This small dog was rescued from a coyote by an unexpected hero

Because humans reside at the top of the food chain, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole animal kingdom below us. We live sheltered lives as predators, while smaller animals around the world become prey for us and other beasts. Thankfully, many domesticated animals are excluded from that category, and we rarely hear of cats and dogs being eaten by larger animals. But what happens when these two worlds collide? One owner saw this for themselves when their small dog was rescued from a coyote by an unexpected hero.

Keeping them safe

It’s easy for us to forget that there’s a whole dog-eat-dog world out there. Predator and prey go about their days, but the human race largely stays clear of that.

However, we’re not the only ones who stay away from the bared teeth of lions, tigers, and bears. Our domesticated animals almost always stay by our sides so we can keep them safe – but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes certain situations put your animals in danger, but this dog was rescued when an unexpected hero came to save the day.

A viral video

In 2010, a YouTube user by the name of jdpmep uploaded a video to his page. Before he uploaded this video, he had just four other videos on his page and just a handful of subscribers.

Because of this, you could say that he wasn’t the biggest YouTube star in the world. Yet, he would soon realize that his fifth video would take the world by storm and become a viral sensation. To this day, the video in question has racked up over 10 million viewers and counting.

A lover of dogs

Although we don’t know much much about jdpmep, we do know that he is a lover of dogs. After all, all of the videos he has posted on YouTube follow the lives and everyday adventures of his dogs.

With a dog called Trixxie and a cat called Rocket, he has spent the last eight years filming their antics and posting them online for people at home to watch. However, he had no idea that it would be one particular video with one local hero that would bump him up in the YouTube rankings.

The local area

Because the video was posted under a cryptic username, we can’t tell you who the man is or where he lives – but it’s believed to be somewhere in the United States of America. Like many areas in the US, families, and home are often greeted by wild animals.

Whether that be lizards, raccoons, or even bears, these animals normally stay as far away from human civilization as possible. If they do venture into the unknown, they usually do so under the cover of darkness so that they can remain hidden.

Playing with the animals

Of course, there are instances where these wild animals become interested and intrigued by the domesticated animals who live nearby. They may sniff around to check them out, or they may just stare from afar and assess the situation.

Because of this, jdpmep’s dogs have often come into contact with these kind of animals. The YouTube user has filmed his dogs playing with lizards and even their interactions with raccoons. However, it was one of his dog’s interaction with a coyote that really shocked the world.

Not the place

The YouTube user was used to dealing with these smaller kinds of wild animals, but he had never once seen a coyote before. In the description of his video, he confirmed that the area he lived in was not coyote territory.

There had been no previous sightings, and he had never had to worry about these canines before. Because of this, he had no idea what to think. Should he expect more visits from larger and more ferocious wild animals? What if the hero who saved his dog wasn’t around the second time?

The dogs involved

Although this video has since broken the hearts of viewers across the world, jpdmep is glad to have caught it on camera. Like many other people around the globe, the user had installed CCTV cameras around his property.

This was primarily to ward off any potential thieves or to use it as evidence if he were ever to get burgled, but this was also to keep an eye on his dogs. With a large driveway and open spaces around his home, he needed to be able to see his animals if they were ever to come off their leads and run off.

Captured on camera

Because of these CCTV cameras, jpdmep was able to capture the whole encounter. While he was not able to see the event happen right before his eyes, he was later able to review the footage and see how his small dog had found himself in a sticky situation.

Watching the footage was tough for the YouTube user, but he could rest easy knowing that an unexpected hero would come to save the day, and save the life of his beloved pet. With this heroic effort caught on tape, he just knew that he had to share it with the world.

The dog in question

To fully understand what happened on this fateful day, we need to learn a little more about the dog in question. This story involves jdpmep’s smallest dog, a Chiweenie by the name of Trixxie.

As a cross between a Dachshund and a Chihuahua, these dogs are incredibly tiny in stature, although they sometimes do have long and floppy ears. Known for their easy temperament, it’s unlike these dogs to ever find themselves in the midst of an altercation. Perhaps that’s why it found Trixxie found herself such a sticky situation?

Early in the morning

In the description of his YouTube video, jdpmep gave us a little context in regards to the events that he had caught on camera. The cameras first picked up movement on his driveway at around 7 o’clock in the morning.

