When this teacher looked into her student’s backpack, she did not expect to see two eyes staring back at her

Unbagging the truth

Backpacks are for everyone, but they really are perfect for any kindergartener needing a way to take all their crafts and toys to school. So what about if they were to take something else along for the ride, too? When this teacher looked into her student’s backpack, she never expected to see two eyes staring back at her. It seemed as though one of her students had brought something to class that was going to get everyone talking.

Checking for problems

Mrs. Bobbi Nabors is one of thousands of kindergarten teachers and enjoys teaching at Jefferson Elementary School in Georgia. Although the teacher was used to seeing a whole host of things thanks to her job, there was one day that was about to give her the biggest surprise of her life. It was February 28, 2018, and the teacher was tasked with performing a routine backpack check. She needed to ensure that no one had brought any banned goods.

Another typical day

It was just another ordinary morning at Jefferson Elementary School. The morning’s video announcements were being played, and the students were all preparing for another day in the classroom, that was until Mrs. Nabors was forced to perform a backpack check. She had done many in the past, and they usually didn’t turn up anything unusual. That was until this teacher looked into one of her student’s backpacks and saw a pair of eyes staring back at her.

Checking everyone

Mrs. Nabors had been drawn to the bag thanks to something unusual anyway. It looked as though the little girl that owned the backpack was about to have a lot of explaining to do, but the teacher never imagined the surprise that was waiting for her inside. Mrs. Nabors decided to run the check on everyone else in the class, too, so it didn’t look as though she was singling anyone out. Plus, she could now check to see if anyone had anything to hide.

Banning backpacks

Over the years, there have been several strange things that have been banned from schools all around the world. From the typical to the rand the wonderful, it seems as though there is a reason for most things to make their way to the banned goods list. Did you know some school across America have even prohibited backpacks themselves? They say that weapons or anything dangerous can easily be snuck into schools without teachers ever noticing. This way, they eliminate the threat altogether.

No more buddies

It seems as though schools will ban all kinds of things if they get the chance – including best friends. Yes, you read that correctly. Some schools across south-west London have gone as far as to ban having a best friend, and they say they have a good reason for their decision. The teachers argue that best friends can be incredibly upsetting for children when the friendship comes to an end. They believe it’s a better way for the kids at the school to learn how to form relationships.

No close contact

As if that wasn’t enough already, there is one school that has stopped any of the students from being able to give hugs. Why? So they learn how to respect people’s personal space and understand we need to ask before we can hug. Although it might sound like a valid argument to many, a lot of parents argue this could have irreversible effects. In fact, they say it stops their children from being able to develop proper social skills during their early years at school.

No one’s invited

It doesn’t end there. Some schools have gone as far as to ban any party invited from being handed out in front of other students. The school states that either every student in the class needs to be invited or they are to be given out in private. They argue that students might feel as though they are being deliberately excluded if they don’t get an invite. Instead, they want to ensure that no one has their feelings hurt – even if they still don’t get an invite to the party.

Missing ring

It seems as though some things don’t need to be put on the banned items list. That is until students decide to push the rules. One kid was about to give his parents and teacher quite the surprise after getting his hands on a special gift for another student. His mother was pregnant, and her engagement ring no longer fit. Rather than getting it stuck, this mom decided to take it off and leave it in a safe place. That was until her youngster came along.

Breaking up a young romance

It turned out the ring was about to get a new owner if this mom’s child had her way. The kid had seen the ring on the side and decided it would be the perfect way to propose to his girlfriend in class. Thankfully, the teacher noticed what was happening before it was too late. They stepped in and grabbed the ring before calling the child’s mom to explain what had happened. Although they had broken up the early romance, this teacher saved someone’s precious ring.

Heating up a meal

It looks as though some kids will be willing to push the boundaries as far as possible to get their special lunch. One child snuck the ultimate meal into school in their backpack but soon discovered they needed help if they were going to enjoy it to the fullest. So what did they bring? A full-sized pizza. That’s right; they discovered they needed some help to warm it up and was forced to ask the teacher if they could heat it up in the microwave.

