Everything you need to know about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy and how the Royals are reacting

As soon as Prince Harry announced that he was getting hitched to his American sweetheart, Meghan Markle, all eyes were on them to announce their own baby news. After all, royal women have a habit of waiting just a short while after getting married to announce the news that they are expecting, and that’s exactly what Meghan and Harry did.

The pair tied the knot May 19, 2018, with millions of people watching on their televisions at home. Fast forward to October 15, 2018, and Kensington Palace confirmed that the new couple were getting ready to welcome a little one into the world; it’s fair to say that Royal fans across the globe erupted into a collective cheer. But how has everyone else reacted to the news that the palace will soon be graced with the pitter patter of tiny feet? Well, it seems as though some Royals aren’t too happy with the news.

A new addition

Let’s be honest; we love the Royal Family. We love the Queen; we love Prince William and Kate; and we love Prince Harry and Meghan. Yet, there is something we love more than these royal adults – and that’s a royal baby!

Royal fever and baby fever is well and truly upon us this year, and we’re all for it. It’s only been a few months since Meghan and Harry tied the knot, but they have just announced that they will be welcoming a new addition to their family in the Spring. Is this the best news ever? Well, some Royals allegedly don’t think so.

Happily ever after

Many of us dream of one day marrying a Prince and living our best lives, with castles and tiaras galore, and while most of us will sadly never get that chance, this has become a reality for Meghan Markle.

After making a name for herself as a Hollywood actress, Meghan was soon set up on a blind date with Prince Harry – and their love went from there. They tied the knot on May 19, 2018, and the world sat glued to their television screens as they watched her walk down the aisle.

Keeping an eye out

As soon as Kensington Palace announced Meghan and Harry’s engagement, fans of the couple soon kept an eagle eye out for a baby bump. While Royal women rarely welcome a baby into the world before they get hitched, Meghan and Harry had already broken Royal tradition numerous times – so why couldn’t they announce their baby news out of wedlock?

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we tried to see a bump, Meghan just didn’t seem to sport that baby glow we were all hoping for. That is, until October 2018.

A Royal announcement

You always know it’s going to be a big day when Kensington Palace release a statement. These guys are in charge of all official Royal business – and they are always one step ahead of the game. Because of this, fans knew that their announcement on October 15, 2018, was going to be a juicy one.

They didn’t disappoint, as it was on this day that they announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were expecting their first child. They confirmed the news that the baby would arrive in Spring 2019.

The clues were there

Although the world collectively cooed over the news that the Royal couple would be welcoming a baby into the world, there were others who quickly scoured recent photographs of Meghan to see if they could spot the all-important bump. As they did this, they realized that the clues were there all along.

How did we miss them? If only we had taken more notice of these small outfit changes, hairstyle changes, or even just a few little body language changes. We would have been able to guess.

The mommy bloggers

In fact, there were some people who guessed that the Duchess was pregnant before the news was officially announced. Many of these people were mommy bloggers, who picked up on a little clue that made its way into our lives three weeks before Kensington Palace released their statement.

They noticed that during a trip to a British University, she wore her hair straight. This was unlike Meghan, who has rarely worn her hair straight since being with Harry. They couldn’t help but notice this change was synonymous with her sister-in-law…

Layers upon layers

For this new hairstyle, Meghan donned straight, layered hair – and it was a whole new look for the Duchess. This was a big enough clue for those who are themselves clued up with the Royal Family. That’s because Kate Middleton has always given her hair a new ‘do just a few weeks before her own pregnancy is announced.

She changed her hair up before the announcements of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and even Prince Louis. It’s become somewhat of a Royal tradition, and we’re slowly but surely learning their tricks.

Keeping it clutched

However, this wasn’t the only clue that Meghan was expecting. Body experts have since scrutinized the last few weeks of the Duchess’s life and noticed that there are numerous tell-tale signs that Meghan didn’t want her news revealed to the masses.

For the most part, she has used countless objects to hide her midriff and to hide her ever-growing bump. On many occasions, Meghan decided to follow in the footsteps of many Royals before her and place her clutch bag in front of her. Normally, she would keep it by her side.

