The biggest box office flops ever

When you think of Hollywood, the stars that sit proudly on the Hollywood Walk of Fame come to mind, or maybe the tours that take you around stars’ houses. Yet, we’ll bet you that when you think of Hollywood, you also think about blockbuster movies. However, some movies just don’t make enough money to cover their expenses. Whether this is because of high production costs, pricey celebs who have their diva demands, or a concept that just doesn’t hit the mark, these are the biggest box office flops ever…

Titan A.E – loss of $100 million

It’s fair to say that 20th Century Fox has a reputation for bringing magical movies to life. Because of this, the world was pretty shocked to see them produce the 2000 flop, Titan A.E. With an all-star cast that featured the likes of Drew Barrymore and Matt Damon.

Critics expected this animated adventure movie to be an absolute hit with fans across the world. Sadly, it just didn’t live up to its $90 million production costs – which doesn’t include a few extra million for marketing and promotion. To this day, Titan A.E has only racked up a small $37 million revenue in the box-office, which means it’s currently hanging its head with a $100 million loss.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash – loss of $96 million

If you’ve seen The Adventures of Pluto Nash, you’ll know that it’s a light-hearted sci-fi comedy movie that features the legend that is Eddie Murphy as a moon-dwelling alien. However, after a bunch of crooks steal his lunar nightclub, Eddie makes it his mission to go up against his enemies in an epic battle.

Although Warner Bros. believed the movie would be a huge success and believed that their $100 million budget was worthwhile, their excitement soon made its way back down to earth after it grossed just $7 million in the box-office. Thankfully, this flop didn’t affect Eddie’s career, and he later went onto score his iconic role in the family animation series, Shrek.

Jack the Giant Slayer – loss of $125 million

In 2013, New Line Cinema released a brand new fairytale family movie into the world and believed that Jack the Giant Slayer would warm hearts across the world.

Former child star and X-Men mutant, Nicholas Hoult, took on the lead role as Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, and Stanley Tucci took on the role of his enemy. Despite this all-star cast, Jack the Giant Slayer was an absolute flop. Of its $200 production budget plus more for promotion, they ultimately fell off the beanstalk with a loss of $125 million.

47 Ronin – loss of $98 million

Production companies rarely put their faith into new and upcoming directors, which is why it was such a big deal when Universal Pictures hired Carl Rinsch to direct their newest drama/fantasy, 47 Ronin.

Sadly, even Keanu Reeves and his bunch of Samurai friends couldn’t save this movie from being a box-office flop in both Japan, the United States, and the rest of the world. In fact, 47 Ronin was a flop in both the commercial and critical senses of the word and racked up a loss of $98 million. That’s gotta hurt.

The BFG – loss of $100 million

As one of the most influential and talented movie directors out there, Steven Spielberg is a Hollywood legend – but that doesn’t mean his movies are always successful.

Despite the success of adventure movies such as Jurassic Park and E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial, all eyes were on Steven to create a modern adaptation of the Roald Dahl book, The B.F.G. Sadly, Steven just couldn’t hit the sweet spot in 2016, and his $140 million just couldn’t compete with other movies out there.

How Do You Know – loss of $85-$118 million

After shelling out more than $100 million to secure A-list actors such as Reese Witherspoon, Jack Nicholson and Paul Rudd for their 2010 rom-com, How Do You Know, Sony Pictures believed that they had caught one helluva fish.

Sadly, it seems all they could pull up from the river was an old boot because even the big names weren’t enough to get people in the theaters. After making just $50 million in the box office, these guys were drying their tears with their $85-$118 million receipt…

The Lone Ranger – loss of $100 million

You know a movie isn’t good when even Johnny Depp can’t help it in the ratings, which must mean that The Lone Ranger really is bad.

However, it seems the action/adventure movie was doomed from the beginning, as filming was constantly plagued by injured stuntmen and cast members, as well as poor conditions and hefty set damage. In fact, Walt Disney Pictures ultimately decided to cancel the production, before taking the risk and finishing it once and for all. This risk came with a $100 million loss. They should have quit while they were ahead.

