Surprise in an egg

There are many eggcellent questions surrounding the existence of eggs, but perhaps the most famous question is “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” and although we could debate about it for hours on end, we’re still no closer to finding out the answer to this impossible question. Nevertheless, we do know that eggs have been around for more years than we could count on our fingers – and it’s not just chicken eggs we’re talking about. Although chickens were first domesticated in 7500 BCE, that hasn’t stopped other cultures around the world using other cracking animals for their food needs. Whether jungle fowl, pelican, ostrich, duck or chicken eggs are your favorite, countries around the world have all used these eggs within their cooking for centuries, and it seems we just can’t get enough of them.

One of the reasons why eggs are so popular is because they can be cooked in various different forms and within a variety of meals. As if that wasn’t enough, eggs are also easily accessible, which means that you can pick them up at your local grocery store, give them a good crack, and incorporate them into your weekly menu. While it’s not uncommon to find tiny pieces of shell in the egg as you crack it, one man from Down Under wasn’t expecting to find another surprise in his egg. In fact, he couldn’t believe that he was one of the lucky few to ever experience such a phenomenon. You might want to sit down for this one…

Delicious and nutritious

Eggs are not only delicious, but they’re packed full of nutrients too. There’s a reason Americans get through around 280 eggs each every year! One of the important nutrients in an egg is choline, which around 90% of Americans aren’t getting enough of. One whole egg contains over 100 mg of the important nutrient, choline, which helps build cell membranes and improves brain activity. That’s not all, however, eggs are jam-packed with important nutrients that can improve heart health, brain function, and overall wellbeing.

An egg a day

In fact, some doctors recommend that an egg a day will keep them away! Studies have shown that, particularly in children, an egg a day will help prevent a number of issues. Children who ate one egg every day for six months tend to experience fewer growth problems, compared to those who don’t eat eggs every day. Kids love tucking into a soft boiled egg with toast soldiers, so make sure both you and your little ones are getting enough eggy goodness!

Eggs for weight loss

On top of all the health benefits of eggs, it’s thought that this food is a must-add to your diet if you want to lose weight. Eggs are high scorers on the Satiety Index, which measures how filling certain types of food are. Because of this, it means that you’ll feel fuller for longer if you tuck into eggs for breakfast. A study showed that 30 women who ate eggs for breakfast instead of bagels ate fewer calories for the next 36 hours – all because they had filled up on egg!

Packed with protein

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of the humble egg is the amount of protein that can be found in one. This both helps contribute to weight loss and helps you build lean muscle mass. A typical whole egg is thought to have 77 calories and 6 grams of protein, plus all of the other vitamins and nutrients. After all, this little egg has to have enough nutrients to turn itself into a baby chicken – which is what makes it so nutritious and full of protein.

Meet Scott Stockman

Scott Stockman is a man who knows all too well how incredible eggs are. The farmer from Queensland in Australia has worked on the Stockman’s Eggs farm for his whole life. The farm itself has been around since 1923 and is now on its fourth generation of the Stockman family – with Scott Stockman, 47, being one of the current heads of the business. Stockman’s Eggs is now 95 years old and still going strong.

A big hen pen

Stockman’s Eggs is a massive operation, with around 60,000 laying hens as of 2018. There are three different types of hens at the farm; the corn-fed caged hens, the Cage Free hens, and the Free Range Hens. Once the chickens lay their eggs, a team of collectors put each egg through a cleaning process and quality check, to ensure that only the very best eggs get delivered to the people of Queensland.

Zippy the collector

Zippy is one of the collectors who works for Stockman’s Eggs and was probably expecting a day like every other when he went to work in March 2018. According to Scott Stockman, Zippy has been an egg collector for years, so is probably well versed in seeing some unusual sights from time to time. However, nothing could prepare Zippy for what he was about to pick up. As soon as he saw it, he knew he had to rush it to Scott.

One huge egg

What Zippy had found seemed like an ordinary chicken egg, except it was huge. The “babushka” egg weighed 176 grams, which is over three times as much as a normal chicken egg. In fact, the biggest egg the team had ever found before was 140 grams – so this one was mighty impressive. Why was the egg so big? What could it be hiding? The team knew they had to film themselves opening up this huge egg, just in case something interesting was inside.

The biggest ever chicken egg

While the Stockman’s Egg finding was pretty big, it’s nothing compared to the Guinness World Record for the heaviest chicken egg. Back in 1956, the heaviest egg laid by a chicken was recorded in Vineland, New Jersey. Across the world, there have been numerous stories of giant eggs, including one in southwestern China that weighed nearly half a pound back in 2013. However, while many of these vast eggs had double yolks, none would contain the surprise that Scott and Zippy were about to find in their 176-gram egg.