Cooking with mom

A few weeks ago, Doria Ragland paid a visit to her daughter in the United Kingdom – and she walked alongside her daughter on official business. While visiting a charity event, Meghan donned her apron to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Although this isn’t too unusual from the outset, it’s a little more bizarre when you take in the specifics of this outfit. For this event, she wore an outfit that cost around £1,483 ($1,957). For something this pricey, you’d think she’d cover her white shirt up. Unless she wanted to specifically cover her stomach?

Getting leggy

The Royal Family are pretty darn incredible at hiding baby news until they want to reveal the news, and it seems as though they have passed this knowledge on to their latest recruit. After all, the best way to avoid people looking at your stomach is to give them something else to look at, right?

It seems as though Meghan took this advice on board while attending a showing of the musical, Hamilton. For this event, Meghan wore a tux dress that was much shorter than normal, giving us all a glimpse of her legs.

The biggest clue

However, it’s fair to say that the biggest clue came on 12 October 2018, when Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the rest of the Royal Family donned their finest suits and fascinators and made their way to St. George’s Chapel. On this day, Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank in a beautiful wedding that was watched by many across the world.

While all eyes were on Princess Eugenie, her beautiful dress, and the adorable page boys and flower girls, it’s fair to say that there was something about Meghan Markle that seemed a little odd.

A reserved outfit

Over the course of her career as an actress and her place within the Royal Family, Meghan Markle has become known as a style icon. She has worn some of the most impressive outfits known to the fashion world, and items that she wears sell out within minutes of them being papped.

So, fans were a little surprised to see such a reserved outfit make an appearance at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. She wore a long and loose navy dress coat – and she didn’t take it off for the whole event!

Rumors were circulating

Known for her impressive figure and her style, this was unlike Meghan. She kept this dress coat on throughout the whole wedding, and she looked a little too bundled up for such a prestigious event.

While many people just thought she was a little cold and that her stylist was having an off day, there were other people who thought otherwise. They guessed that Meghan was hiding something underneath that coat. It could have been a sandwich for when she got hungry, but most thought it was a baby bump.

The confirmation

Because of this, the news that Meghan and Harry were expecting a baby on October 15, 2018, came as a welcome surprise. Those who had guessed correctly marveled in the fact that they could potentially make it as a private detective in their lives, and they wanted to celebrate with the Duchess. After all, a Royal baby is big news!

As friends, family, and fans rushed to congratulate Meghan and Harry on social media; there are some people who aren’t too happy with this new development. In fact, they’re allegedly pretty darn angry.

Announcing the news

Although the rest of the world heard the news that Meghan and Harry were expecting a baby through Kensington Palace, it seems as though the happy couple took it upon themselves to announce the news to their friends and family in their own way.

They waited for a special day where their nearest and dearest were closest to them, and according to Radar Online, this took place on Princess Eugenie’s wedding day. While their friends and family were over the moon, Eugenie reportedly wasn’t happy at all.

Upstaging the bride

Everyone knows that you should never upstage a bride on her wedding day. This is the one day where it’s all about her, and all eyes are focused on her first steps into married life. So, you sit back, you relax, and you let all of the attention surrounding the bride and her new life partner.

Because of this, many people weren’t impressed that Meghan decided to announce their big news while Princess Eugenie was celebrating her big day. It’s been reported by Radar Online that Eugenie almost broke down in tears when she heard what had happened.

The tipping point

As the news that Meghan Markle announced her baby news at Princess Eugenie’s wedding made the rounds on social media, many people rallied around the Princess – and they could see why she was so annoyed.

They thought it was of bad taste for Meghan to upstage the bride on her wedding day, and they believe that she should have waited to tell her friends and family her news. It seems as though this was the tipping point for Eugenie, as she believed that the Duchess had taken away her special moment.

Negative press

While fans rallied around Eugenie, many women on social media also criticized the couple and Kensington Palace for releasing their news on such a poignant day. On October 15, 2018, women and couple around the world stood in solidarity on International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

As people remembered the babies they have lost in their own lives, many felt that it was insensitive for them to announce their news while others were going through such a tough time. One Twitter user even called their timing “appalling.”