Jupiter Ascending – loss of $90-$110 million

In 1999, Lilly and Lana Wachowski proved that they were more than capable of creating a blockbuster hit. After all, they were the driving force behind the sci-fi thriller, The Matrix.

Sadly, they couldn’t recreate this talent in 2015, when they took on a brand new fantasy movie called Jupiter Ascending. Despite well-known cast members such as Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis and top-class CGI, this movie just couldn’t ascend off the ground and was left with a $90-$110 million loss on its hands.

Monster Trucks – loss of $120 million

Although film fanatics took themselves to see the comedy movie, Monster Trucks, in 2016 – it’s fair to say that their love of junkyards and monster trucks were not backed up by the critics.

Yes, critics called it a flop while audiences called it a great day out, but the numbers ultimately determined its fate. After spending millions of dollars creating and promoting the movie, Paramount Pictures only managed to retrieve $65 million back in their pockets, which then had to pay out for their $120 million loss.

Basic Instinct 2 – loss of $32 million

Choosing to take a hugely famous movie and creating a sequel is always a risky move. It can either pay off in the long run, or it can ruin the buzz of the first one.

Sadly, Basic Instinct 2 was the latter. After the success of the original thriller, production bosses wanted to cash in on this new opportunity but took a whopping 15 years to put their plans into action. Because of this, and the fact that fans didn’t appreciate the new storyline, the movie made a loss of $32 million.

Delgo – loss of $39 million

Delgo is one of the most famous movies on this list – but not because the fans love it. In fact, this movie takes the record as the lowest grossing animated movie ever!

This adventure movie which stars high-profile actors such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. was created on a budget of just $40 million and struggled to gain momentum after its premiere. Overall, Delgo managed to rack up just $1 million in the box-office, and we wouldn’t be surprised if some people asked for refunds…

Fantastic Four – loss of $80-$100 million

We love a reboot as much as the next guy, as long as the reboot is a dead-ringer for the original movie. Sadly, Fox’s 2015 reboot of the superhero movie, Fantastic Four, was definitely not on the same level.

Although they offered a brand new cast, fans just couldn’t get behind these new stars who were relatively unknown in Hollywood at the time. This distaste also showed in the numbers, as Fox struggled to rack up a profit. Instead, they made an $80-$100 million loss. They just weren’t as fantastic as they seemed.

Green Lantern – loss of $98 million

Although we all love superhero movies, there are some that just don’t hit the mark – and the Green Lantern was one of them.

Starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, their were high hopes for this DC classic, but after realizing that they needed to make a whopping $500 million profit in the box-office, these hopes were quickly diminished. The studio eventually made a loss of $98 million, but it’s fair to say that we’ve since forgiven them, as this movie gave us the best Hollywood couple in the world.

R.I.P.D – loss of $100-$120 million

Despite the fact that Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges seemed to be a match made in heaven, their zombie movie just wasn’t a hit with either the critics or the customers.

With awkward jokes, poor special effects and CGI and a storyline that just couldn’t get off the ground, R.I.P.D was a Universal Pictures flop. All in all, they lost between $100-$120 million in the box-office, which is a hefty amount. Luckily, this hasn’t stopped our favorite Deadpool from taking over Hollywood and our hearts!

Gods of Egypt – loss of $79-$90 million

Gerard Butler proved in 2006 that he was more than capable of removing his shirt and taking on the lead as a strong warrior – and it seems as though Summit Entertainment wanted to recreate the success of the action movie, 300, in their 2016 fantasy movie, Gods of Egypt.

Sadly, critics were not impressed with the storyline or the concept of this movie and wrote scathing reviews that adorned its release date. Thanks to these not-so-successful reviews, people were reluctant to shell out their hard-earned money to watch it at the movies.

Cowboys and Aliens – loss of $63-$75 million

Sometimes, giving away the whole movie within the title doesn’t leave much else for the imagination, and this action drama definitely fell victim to this fact.

After showcasing what really happens when aliens and cowboys get together – because we all want to know, right? – many viewers walked away feeling extremely underwhelmed. Despite its high budget and A-list cast, Cowboys and Aliens just couldn’t lasso a profit for themselves. They couldn’t even use their zapper to break even, and they eventually suffered a loss of between $63-$75 million.