What’s intriguing about this is that it’s very rare for coyotes or wild animals in general to be out this early. They normally make their presence known later in the day, or even at night. Because of this, and their previous lack of coyote sightings, jpdmep, and his spouse didn’t have any worries.

Keeping her outside

Like most dog owners, jdpmep and his spouse made sure that their dogs got fresh air and had the chance to run around whenever they could. With a long and large driveway, they didn’t have to go too far for them to get a little exercise.

When they were outside with their dogs, they allowed them off their leads so they could roam – but they always kept an eye on them. However, when jdpmep’s spouse needed to use the restroom, she decided to tie Trixxie up for the few minutes that she made her way inside.

A long chain

This couple aren’t normally ones to keep their dogs on chains, because they like them to be able to roam free, but jdpmep’s spouse knew that they were only going to be a minute or so.

Because of this, they tied Trixxie up on one of the longest chains that they had, so that she could still wander around, or just have a sit down if she wanted. What they didn’t realize is that this chain, plus an unexpected hero, would actually save the life of their beloved Chiweenie.

A visitor

As you watch the YouTube video, you can actually see Trixxie on the chain in the driveway. In fact, you can see that she was simply lazing on the ground and minding her own business.

Until her owner came back out of the house, she was using the opportunity to chill out and catch the early morning sun. However, just a few seconds into the video, we see her head immediately jump up. Like when most dogs see or hear something in the distance, she was on high alert. Something was coming.

Jumping up

It soon becomes clear what Trixxie can see, because soon enough, a coyote comes running into the frame. As the wild animals bundles up towards the Chiweenie, Trixxie tries her best to run away. However, her little legs meant that the coyote quickly caught up with her.

We can see the strength and the speed of the wild animal in the video, and we know before it happens that Trixxie stands no chance against the coyote. She’s just too small and too small. There was also one more thing; Trixxie was tied up to the chain.

Dragging her away

In a heart wrenching scene, we watch as the coyote catches up to Trixxie and grabs her within its teeth. While it’s hard to make out what really went on during his moment, we can see that the two animals are struggling against each other.

Watching this back must have been tough for jdpmep, but he immediately realized that his spouse had made the right decision by tying Trixxie up. Because she was attached to the chain, the coyote could not drag her away. But that wasn’t all that saved Trixxie’s life.

A new addition

Although Trixxie could not be pulled back into the woods behind her, there was a chance that the coyote could have ravaged the small dog and ultimately caused its demise. At least, that’s what could have happened.

It seems as though the neighbors’ dog, a medium-sized black Rottweiler by the name of Happy, had heard Trixxie’s struggles. Almost instinctively, Happy ran over to the driveway and made an effort to intervene. Happy was the hero that nobody had ever expected, but it was this split-second decision that would save Trixxie’s life.

The same size

Amazingly, Happy is almost the same size as the coyote, which meant that they were the perfect match. When the coyote noticed that Happy was making its way towards it, the coyote immediately dropped Trixxie from its grip.

This gave the smaller dog the chance to scramble away from the coyote and run away back in the direction of the house. By this time, Happy knew that Trixxie was safe, but the Rottweiler wasn’t done just yet. The big dog had unfinished business with the unwelcome coyote.

Chased away

In the subsequent moments, Happy took a split second to confirm that Trixxie was okay, but Happy also wanted to know that the coyote would try and have a Chiweenie for his dinner a second time.

So, he made sure to chase after the wild animal with its strong legs and its speed, and Happy was able to scare the coyote away. Without the help of Happy, Trixxie could have lost her life, and that’s something she and her owners will never forget. Thank goodness that Happy was able to run out and save her.

The saving grace

The YouTube user, jdpmep, was so impressed by the events that unfolded on that day that he knew he had to share his story with the rest of the world.

While we can imagine that he thanked Happy and his owners in his own time, he also took the opportunity on YouTube to confirm that Happy did save the life of his small Chiweenie. He also acknowledged the fact that the time and place of this event also saved her life. After all, if Trixxie had not been chained up for those few minutes, she would have been dragged off.

Bigger and better

Since posting this video in 2010, the coyote attack and Happy’s heroic efforts have become a viral sensation. Millions of people across the globe have watched the video, and many of these have taken the time to congratulate Happy and his instinct reactions.

One particular YouTube user also used the platform to speak more about the animal kingdom as a whole. They noted that “In the animal kingdom there is always someone bigger and faster… remember that Mr. Coyote.” In this case, Happy was bigger and faster.

