video because of the family’s funny reactions but also because of their emotional connection to the Richter’s situation. One person commented, “There were lots of emotion [and] hugs. [It] will always be one of my most favorite memories, nothing can compare to the love of family. Another commenter said she had, “a few tears in [her] eyes, remembering when our family’s special Marine landed his jet.”


Another surprise

Although the Richter family’s surprise was over, Rowan and Erik wanted to surprise one more person. They drove over to their grandma’s house so Rowan could see her too. Rowan’s grandmother missed her grandson who was stationed abroad as a US Marine. She could not wait until he came home and Rowan knew she might even be more excited to see him than his parents and sisters. His grandmother was relaxing at home when she received an unexpected knock at the door.

to-grandmothers (1)

Planning the surprise

The family knew that their grandmother would not be as easy to fool. They needed to devise a plan so that she would not be suspicious. Erik called ahead and told his mother that he would be coming over with the girls to say hello. Grandma did not suspect anything as she thought that Rowan was still stationed abroad and did not have any reason to think that he son was up to something.

golden (1)

An extra guest

Their grandmother began preparing for her son and granddaughters to come over for a visit. She put out a plate of cookies and some tea and was excited to see her family. Since she knew that they were on spring break, she thought this would be a good time for them to catch up and spend some time together. When the Richter family showed up at grandma’s house Erik made his mom follow him into another room and Rowan walked behind his grandmother so she could not see him.


She could not believe it

Rowan walked very quietly behind his grandmother so she would not notice him. The closer he got, she could feel that someone was behind her and she turned around to see who it was. She could not believe what she was seeing and reached out and touched Rowan to check if she was dreaming. When she realized that Rowan was standing right in front of her, she was so excited that she scream just like Amber had done earlier in the car.


Laughing with surprise

While she was initially surprised and scared, she was thrilled when she finally realized who was standing behind her. She was so happy that she started laughing and even rebuked her grandson for not telling her he was coming home and said, “shame on you!” After her initial surprise, she gave Rowan a big hug and was so excited to be holding him after months of not seeing him and wondering when he would come home.


Spending time together

After they had an emotional moment, the whole Richter family sat down with Erik’s mother and talked about Rowan’s time away and how he managed to pull off such a big surprise and keep the fact that he was coming home to himself. The family had planned on leaving for their road trip hours before and still had their suitcases in the car but now they were enjoying just being with one another at their grandmother’s house.


Trip to the national forest

Their grandmother did not want them to go but they had to get on the road and get to their hotel where they had a reservation. The family was planning on spending their vacation hiking in a national forest and now Rowan was able to join the trip. They did not have too long as the girls had to head back to school soon and Rowan only got a short time off and would have to go back to his base.


Family time

Everyone was sad to say goodbye as Rowan’s grandmother knew that it would be a while until she saw him again. Being in the military is very unpredictable as you are never really certain how long you will be deployed for. This made Rowan’s visit even more special for everyone and they spent as much time together as possible. While everyone was so happy Rowan was home, he and his father promised that they would not give the family such a surprise again.


High rank

One of the reasons that the Richter family was so stunned to see Rowan was that they knew he did not get much time off. Rowan was dedicated to serving his country and he was promoted to Lance Corporal. Rowan was very committed and hard working Marine and he was very deserving of receiving a higher rank. However, this means that Rowan will have to spend more time in the Marines and does not get to go home too often.


No more surprise visits

Rowan was promoted fairly quickly and rose up in the ranks of the Marines. Marines have a very demanding task as it is a very physically and mentally daunting job. Rowan does get time off every once in awhile to visit his family and enjoys every minute he spends with them. After causing so much surprise amongst his family members, next time Rowan comes home, he will let his parents and siblings know ahead of time.