Ostrich eggs

It is quite unusual to find large chicken eggs, but how about ostrich eggs? Ostriches lay some of the biggest eggs in the world, so it isn’t rare to find a huge egg in an ostrich nest. In fact, the largest egg ever recorded in the Guinness World Records is an ostrich egg laid in Sweden back in 2008. The whopper weighed 2.589 kilograms and has held the record for ten years. We wonder if they found any surprises in that one like Scott and Zippy would find in theirs…

Time to crack the case

After taking several pictures of the giant chicken egg, along with comparing it to other eggs from the same pen, it was time to crack the case. The pen where the egg was found contains over 3,000 chickens, and so they would never find out which hen laid the massive egg. However, they could crack open the egg and see if there was anything interesting inside. Nobody knew what to expect, but they couldn’t have predicted what they were about to find.

An egg-straordinary discovery

Scott Stockman and the team knew they had to film themselves cracking open the egg, just in case there was something exciting inside. Luckily for them, it wasn’t a waste of time. As they cracked the egg open on the side of the bowl, the first thing they saw was… Just the usual egg yolk and white. However, as they opened the large shell, they noticed what this egg had been hiding all along.


Inside the large chicken egg was something rather interesting indeed. Another normal sized egg! It seems as though this chicken had created one egg and then another one over the top of it. No wonder this egg was so huge, it had to have enough space for its own eggy goodness and another egg in the middle. Some could say it was a total eggception. Zippy and Scott couldn’t believe their eyes; they’d never seen anything like it.

A “freak of nature”

Scott Stockman was quick to share their finding with the world, which led to plenty of interviews. However, everyone wanted to know one thing, “How did a chicken lay an egg this big?!” Was it the diet or the way they were reared? Scott Stockman admitted that his hens are well cared for and were fed well, but there was only one answer for the giant egg – “It’s just a complete freak of nature that it came out that way” he told interviewers.

One big breakfast

So, what were the team planning on doing with the egg? Expert Professor Raf Freire was interviewed by ABC in relation to what happened, and while he was baffled, he did say that the egg should be fine to eat. However, it seems as though Scott, Zippy and the rest of the team couldn’t bear to make a big breakfast with the egg. After all, you don’t tend to dig into “freak of nature” findings like that. We think it’d make a delicious omelet though!

Finding things in eggs

Scott Stockman and Zippy aren’t the only people to have found something interesting in their egg. Over the years, countless stories have hit the news about interesting things found in eggs. In fact, the internet is filled with people asking if certain eggs are safe to eat, simply because they have something unusual inside. It seems as though it’s quite a rarity to find a whole other egg in your egg, however! But what have people found inside their eggs?

Double yolkers

One of the most common egg findings is the coveted double yolker! The yolk is one of the most delicious parts of the egg, so to find two of them in one is quite a treat. However, these aren’t the easiest of eggs to track down. According to the British Egg Information Service, around 1 in every 1,000 eggs will contain a double yolk. If the average person eats around 280 eggs each year, it would take you just under four years to find one double yolker.

Six double yolkers

If you have a 1 in 1,000 chance of finding a double yolker egg, imagine finding six at once! According to BBC News, one woman in London actually came across this statistical phenomenon when cooking profiteroles back in 2011. Jen Clarke, who worked for BBC Radio 4, cracked open three eggs in a row only to find all of them were double yolkers. The chances of finding three double yolkers at once? One in a trillion! Now that’s impressive.

A yolkless egg

While many people love the idea of finding a double yolker egg, imagine your disappointment if you found an egg with no yolk at all! Back in 2016, one woman from Japan shared her yolkless finding on Twitter, and it quickly went viral. Dubbed fairy eggs, oops eggs, and even fart eggs, these yolkless beasts aren’t very common. What’s more unusual is that they’re often a lot smaller than normal eggs, which means that they don’t make it into egg cartons. It seems as though this one slipped through the net!

One woman’s tentacle

One of the most horrifying things to have ever been found in an egg is this abomination! Lavern Dooley from Yorkshire in the UK hit the headlines when she found this monster in her egg. After buying a box of eggs from Aldi, she was surprised to find this tentacle-type-thing hanging out of one of them. While no one could work out what it was, it certainly put Lavern off eggs for a while – and us, too!