These delivery fails will make you think twice about online shopping

Luckily for us, we live in a world where we can easily buy pretty much anything we want with just the click of a button. And to think, not too long ago, people actually had to get in a car and drive to the nearest shopping mall or department store in order to pick out their desired purchase. True, many of us still choose to go shopping the old fashioned way, but today, more than ever before, people are choosing to buy everything online.

If you are an avid online shopper, chances are you are well aware of the downsides of shopping online. A huge amount of trust is put into those handling the delivery of your item, which can get a bit worrisome especially when ordering something fragile or expensive like a new phone or laptop. Unfortunately, as this list will prove, those delivering your newly-bought merchandise are not always the most reliable. In fact, these delivery fails are so awful that it might make you want to stop ordering online altogether.

Tight fit

We’ve got to hand it to this courier for his or her resourcefulness. Knowing they couldn’t just leave the package on the sidewalk they saw the the perfect space to keep the package safe.

It’s a perfect fit and we think it’s quite obvious that the courier is a master Tetris player. He saw the space, looked at the package, did the measurements in his or her heads, and dropped it off in this perfect holding space.

Lazy Mr. Postman

It’s so frustrating to come home and see the slip on your door: “Sorry we missed you.” Then you have to go to the dreadful post office, wait four hours in line, only to maybe receive your package before they close.

Therefore we must improvise and hope that the postman hears our requests. In this case, they did not. Poor Mr. and Mrs. Currier who waited all day by the door to receive their beloved item only to end their day in sheer frustration.

Ding dong

This is one way to drop off a package. A few times a year we read a crazy news story about a car driving straight into a McDonald’s or a law office or through the side of a building.

It’s always a wild story with no real explanation. This family certainly woke up to a surprise at their front door. We only hope that nobody inside was seriously injured (and that they have excellent homeowners insurance).

Isn’t it ironic

The irony of this FedEx store is just too much to take in. Often times, when you need to send a package yourself, you can almost always guarantee that you are within a ten maybe twenty-minute drive away from a store associated with UPS, FedEx, or another shipping company.

You can also, usually, trust that they will be open during standard delivery hours – that is unless you are visiting this particular store, which was ironically just carded by Fedex themselves.

Hiding place

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where we can just take a day off from work or school whenever we are expecting a delivery. Luckily, most delivery men and women are willing to leave packages safely in front of your door when you are not around.

However, some drivers, like this one in particular, go above and beyond in order to ensure that no one will steal your package. Let’s just hope that the recipient was actually able to locate (and get to) the hidden box when they got home.


There’s always that pesky risk of ordering a package and it arriving a little banged up. We have to expect a little wear and tear if we’re going to order online and have an item shipped to us.

We don’t, however, expect it to arrive looking quite like this. Yikes. We’re not sure what the contents were inside but man, this doesn’t look good for the owner. Maybe we should think twice before ordering that must-have over the Internet next time.

Gnome thank you

We’re all in a rush. We have places to be and people to meet. Sometimes we just have to keep going and going with no time for a break. For delivery couriers with hundreds of packages to deliver in a day it can be quite difficult to prioritize your time.

This driver must use a throw and dash system. Unfortunately it was the gnome that paid the price. We’re not sure if that was the bullseye or just one big amazing fail.

Perfect fit

If you have ever seen the movie Jaws you might be familiar with the famous quote, “I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat” – in this case, we are pretty sure you are going to need a bigger mailbox.

Either that, or the delivery guy who actually thought this was a good idea needs to start looking for a new career path. Well, at least he tried… he could have just left it on the floor after all.

Do not bend

Of all people, delivery drivers should know that those “fragile do not bend” stickers placed on packages are typically there for a pretty good reason.

However, it looks like the particular driver who shipped this item might have missed that day of training since they thought it would be a good idea to bend a package containing a hardcover book in order to fit it into the recipient’s mailbox. Looks like this new recruit may want to reread the shipping manual before heading back to work.

Don’t trust the guy in apartment 205

We would hate to be this guy or gal’s neighbor. We come home from a long day of work only to find their our entire hallway is blocked. We’re sure that their landlord certainly received an earful of complaints.

We could also guarantee that apartment 205 is the most hated apartment owner in the entire complex. Hopefully they’re not inside their apartment because then it’s just a lose-lose situation for everybody. Get it together, man.

Various sizes

If you are someone who has no choice but to rely on these kinds of mailboxes to receive your shipped items, you might want to think twice before ordering something that can’t quite fit inside.

When delivering mail to these boxes, there is actually a hole on the other side of the collection box which is, incidentally, a lot larger than the front door. Unfortunately, many delivery drivers, including this one, often fail to realize it.

Why bother?

If you live in an apartment building you know just how frustrating (and oftentimes uncommon) it is to order an item online and not have it delivered in the proper condition to your door.

We’ve had packages stolen and destroyed before we even have a chance to touch it. Looking at this picture, it’s just all too relatable. This tight squeeze surely destroyed whatever it was that was inside. If you’re like us we know you’ve been there too.

Making the move

If you’re like us you love decorating your porch with knick knacks and chotchkies that really help make a house a home. We especially love a sensible item that could conceal a spare key or a piece of mail.

