Group of friends find out what happens when you use WD-40 as engine oil

One of the most common household products is WD-40, and there’s even a high chance that you have a can in your garage right now! This product has been on the market for a whopping six decades and has quickly become one of the most popular products across the globe. It seems like it can be used for just about anything.

Because of this, one group of teenagers decided to test the true versatility of this product. As a certified ‘oil’ they thought that it would be able to replace the normal oil they have in their car. After all, they would save so much money on gas if they could use WD-40 to run their car! As they went about their test, they soon realized what happens when you use WD-40 as engine oil…

A trip to the store

However, these teenagers couldn’t complete their mission without the right tools to do the job. Because of this, they knew they needed a trip to the store to stock up on supplies. So, they went to the place where all homeowners tend to go on a regular basis: Home Depot.

As one of the largest home stores in the United States, this store is always overflowing with people buying products to improve their houses or their backyard – but these boys didn’t visit for that reason. They had another plan in mind.

The choice was theirs

As the teenagers made their way through the aisles of Home Depot, they kept their eyes peeled for the product they needed to complete their mission. Before too long they had come across shelves upon shelves of WD-40.

There was more than enough of the product in stock for them to grab all of the cans they could possibly need to see whether it would work as engine oil, and they had high hopes for the mission ahead. In fact, they had been ready for months.

It works on engines

At first, the teenagers were skeptical about their plan. Surely people would have realized that WD-40 works as engine oil already? Why had nobody thought of it before?

However, they knew they had to follow through with their plan when they looked at the back of the WD-40 bottle and read how the versatile oil could be used in their everyday life. It was here that they noticed it could be used on “engines.” They had to give it a go, and they weren’t going to back down now.

Getting started

With cans of WD-40 in their possession, the teenagers were able to finally get started on their mission and prove to the world that it can be used as engine oil. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to follow through with this plan without a car – and one boy was more than happy to volunteer his own car as tribute.

However, they couldn’t just pour the oil into the car and hope for the best. They needed to be prepared, and they needed to drain the oil that was already in the car so that the two oils would not mix.

Filling her up

With the oil tank emptied, the teenagers were free to grab their can of WD-40 and fill the car up. They were both apprehensive and excited, and as they poured the WD-40 into the funnel, they could smell the familiar scent of the oil and could see that it was “slippery” and more than capable of lubricating the oil tank.

Once they had used up all of the oil, they checked the back of the can once more. It definitely says that it can be used on engines, so they were going to go for it.

Making a prediction

To make their mission even more exciting, the teenagers decided to place a few wagers on their experiment. They wanted everyone to make a prediction as to how long they think the car would run for before something happened.

They were hoping to drive the car and see whether the oil really would allow their car to run, but there were some members of the group who were skeptical. One teenager guessed it would last five minutes, another thought it would last one minute, and another thought it would be absolutely fine.

Turning it on

To monitor their experiment, the teenagers decided to record the whole thing on a camera to show their friends and family when it was all over. With the camera poised and ready, one of the teenagers took a deep breath and turned the engine on.

They half expected the car to blow up there and then, but it seemed to run fine. In fact, they said it sounded no different to how it normally sounded. Because WD-40 is a lubricant, they thought they had nothing to worry about.

Going for a drive

Because they were happy with how the car sounded, the teenagers decided that there was only one thing for it… They had to take it for a test drive! They were all a little apprehensive to buckle themselves in just in case anything went wrong, but they eventually hopped into the car and drove down a quiet road by their house.

Amazingly, the first few minutes of their test drive went smoothly, and the engine seemed to be fine. They even thought it was proof that WD-40 works as engine oil!

Seeing their friends

As they continue to drive the car around their local area, the teenagers are over the moon. The car is running smoothly, and they have absolutely no problems with the engine.

They thought they had found a solution to oil problems across the world, and they even slowed down to speak to some of their friends who had followed in the car behind. In their eyes, they had cracked the problem. WD-40 really was the answer to everything, and everyone needed to use it in their engines.

Starting to struggle

However, the boys soon realized that their mission was just too good to be true. As they traveled further away from their house, they noticed that the engine began to struggle. It began to make an odd screeching noise, and before too long there was smoke appearing from underneath the bonnet.