A brother’s plea

Thomas Markle Jr, Meghan’s estranged half-brother, was one of the members of the young duchess’s family to learn the news of the new baby through the media – and he wasn’t happy about it.

Speaking to The Sun, Markle said that the worst part about Meghan’s estrangement from his family is that it drove her and their reportedly ailing father apart from each other. “If she has one ounce of human kindness or humanity left in her heart, she should give it to my dad,” he said.

Making a demand of the Queen

Feeling rather comfortable with himself, Meghna’s brother then said someone needs to step in and sort out the Markle family drama. And he had just the woman in mind to do so – Queen Elizabeth herself!

“The Queen should step in and say, ‘Clean your mess up and stop all this nonsense and acknowledge the fact that you have a family, instead of just ignoring them,’” he said. As for his chances of ever seeing his nephew, well…

Parachuting in

Asked whether he thought he’d ever get to see his nephew, Markle was skeptical… and cynical. “Well, maybe if I take a stealth fighter jet,” he joked, “and I parachute over the palace into their front yard one night.” Turning serious, he said the ball is completely in Meghan’s court, and it’s up to her to mend fences with the rest of her family.

Whether that happens or not, of course, remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure, though – we haven’t heard the last from this dysfunctional family.

Welcome congratulations

However, it’s fair to say that it hasn’t all been negative within the Royal Family. On hearing that Meghan and Harry were expecting their first child, Prince William and Kate Middleton had to have their say. They wanted to congratulate the couple, and they wanted them to know that they were “delighted” to hear the wonderful news.

We can imagine George, Charlotte, and Louis will also be delighted to welcome their cousin into the world, as they will have another child to play with in the halls of Buckingham Palace.

Meghan’s secret nickname

We can imagine few people were as thrilled with the news as Meghan’s mother, Doria. The two have an especially close bond, and Doria may be the only American relative Meghan is truly close to. In an interview, she accidentally revealed a detail that was a closely-guarded secret until now – the nickname her mother gave her.

We have no idea how this wasn’t public until now, but apparently to her mom, Meghan is simply… “Flower!” The two also share something else in common, which has helped Meghan immensely recently.

A passion for yoga

Doria is a yoga instructor, and has apparently passed on the love of it to her daughter. “I started doing mommy-and-me yoga with her when I was seven,” Meghan revealed. While she initially found it hard to take to the exercises, she started practicing yoga regularly in college – and hasn’t stopped since.

If you need more proof, during their most recent tour to Australia, Meghan spoke to another woman who was expecting, and told her she did yoga at 4:30am when she had trouble sleeping the previous night.

A secret talent

Speaking of that Australia tour, in another leg of their journey the world got to experience the Duchess of Sussex’s secret talent – baking! When Meghan and Harry visited a family-run farm, they couldn’t just come empty handed, so Meghan brought the family a tin of Fortnum and Mason Royal Blend tea, and banana she made herself the previous evening at Admiralty House in Sydney – the official residence of Australia’s governor-general.

Royal correspondent Rebecca English shared a snap of Meghan’s creation, adding it contained chocolate chips and a bit of ginger.

The secret behind the recipe

The inclusion of ginger in the iconic banana bread recipe – which is entirely Meghan’s – might be more telling than first glance would suggest. Beyond the fact that it was reportedly delicious, and was a treat for Harry as he absolutely loves anything with banana in it, the ginger may have served another purpose – combating morning sickness.

When Meghan’s sister-in-law Kate Middleton was pregnant she famously ate ginger biscuits to combat nausea. It only helped her a little bit, but ginger has proven anti-nausea benefits, a nutritionist said.

When the cat’s away…

It seems like Meghan used that Australia trip – and the more than 10,000 miles that separated her from her grandmother-in-law the Queen, to let a little loose. During a visit to Sydney’s famed Bondi Beach, Meghan was spotted wearing wedges, which the Queen reportedly absolutely hates.