Coyotes’ choice of prey

Once upon a time, coyotes were typically only found around the Great Plains region, but these days they have spread all across the country.

They used to by your typical omnivore, and would find food that was native to that local environment such as mice, rabbits, and insects. However, most coyotes have had to adapt to their new environments, which means adding new food to their menu including small animals like pets, fruits and vegetables, and human food thrown in garbages.

Danger to small breeds

Due to the fact that coyotes have now opened their palettes to include small mammals, this means that they can be very dangerous to small pets.

This includes smaller dog breeds and cats, and in places where coyotes are more common pet owners have had to learn about the dangers their fur babies face first hand. It is not uncommon in some states to hear of someone’s dog being killed by coyotes, and we’re sure Trixxie’s owner will now be more cautious in the future.

Not just coyotes

While coyotes are certainly a danger to small dogs like Trixxie, they are not the only predators that small breed owners have to be on the lookout for.

In some areas you might have to also worry about big cats such as mountain lions, wild cats, and bobcats. But the one that most people are not aware of is the threat that eagles pose to their dogs. Sometimes eagles will swoop in with their claws and carry a small dog away, and it’s extremely difficult to catch them.

A perfect match up

Coyotes typically hunt their prey alone, or in a pair, so they usually try to pick their targets accordingly.

It is very rare for a coyote to attack an animal that is either the same size or bigger than them, because they are hoping for easy targets that won’t endanger themselves. This is why Happy was the perfect match for the coyote going after Trixxie, because as a rottweiler he was just the right size to properly intimidate the other animal.

Why by the home?

For YouTube user, jdpmep, the attack on his dog by the coyote really took them by surprise because coyotes had never turned up by their home before. So why was this coyote hanging out near houses?

The truth is that people all across the United States have been noticing an increase in coyotes around urban areas. This is likely because of the way development has affected the environments some of these coyotes live in, as well as their food sources, driving them to seek food in other places.

A cautionary tale

Now that jdpmep and his wife know the dangers of leaving their small dog unattended they will certainly be more careful in the future. However, their story also serves as a cautionary tale to other owners of small dog breeds who might live somewhere coyotes can come to.

Some dog owners have even taken extra precautions with their little dogs by buying them special vests to wear outside, complete with little spikes on it, to help discourage predators from attacking them.

What should you do?

If you’re someone who likes to walk around your neighborhood it’s possible that you might end up coming across some coyotes. So, what should you do if that happens?

The most important thing is to stay calm and not panic, because it’s very unusual for coyotes to attack humans. Do not turn your back and run, and try to maintain eye contact until the coyote leaves on its own. If it doesn’t seem to be leaving, be assertive, make noises, and try to scare it away.


Thankfully, Happy was able to save Trixxie from the coyote’s clutches, but many people were not surprised to hear that Happy had gotten involved.

The two dogs were friends, and dogs are known to have a strong protective instinct for those they care about. Even at a dog park, a dog might step into another dog’s play session if they feel one of their friends is being mistreated. Happy wasn’t going to let his little friend get hurt no matter what.

Redeeming bully breeds

Being a rottweiler, Happy is what some refer to as a “bully breed.” A bully breed refers to breeds of dogs like pit bulls, rottweilers, boxers, German shepherds, and others who some see as more prone to aggression and violence.

These dogs often have bad reputations, but many people are working to change that image by showing how loving, loyal, and sweet these dogs can be. So, they were thrilled to see a rottweiler like Happy show how heroic some bully breed dogs can be.

Praise all around

Once Happy’s heroics went viral, people couldn’t get enough of the story. Everyone has been so impressed by the way that Happy sprung into action to help save Trixxie from the coyote, and they have made sure to make that appreciation known.

All over the YouTube video and various articles published about the story people have taken the time to write encouraging comments praising Happy for what he did. They can recognize a good dog when they see it!

An incredible story

Over the course of history and within modern society, Rottweilers are often given a bad name. They are considered to be aggressive and violent, both towards other animals and humans. However, this incredible story is a testament to how wrong this stereotype is.

While Happy may have used his strength and power to ward off the coyote, he did so to save the life of Trixxie. Without him, jdpmep may not have had the chance to give Trixxie a treat after her traumatic ordeal. Thank you, Happy!