With the smoke came a lack of visibility and a strong smell of burning, but the teenagers were not scared. In fact, they were excited, and they couldn’t wait to see what happened to the car after that.

Pulling over

Although they were excited to see what happened to the car and the WD-40, they knew they could not see the full effects from inside the car. So, they pulled over to the side of the road and decided to pile out next to it.

The smoke was still billowing from under the hood, and they knew that something impressive was going to happen. However, these teenagers were not your usual car enthusiasts, and they knew that they had to take things up a gear to see a real show.

Pushing it to the limit

To see how far they could push the car, the teenagers thought up a plan that would allow them to see what the WD-40 was really made of. While the engine was turned off, they grabbed a heavy lead pipe and placed it onto the gas pedal.

They then turned the engine back on, made sure that the car was still in ‘park’ mode, and let the floored gas pedal do what it was going to do. They knew that something big was going to happen, but they didn’t realize just how big it was going to be…

How much longer?

Flooring any car in ‘park’ mode would do damage to any car, let alone one that was filled with WD-40 instead of proper engine oil. Because of this, the teenagers knew that their car didn’t have long left. They knew it was going to blow – but it was now a matter of time.

Once again, they decided to place their bets. One friend thought it would take ten minutes to blow up, while another thought it would take just four minutes. They decided to time the process to be as accurate as possible.

Gathering around

Their closest friends had followed the teenagers in the car to see for themselves what was going to happen, and they also wanted to get involved in the bets. They all crowded around the car and wondered how long it would take for something dramatic to happen.

The excitement was palpable, and they couldn’t wait to see the effect that WD-40 would have a car engine. How would it hold up? Would it be an absolute disaster? They were about to find out for themselves with their own car as the guinea pig.

A loud noise

With the engine turned back on, and the gas pedal pushed down to the max, they were able to take in the full effects of the WD-40. The first thing that struck them was the fact that the engine was still extremely loud. It was louder than usual and was even making screeching noises that did not sound normal.

Despite all of this, the teenagers and their friends were more anxious than ever. They could feel the excitement in the air, and they were all waiting on tenterhooks for the finale…

A sudden burst

Luckily for the teenagers, they didn’t have to wait too long to see some form of activity around the car. However, the first sight of movement surprised the boys, as they definitely weren’t expecting the back tire to suddenly erupt in flames.

A ripple of energy wormed its way through the group, and they were all over the moon and shocked to see the flames snaking their way up the tire. What they didn’t realize was that this was just the start of their car drama.

Going to the front

As the men focused their attention on the fire that was slowly but surely engulfing the back tires, they were snapped back to the front of the car as the engine suddenly caught fire and created its own fireball.

This new development seemed to be too much for the excited onlookers, as they were soon filmed jumping up and down and screaming at the top of their lungs. It was one of the coolest things they had ever seen in their lives, and they got to experience it with their own eyes.

The strength of it all

Before too long, a fire had engulfed a large portion of the car, and the flames were creeping higher and higher into the air. However, what struck the teenagers was that, despite the fire raging around it, the engine of the car was still running smoothly.

They congratulated the car for being so strong and determined, and couldn’t believe that it had managed to survive its traumatic ordeal. Yet, this wasn’t the end for the car, as there was still some excitement left to be had for the boys.

The big boom

Although they were impressed with the engine, the fire soon proved too much for it. The engine eventually stopped working, and this was when their friend stopped the timer. The car had managed to survive for a whopping three minutes and 25 seconds, and they were amazed.

However, their celebrations were quickly interrupted when they suddenly felt a huge surge of heat and a loud bang in front of them. Within seconds, the car had completely exploded in one big boom. The entire car was engulfed in flames.

An intense turn of events

The teenagers waited for the car to stop smoldering before they attached it to another car to take home with them. As they towed the car behind them, they couldn’t stop talking about what had just happened.

They were exhilarated, amazed, and even a little shocked that the WD-40 would have such an intense effect on the car. Yet, they all confirmed that it was one of the most incredible things they had ever seen in their lives and that the whole thing was a huge rush.