Ben-Hur – loss of $76-$120 million

Many production companies often stick a newbie into their lead role to give their movie an edge, and that’s exactly what they tried to do when they stuck Jack Huston into the biblical remake of Ben-Hur.

Huston seemed to be an unlucky charm on the set of this movie because filming was often delayed due to set issues and production problems. Even Morgan Freeman’s role in the movie could not help Ben-Hur from selling tickets, and they eventually made a loss of between $76-$120 million. That had to Ben-Hurt.

Deepwater Horizon – loss of $60 million

As one of the most famous actors in the business, Mark Wahlberg has put his name to various blockbuster hits.

However, we have a feeling he wants to forget his role in the 2015 disaster movie, Deepwater Horizon after it made an epic loss of $60 million. Many experts put this loss down to the fact that the movie was released in the height of Oscar season, where it’s common knowledge that action movies tend to fall behind dramas and comedies. Sorry, Marky Mark and the not-so-funky bunch!

Justice League – cost: $300 million; earning: $658 million

While people probably had high expectations for the film Justice League, it ended up being a huge let down, and quite a box office disappointment. While the movie did not technically lose any money, it certainly did not make as much as it should have.

It turns out, not only was it the fourth most expensive film ever made, but the recent film Aquaman has already surpassed its earnings. About $300 million went into this film that, unfortunately, just wasn’t good.

Tomorrowland – loss of $80-$155 million

As soon as fans and critics realized that George Clooney was teaming up with Disney to create a brand new adventure movie, everyone was on tenterhooks to see what he pulled out of the bag.

However, this original movie just couldn’t get off the ground, and its teaser trailers and movie posters just weren’t enough to get fans into the seats in the movie theaters. Because of this, Tomorrowland made a hefty loss of around $80-$155 million. Thankfully, this didn’t put George Clooney off acting forever. Phew!

Pan – loss of $130-$150 million

Because the family story of Peter Pan is so popular among adults and children alike, Warner Bros. decided to put all of their eggs and all of their money into one basket and greenlit the production of a Peter Pan prequel entitled Pan.

Amazingly, the production company spent between $200-$275 on the production of this movie with high hopes of a box-office success. Although they needed to make more than $400 million in box-office revenue across the world from their movie, they made just $150 million…

Sahara (2005) – loss of $78-$105 million

Movie adaptations of famous books normally prove to be hugely successful, as bookworms from across the world book their tickets to see the movie.

Yet, this didn’t seem to happen with action adventure film Sahara – no matter how many A-list stars they incorporated into their script, how many live tours they used to promote the movie, and how many trailers they released on television. After a hefty production budget allowed Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey onto the books, the studio eventually made a loss of around $78-$105 million.


John Carter – loss of $200 million

There’s a high chance that you haven’t watched this Disney production because it has barely made a dent in the world of Hollywood. Although Taylor Kitsch took on the title role, this fantasy and sci-fi movie just couldn’t win over the fans.

That, alongside the fact that top Disney executives fell out with the director, Andrew Stanton, meant that the movie had little faith behind it in the beginning. Because of this, John Carter has only grossed around $250 million to date and is around $200 million off-budget.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – loss of $150 million

On paper, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was going to be a Hollywood smash. Guy Ritchie was taking the helm as director, and Sons of Anarchy star, Charlie Hunnam, was taking the lead – or the horse.

With a $175 million budget behind them, the drama fantasy movie was set for success. Sadly, King Arthur had other movies to contend with during its release, such as the Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Because of this, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, lost around $150 million in this box-office flop.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas – loss of $125 million

Animated movies normally do extremely well in theaters, thanks to the wealth of families across the world who look for something to do on a rainy day.

However, Dreamworks just couldn’t concoct the perfect potion within their re-imagining of Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. While there were some fans who approved of their storyline and their production, others were cringing in their seats – and it didn’t take long for this bad rep to make its way out of the theaters. All in all, they lost a whopping $125 million.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows – loss of $75 million

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always been a popular form of entertainment for youngsters around the world.

You can’t go into a toy store without seeing these guys’ faces in doll form, you can play their story on video consoles, and you can even watch their famous show on television. Yet, we’ve always been used to seeing these turtles in animated forms. Because of this, fans were slightly creeped out to see their realistic bodies in the 2016 movie remake, and they ultimately made a loss of $75 million.