Taking a cue from her sister-in-law, who adores them, Meghan also wore the comfortable shoes, which neither ever dares wear when the Queen’s around! Another quirk she may have taken from Kate? Changing her hairdo just before announcing her pregnancy, which both did – Kate three times!

A tour at breakneck speed

It’s tempting to dismiss the Royal Family’s lives as the cushiest imaginable, thinking they do nothing but sit on their bums and daintily sip tea all day. Well, sometimes that’s true. Other times? Not so much.

Meghan and Harry’s tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand was scheduled to take place over 16 days, during which the young couple will hit up no less than 76 events. Feel exhausted yet? Meghan sure seemed to be.

Taking a break

After one event they attended ran two hours longer than anticipated due to technical issues, Meghan was reportedly exhausted to the point that Prince Harry pleaded with her to take it easy and pace herself. Speaking to some locals, Harry reportedly said that his wife was “resting back at home, pregnancy takes its toll.”

So much for those “do-nothing” royals, eh? Harry soldiered on and did some events himself, while the duchess recuperated back at their Sydney lodgings. Meanwhile, time off from social media seems to have done the duchess some good.

The freedom of disconnecting

As they were sitting on Bondi Beach and chatting to the locals, one woman said Meghan spoke of deleting her social media accounts not long after her relationship with Harry went public. The duchess was said to have remarked it was “freeing” being off the grid, and spoke about how much being connected in today’s world puts pressures on the younger generation and degrades their self esteem.

“Flattery and criticism run through the same filter,” Markle reportedly added.

A father weighs in

Before Meghan and Harry began expecting a new bundle of joy, Meghan’s father Thomas spoke about the possibility of it happening, and seemed to have very little doubt. Markle revealed that his daughter wanted children for a long time, and was certain she would quickly enough, considering how much she spoke of her love for Harry.

“I don’t think the stork has hit the air but I think it’ll happen soon,” he said, adding that so long as they were happy, had beautiful children and did good in the world, he’d be content.

A mother’s love

Ragland has also released a statement through Kensington Palace to showcase her reaction to the Royal baby news. The official statement noted that she was “very happy” about the news and that she was looking forward to being able to welcome her first grandchild into the world.

Many reports have speculated that Meghan told her mother weeks before the news was released to the public, but it seems as though Meghan’s estranged father didn’t quite get the same treatment. In fact, Meghan didn’t even give him the pleasure of telling him personally.

Through the messenger

It’s been noted that Thomas Markle Snr. first heard the news that his daughter was expecting a Royal baby thanks to his ex-wife, Doria Ragland. He was privy this information before it was made public to the rest of the world, but he didn’t hear this news from Meghan.

However, it seems as though Thomas is not going to dwell on this fact, as a source within the Royal family told The Sun that he sees this new development in her life as a chance to fix their broken relationship.

Fixing the ties

Yet, Meghan’s father is not the only one who hopes a new addition to their lives with fix the broken ties between Meghan and her estranged family. Meghan’s sister, Samantha Markle, spoke to The Sun about the Royal Family’s exciting news – and she had some hopeful words to say about the matter.

She noted that, “A baby changes everything and softens everyone,” and that she hopes her whole family can ignore all of the bad blood between them and simply move on with their lives. Will it happen?

An emotional wreck

While the happy couple themselves have kept pretty quiet about their exciting news, a source has spoken to The Daily Mail about how Meghan and Harry are feeling. They confessed that Prince Harry is an “emotional wreck” because he has wanted a child to call his own for so long – and now he finally gets that chance with the love of his life.

Another royal source has confirmed that Meghan has already had her all-important 12-week scan, and is looking forward to the next several months of pregnancy and later bringing a child into the world.

Pregnancy Down Under

The news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting their first baby was released while they were on their first overseas tour, and they are currently making their way around Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji.

The day after the news was announced, the couple were welcomed by the Governor-General of Australia and his wife. They gifted the soon-to-be couple with a cuddly toy and a pair of baby Ugg boots for the new Royal baby, and we got a glimpse of the mom-to-be and her bump. Congratulations to them both!