The winner is…

While they were driving back to their town, the teenagers also decided to recap their wages. Who had won the bet? They congratulated the teen who had been closest with their prediction and went into more detail about how long the car took to explode and how many of them were off with their predictions.

Some of them had been too optimistic, while others had been a little too pessimistic. In the end, there was really no telling how long the car would take to do its thing.

The final answer

At the end of the epic video, the teen behind the camera finally showed his face and gave us a little rundown of the events that had transpired over the course of its run. Within this final speech, he decided to give those watching a resolution.

Could WD-40 really be used to replace engine oil? Had their project worked? Well, his answer was, “Sorta. Kinda. Not really. Wouldn’t recommend it.” However, this conclusion has only come from his experience. Have other people had other experiences in the past?

A special gift

Yet, this wasn’t all the cameraman had to say to those who were watching. As well as giving them the gift of their impressive and exciting car exploits, the man also wanted to give another gift to those watching at home.

He wanted to let them know that one of them could be the lucky winner of a Mazda RX-7 FD. He was going to give away the ‘90s classic car and find a winner through a raffle to see who would be driving away with the awesome gift.

A YouTube sensation

Although it might surprise you to learn that this teen was giving away a car, this gift makes sense when you realize who he is. The man behind the camera was actually Orion Dajnowicz, a famous YouTube star who has more than 450,000 subscribers under his belt.

He is a huge name in the world of YouTube and has entertained his fans for years. However, like everyone in the limelight, he also suffered at the hands of those who didn’t agree with his actions…

Countering his idea

Throughout his video, Orion made it seem as though WD-40 was the cause of the ultimate explosion. He believed that the change in oil didn’t work with the car and caused it to combust as a result. Yet, there were others who didn’t believe this notion.

They used the comments section of this video to write what they really thought, and believed that any car using normal oil would still catch fire when the gas pedal is pushed down for that duration. They believed it was the treatment of the car that caused its demise.

What it stands for

However, this wasn’t the only fan to have their say. One particular YouTube user later commented that the name of the household product was enough to tell the teens that their mission wouldn’t work. After all, the ‘WD’ is an abbreviation of ‘Water Displacement.’

This means that it is not safe or created to act as an oil. Instead, it’s used to clean the inside of an engine, but not as the main product inside of the engine. That was why it was engulfed in flames, in their opinion.

Not to be heated

Another YouTube user was outraged when they saw the video, and couldn’t believe that Orion and his friends had put themselves in danger like that. They noted that WD-40 is actually a ‘Permeating Oil’ rather than an oil created to withstand high temperatures.

Because of this, it was not designed to be able to handle the heat of a car engine that had been driven for a long period of time. While it could have been used in an emergency, it can’t be used as an everyday oil.

Thinking about it

With all of these comments under his belt, Orion really began to think about the video and what he and his friends did. Although they wanted to see whether WD-40 really would be a good alternative to engine oil, they did not bring together all of the facts or information they needed to understand why it wouldn’t work in the first place.

Because of this, he did slightly regret his decision, but at the same time, he had an incredible time with his friends and a great video out of their experiences.

Knowing a little more

As if that wasn’t enough, Orion was not a total novice when it came to cars. The main reason why he has such a huge following on YouTube is because he is obsessed with them.

Most of his content revolves around automobiles of some kind, and he knows everything there is about driving them, racing them, and even building them. Because of this, he always made sure that he and those around him would not be harmed while they completed their mission. He promised them that.

A professional

In fact, you could say that Orion is a professional racer! While he may not be one of the biggest names in the professional racing world just yet, he has slowly but surely built up a reputation for himself over the years.

He has won numerous trophies, he has impressed those who watch him, and he has been able to live and breathe the sport for much of his life. This proved that he had the knowledge and experience behind him to complete his WD-40 mission.

Don’t try it at home

Because Orion surrounds himself with cars on a daily basis and understands their ins and outs, his test to see whether you can use WD-40 as engine oil was not quite as dangerous as it could have been.

However, there were still huge health and safety standards that were breached in the process of making that video. Because of this, it’s important to note that WD-40 does not work as engine oil and that you really shouldn’t try this at home! Not unless you want to singe off your eyebrows.