Power Rangers – loss of $76 million

Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers was a ‘90s kids TV classic, and we all had our favorite color Power Ranger. However, this show also proved to be so popular because it was unrealistic and we always knew what we were getting.

So, when Lionsgate Films decided to create a live-action adaptation of the Power Rangers story in 2017, fans were not too impressed. In fact, the movie received a huge critical response and only racked up $142 million in the worldwide box-office. Losing $76 million couldn’t have been fun…

Mars Needs Moms – loss of $100-$144 million

In 2011, Walt Disney Studios spent more than $150 million on their brand new sci-fi adventure movie; Mars Needs Moms.

With this epic budget, creative geniuses in Hollywood worked tirelessly to create new and unique 3D computer-animated motion-capture images that would supposedly knock our socks off. Yet, as soon as the movie was released in theaters, it was clear that fans weren’t happy with this new animation. Many believe this animation and technique was the reason it lost an incredible $100-$144 million in the box-office.

Speed Racer – loss of $73-$81 million

Like many of the other movies on this list, Speed Racer was the result of big Hollywood production companies rubbing their hands together and seeing dollars in their eyes.

After seeing the success of the popular sports action comedy television show, movie producers decided to transform the story into a blockbuster movie. They soon realized that they really shouldn’t have tried to fix something that wasn’t broke, as their movie was a box-office flop and they eventually ended up with a $73-$81 million bill on their hands.

Gigli – loss of $72 million

There have been countless celebrity romances in the past, but Revolution Studios decided to use one of these couples to their advantage in the early ‘00s. During this time, Jennifer Lopez was dating Hollywood superstar, Ben Affleck.

To hitch up the ratings and get people in the theaters, Revolution Studios decided to cast these two lovebirds as the leading roles in their romantic comedy movie, Gigli. Sadly, this love was just not enough to get fans to fall in love with their movie, and they eventually walked away with their head in their hands and a $72 million loss.

Stealth – loss of $96 million

There are some movies that just fail miserably, and action film Stealth is one of those movies. After hitting the theaters in 2005, many couldn’t believe that they were really watching the movie in front of them.

After all, it was weirdly similar to other movies that had topped the charts, such as the action drama, Top Gun. In fact, fans and critics couldn’t get over the fact that Stealth was using similar storylines and themes, so they refused to go see it. This probably helped towards their $96 million loss…

The Good Dinosaur – loss of $85 million

There’s a high chance that you have heard of this family animation, so you might be surprised to see The Good Dinosaur on this list!

As a Pixar production, critics were also surprised to see that this movie was a box-office flop – but that’s the way the world of Hollywood works. Many people believe this hefty $85 million loss came from the fact that Pixar pays their animators huge sums to create their masterpieces. If you don’t make as much as you spend, you’re headed for a loss, Pixar!

The Promise – loss of $94-$102 million

Creating a successful biographical drama is not an easy task, but Survival Pictures and Phoenix Pictures decided to try their hand at it in 2016 when they produced The Promise.

Starring the likes of Christian Bale and Charlotte Le Bon, many fans walked away from this movie with a smile on their face – but it’s fair to say that the critics ripped it to shreds. In fact, all these production companies have now is a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 49% and a loss of $94-$102 million.

Cutthroat Island – loss of $89 million

Most of the time, we love nothing more than watching a movie about ye olde pirates, and there are some production companies who know just what we want from our pirates – otherwise, Pirates of the Caribbean wouldn’t be so successful!

However, production companies weren’t quite as clued up in the 1990s, and Cutthroat Island just didn’t know how to make it big in the movie world. With a low critical and commercial response, these guys lost all of their treasure and left with a bounty of $89 million over their heads.

Evan Almighty – loss of $88 million

The comedy movie, Bruce Almighty, went down a storm in 2003 – and fans couldn’t wait to see how Universal Pictures were going to create the sequel. Sadly, Evan Almighty just did not live up to the hype.

While the storyline was entertaining and Steve Carell took on the lead role with gusto, many fans just couldn’t help but wonder about the treatment of the animals on set. Because of this, many people boycotted the movie and refused to watch it, which led to an epic loss of around $88 million.