Sometimes it is best to get something large enough to hide a package so nobody steals it because this baby plant pot doesn’t quite do the trick. We can appreciate the effort the delivery person made to hide the package but we do think the homeowner should invest in a real hiding place.

Handle with no care

Now that online shopping is the norm these days, it’s easier than ever to order anything you need: sensitive materials, weapons, liquids. Basically everything you can’t carry on an airplane can be delivered straight to your door in a day.

Therefore, we’d expect deliveries to be handled with a little bit more care. This poor recipient – who we have to assume is some sort of chemist – came home one day to see her contents completely exploded. Not fun.

Having our backs

As much as we complain about the delivery driver who brought us a destroyed package or made us pick it up at the post office, we must extend our appreciation to the driver who has our back.

This postman did not want our package to get stolen so he or she hid it in a safe space and left us a little clue. We have to give credit where credit is due and this postman truly is a proven upstanding member of this community.

No can do

Now we’ve seen it all. This driver says he or she wasn’t able to deliver the package because – and you read it correctly – they were greeted by a bear at the door.

We can see that the package was delivered in Canada which we know has their fair share of the grizzlies and cuddlies. We’re not so sure, however, that we are hearing the truth or just the most creative and lazy excuse to get the job done quicker.

Following instructions

Now we have to admit – this is hilarious. The delivery driver did as requested and left the package under the doormat. We don’t see a problem here. We have to wonder what the owner thought they were ordering.

Maybe when they ordered a postcard they clicked a few extra zeros on the order page. Either way we think this solution is a total win. We love a delivery driver with a creative and out of the box sense of humor.

Glass half full

We have a few thoughts about this disaster. Firstly, we do think that even though we can order whatever we want on the Internet, doesn’t mean we should. We would say that brand new (delicate) wine glasses aren’t the best items to ship on a truck.

Secondly, it takes some amount of confidence to actually go through with delivering this package to the owner – especially knowing that this disaster would end up as a viral picture on the Internet. So well done to all.

Ducking behind the bushes

Sometimes you need a quick hiding place to store an item so no one can find it. How many films have we seen where the hero hides in the bushes from potential captors?

This delivery person was a fan of such movies and took note. We have to hand it over to them for this creative solution to hiding these items so others won’t steal it. We wish our delivery person would do the same for us.


We have so many questions yet so few answers. We’ve heard of some wacky explanations for packages getting destroyed but we have yet to hear this one. We can’t help but wonder what the recipient thought when they read this.

What was their reaction when they opened their door and saw this note on their anticipated delivery? Was it, in fact, cow feces that they ordered the entire time? Like we said… so many questions.

Dirt hole

A common thread of this slideshow is the resourcefulness that these delivery people have. They leave these packages in the bushes in the ceiling boards. In this case, however, we have to appreciate the condescending delivery person.

Of course, anyone can see the package sitting in that pile of dirt and empty space. Nobody needed a note to see the obvious. It’s too bad that the days of Punk’d are over because we would have bet this was the work of Ashton Kutcher.

Stepped on

We actually have to put a whole lot of trust into those delivering our packages. However, chances are, you wouldn’t be very pleased to know how some mail men and women treat your precious shipments.

We are assuming that this guy was less than satisfied when he went to pick up his long-awaited package just to find someone’s foot print on the top of the box. Let’s just hope whatever was inside wasn’t too fragile…


Sometimes, you just have to take a moment when looking at something and ask yourself, “What were they thinking?” We are pretty sure that is exactly what was going through this recipient’s mind after he came home to find his oddly placed package in the middle of the driveway covered by a bucket.

This doesn’t seem like a “safe location” to us. Is this some kind of practical joke? Did the driver truly think that this was a good idea? And come on, is the bucket really helping here?

Locked in

The typical UPS driver delivers hundreds of packages each day. So, it is understandable that they might get a little tired and careless by the time they near the end of their shift.

This driver didn’t stop to think twice before placing someone’s box directly under their apartment’s door handle, assuming that no one was home. Unfortunately, this was was not the case and the package ended up trapping a couple in their own apartment.

Birthday present

Sometimes, we have no choice but to rely on the postal service. Although nowadays it is easier to send emails and social media messages, nothing quite compares to receiving a physical card on your birthday.

Sadly, not every card (or the cash inside the card) lives to see the birthday boy or girl in one piece. This card, in particular, managed to get torn up into smaller pieces, along with the $46 that was waiting inside.

In the trash

Typically, if the driver who delivers your package cannot find a safe place to tuck away your item, they will normally just place it on your front steps. Well, this delivery man or woman thought an even better location would be the family’s trash bin.

Pretty sure that the person who received this package was a bit angry when they came home to find their precious new goods thrown away in the trash. Luckily for them, it was not trash day.

Not so surprising

No one hates a spoiled surprise party more than the person on the receiving end. How many of us have been to a surprise party only to watch the recipient fake a startled reaction.

Then everyone looks around to see who ruined this surprise. In this case it’s the online store that deserves all the blame. We just hope Nicole got to the package first before it was too late. Happy (not so surprising) birthday Mom!

Spider man

We all know and love the web-swinging superhero in the red and blue mask. His abilities allow him to swiftly travel from place to place and even gets him stuck in between some tight places.

Now this little guy isn’t Spider Man but he sure did get himself into a bit of a mess. It’s not easy being so small and malleable. We hope the people who ordered this package are able to set him free.