A midnight snack

It turns out not every student has the best idea when it comes to taking something they probably shouldn’t into the classroom. One teacher was in for a surprise when they asked what the strange smell was coming for a student’s backpack. They unzipped it to find none other than a deceased squirrel lurking a the bottom of the bag. Don’t worry; there was a good reason. Apparently, the student had seen it on the way to school and wanted some squirrel dumplings for dinner.

Lunchtime ssssssnack

That’s not all these students have tried to bring into the classroom for lunch. There was more than just a pair of eyes staring back at one teacher when they asked what their student had brought for lunch. There were no sandwiches in sight. Instead, they were faced with the pet snake from home. It looked as though the kid didn’t want to be apart from their beloved reptile so hatched an almost foolproof plan to get them into school for the day.

Racking them up

Show and tell can be the time that we get to show off the weird and wonderful things we have lying around our home. However, one student was about to push the limits of the day after bringing in an entire ten-point rack of antlers. Although the piece was pretty impressive, the teacher was forced to call the parents to come and collect it. Sure, it might have looked good, but the sharp points teamed with a class full of students might not be the best combination.

The beast in the bag

Mrs. Nabors finally go to the backpack that had her wondering and looked inside only to find a pair of eyes staring back. What could be at the bottom of the bag? That’s when she heard the whimper and noticed the wet nose – it was a dog! Not just any dog, but the family’s dachshund puppy named Jake. The little addition hadn’t made any noise the entire morning. However, the teacher didn’t want to tell off the girl. No, it was time for the rest of the class to meet Jake.

Covering her tracks

The little girl began to panic. She needed to think of an excuse to explain why the family dog was in her bag – and fast. It wasn’t long before she had the perfect answer and explained how her mom must have been the one to put Jake in the backpack. However, Mrs. Nabors saw through the lie and soon learned the girl couldn’t bear to be away from her new friend. She just wanted to spend all day with her four-legged companion, even if that meant Jake needed to come to school.

Taking him home

Mrs. Nabors was left with no other choice but to call the little girl’s mom and explain what had happened. Thankfully, no one was angry with the kindergartener. After all, it was a harmless move made by a youngster who wanted to spend the day with her new puppy. However, her mom still needed to put an end to the puppy playdate. As soon as she arrived to collect Jake, the girl’s mom explained that she would bring him back soon for another visit.

Sharing the joy

Brenan Lingerfelt was there to witness the whole ordeal and new that many of her friends and family would love to hear about the story. She decided to snap a photo of Jake before he headed home and quickly uploaded it to social media. Brenan also explained how the puppy had been discovered after Mrs. Nabors was doing a routine backpack check. It turned out Jake had been happily sleeping the entire morning before his hiding place was uncovered.

Spreading the news

It seemed as though it wasn’t just Brenan’s friends and family members that wanted to read about the story. As soon as they began to share it, more and more people flooded to the post to see the snap of the famous Jake. Now, people all around the world have seen the photo. In fact, the upload has more than 5,000 comments and 45,000 reactions, as well as being shared almost 21,000 times. It looks like everyone agrees that the little girl’s actions were adorable.

Growing too attached

Dachshunds are known for quickly getting attached to one or two people in their lives. That’s why it’s so important to socialize the breed at a young age, so they don’t get too attached to certain people. However, it seemed as though Jake was about to get more socializing than he ever expected after being introduced to an entire class of kindergarteners. Thankfully, there was no harm done, and the puppy got to enjoy spending the morning with his friend at school.

The talk of the town

It’s not just the online community that has fallen in love with Jake and his story. It turns out the school has taken him on as their latest mascot. He has already had his first job as the new face of the school, too. Jefferson Elementary School used Jake as the face of their brand new Paws for a Good Book spring book fair in the hope that his face would be enough to get the kids in the class reading more. At least on his next visit, Jake won’t have to be smuggled in a backpack.