The Mummy – loss of $95 million

It’s always difficult to recreate a beloved movie, as production companies never know whether it will go down a storm, or whether it will be a complete flop.

Nevertheless, they try their hardest to create something that justified their hard work and their money. Unfortunately, this extra budget seemed to work against the action-adventure 2017 remake of The Mummy’s favor. Not only were fans upset with the new and updated special effects, but it meant that also had an intense profit to make. They just slightly missed the mark. Okay, more than slightly.

Alexander – loss of $71 million

Most film production companies will know that taking on an iconic character and giving them their own movie will always be risky.

In this case, Warner Bros. knew that making a movie about Alexander the Great might not go down well – but they wanted to take the risk. Thanks to the history surrounding this story, fans and critics alike couldn’t help but put this movie under the microscope, and later came to the conclusion that they weren’t impressed. Ultimately, they made a loss of a whopping $71 million.

Alice Through the Looking Glass – loss of $70 million

Tim Burton is one of the most extravagant and most famous filmmakers out there, and almost all of his movies have made their entrance into the world of legends.

Yet, one of his most famous movies to date wasn’t as successful as you may have thought. Although his adaptation of fantasy adventure Alice Through the Looking Glass was highly anticipated, some fans just couldn’t get behind his weird and wonderful ways. In fact, it was all too much for some fans, and they just couldn’t fill the seats. This eventually led to a deficit of $70 million.

Jack Frost – loss of $68 million

Let’s be honest, Jack Frost is one of the most famous holiday movies out there, and most families know the story of Jack Frost and the father-and-son relationship that has made us all cry.

Despite the fact that Jack Frost is now a cult classic and incredibly iconic, its release in the late 1990s was not met with the enthusiasm it has today. Yes, although now it is incredibly famous, Jack Frost has made a loss of $68 million during its time in the box-office. What frosty numbers!

Pixels – loss of $75 million

When you see a trailer come up on your screen, it’s normally easy to tell whether the movie will be a complete flop, or whether it has potential.

Sadly, Pixels was one arcade game-based fantasy film that stood proudly in the former category. Featuring all-too-colorful graphics, painful gags, and a struggling storyline, Pixels was created to make money on relevant topics and trends rather than entertain viewers. Ironically, the studio of this box-office flop never actually made any money from this project and walked away with a $75 million debt. Ouch.

Ghostbusters – loss of $75 million

Like many other movie remakes, the 2017 adaptation of the ‘80s fantasy adventure, Ghostbusters, really tried to impress its fans.

They incorporated an all-female cast of A-list celebrities, they included classic aspects of the original movie, and they offered a feel-good comedy for all of the family. However, not everyone shared this view, and many fans had already made up their minds before seeing the critical flop. Because of this, Ghostbusters couldn’t bust their way into the realm of profit and made a whopping $75 million loss.

Gotti – $1.6 million opening weekend

Honestly, we could probably populate this list with a fair chunk of John Travolta’s filmography, but if we’re limiting ourselves to just one, why not go with Gotti, his most recent film about the famed New York City mobster who headed the Gambino crime family.

Currently at 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s slated to be his third entry to suffer the ignominy. One critic called it the “worst mob movie of all time,” while another said it belonged in a “cement bucket at the bottom of the river.” Rotten Tomatoes’ take? Simply “Fuhgeddaboudit.”

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within – loss of $94 million

During the late ‘00s, the world of special effects and CGI really took off and introduced us to movies such as the fantasy movie, Avatar.

Yet, before James Cameron got his hands on a special effects camera, the creators of science fiction movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within were playing around with this kind of animation. Although it was impressive, the creators just couldn’t iron out the kinks within their special effects, which largely put off their fans. Sadly, these little glitches cost them a profit, and the movie suffered a loss of $94 million.

Hugo – loss of $57-$92 million

Producing high-budget movies always comes with a risk, because you need to ensure that you get a return on the money you pay out to make a profit.

After being allocated a whopping $170 million budget, historical drama Hugo was expected to offer fans a detailed storyline, cool casting, and perfect production – and that’s exactly what they did. Despite the commercial and critical success, the production company had set their bar too high, and they just couldn’t reach a profit for their movie They ultimately landed a $57-$92 million loss.

The Wolfman – loss of $76-$80 million

The Wolfman is a horror story that many fans hold dear – especially after the original movie entered our lives in 1941. As hardcore film fanatics praised the production and concept of the original, they remained wary of new adaptations.

So, when a brand new adaptation came onto our screens in 2010, they were quick to judge and report back to the rest of the world. Despite the huge amount of money spent on promotion, their voices traveled further, and the movie eventually settled for a loss of around $76-$80 million.

Osmosis Jones – loss of $63 million

If you grew up in the early ‘00s, you might remember a famous sci-fi cartoon by the name of Osmosis Jones. This Farrelly brothers’ creation proved to be hugely popular during the early millennia, so Warner Bros. decided to cash in on its success with a brand new movie.

Although fans were happy to see their blue friend back on their screens, they noted that his place wasn’t on the silver screen. Osmosis Jones ultimately struggled to maintain traction in the box-office and suffered a hefty loss of $63 million.

Rise of the Guardians – loss of $87 million

It’s no secret that Dreamworks Animation are leaders in the realm of animated movies, but it seems that even the big dogs fail sometimes.

After announcing their plans for the adventure fantasy, Rise of the Guardians, fans were eager to see what they would bring to the table. Sadly, critics were less than impressed with the bland storyline and the characters within this movie. While it did go down a treat with some fans, it just wasn’t enough to get their profit out of the minus numbers and into the clear.

Town and Country – loss of $85 million

No matter how many famous faces you put into a movie, you can never guarantee that it will do well in the box-office, as Town and Country found out in 2001.

This romance starred the likes of Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn and Gary Shandling, but still could not impress fans or critics. Although this movie had a small budget of just over $90 million, they couldn’t even rack up $10 million in the box-office, which means it now stands as one of the biggest box-office flops ever.

Treasure Planet – loss of $85 million

When you think about retro Disney movies, there’s a high chance that the fantasy adventure, Treasure Planet, will come into your mind. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as wannabe pirate, Jim Hawkins, this movie has since made its way into the realm of legends.

However, it didn’t do too well in the box-office. After its release in theaters, Treasure Planet struggled to fill the seats in their theaters and just couldn’t make a profit. All in all, they made a loss of around $85 million. Thankfully, we still love it!

Seventh Son – loss of $85 million

Choosing high profile actors and actresses for your new Hollywood movie can often come with expectations, and fans and critics always expect the best.

This can often work against you if you don’t deliver on your promises, and this is exactly what Universal Pictures discovered in 2014 when they released the fantasy action movie, Seventh Son. Although this movie featured the likes of Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore, the movie was extremely underwhelming, and both fans and critics alike were disappointed. Because of this, it performed poorly in the box-office.

Ali – loss of $63 million

Sometimes, we love nothing more than watching an interesting biopic about some of the most famous people in history.

Thanks to this love of biopics, we were extremely excited to watch Will Smith take on the role of the iconic boxer, Muhammad Ali, in 2001. With a huge budget under its belt and an A-list actor on the books, fans were expecting this movie to wow them over and teach them about Ali’s legendary life. Unfortunately, it did neither. In fact, the only thing it did do was rack up a loss of $63 million.

Supernova – loss of $83 million

There are some movies that are just really, really bad – and they just can’t be sugar-coated. No matter how much money is put into the production and no matter how well it is promoted, you just can’t polish a you-know-what.

Because of this, it was no surprise to learn that this sci-fi movie did not perform well in the box-office. However, it was surprising just how bad it really was. After racking up a critics score of just 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, Supernova was an absolute flop and lost $83 million in the process. Yikes!

Allied – loss of $75-$90 million

There are many tricks of the movie production trade, one of which involves two attractive lead stars who have undeniable chemistry.

After Paramount Pictures released the trailer for this war movie in 2016, fans were overwhelmed by the sparks between Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. However, it seems they put all of the sizzle in their trailers because fans felt the movie itself was underwhelming and forced. As word got out, fans avoided the movie theater at all costs and refused to buy tickets. This probably didn’t help their $75-$90 million loss…