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Duck Dynasty is a reality television series on the A&E network that follows the lives of the Robertson’s, a family that owns a business that deals with products for all things duck hunting, called Duck Commander. The Louisiana family is famous for their conservative Christian views and their very long beards. The show follows Phil and Kay Robertson, the heads of the family, as well as Phil’s brother, Si, and Phil’s four sons, Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep. The whole thing started through Phil’s YouTube series that showed, in a very graphic way, how he hunts and kills ducks.


The motto of the show is ‘money, family, ducks’ which is very appropriate considering the fact that the family makes a lot of money from their duck hunting products business, as well as the hugely successful show. Family, the second element, is what it’s all about for them, and ducks is the basis for all they are worth; without ducks they wouldn’t be where they are today. The show is very controversial as Phil always has something to say about religion and social freedom. The super conservative Christian man wasn’t always like this, though, his newfound Christian faith came to him after a very rough time in his 20s, a time when even Kay wasn’t sure she as going to stay with him. Luckily for all of us, Phil got his act together in time to keep Kay by his side (since the two were teens!) and produce their sons and business.

The show provides millions of Americans comic relief as well as a window into the lives of those who hunt, of a crazy family dynamic, and some not-so-appropriate words from the male heads of the Robertson family. There are, however, things they don’t want us to know, and we made sure to uncover those facts for yours and ours viewing pleasure.

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Phil threw his wife and kids out once

Before the world knew of Phil Robertson, he led a life that was filled with debauchery and alcohol. Things got so bad once that he threw his children and his wife out of their communal trailer. This was the turning point for his wife, Kay, who turned to her Christian faith and prayed for Phil. Phil would later turn to religion as well, saving their marriage and relationship as a result, so they say.


Si, Phil’s brother, almost killed friendlies in Vietnam

Uncle Si, Phil’s brother, is known as a smiley happy-go-lucky man. However, he wasn’t always like the way he is now. Back when Si served in the Vietnam war, he got so drunk that he almost killed civilians. He explains the whole ordeal in his 2013 book, Si-cology. In this family, alcohol seems to be a tool that needn’t be used often considering the negative effects it has on the Robertson men.

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Lisa Robertson confessed to having an abortion

The entire Robertson clan is very conservative and religious, meaning they don’t believe in abortions (or other social modernization that have come to pass). Lisa is married to Marshall Robertson, the eldest Robertson son of Phil and Kay. Lisa published a book in 2015 confessing within about an abortion she had undergone when she was 17 and how much she regretted it. Through her experience, she says, she wanted to “find healing and comfort from Jesus in it.”


Safe words were sometimes bleeped out of the show

You know when a show bleeps out a word it’s because it is profane is some way, right? Well, in the case of Duck Dynasty, not entirely true. Phil was interviewed for Sports Spectrum TV in 2013, and in that interview he said that the producers of the show would sometimes bleep regular safe words for no reason. He said, “They inserted fake bleeps… like somebody had used profanity, but no one had used profanity.”


Phil is the brains behind a pretty unpleasant way to kill a duck

Prior to Phil and the family getting their reality show, Phil had a YouTube series called Duck Men. On that series he showed people how he kills the ducks he catches. Without getting into too much detail, Phil killed his catch by biting down on the birds head with his own teeth. Phil said, “It’s a very quick way to put a duck out of its misery.” While that may be the case, it sounds pretty horrible to us.


Hygiene isn’t really a thing for the Robertson’s

We are not accusing anyone here, this is what Phil says! When Phil was being interviewed for Men’s Journal back in 2013, he said to the interviewer, “There’s not a lot of personal hygiene going on.” They don’t comb their hair (facial or otherwise), don’t put on deodorant, floss or shower very much – this is when they are hunting, we assume that around their wives they take better care, or at least we sure hope so.


Jep Robertson has a problem with addiction

The Robertson men have addictive personalities. Whether the addiction is to illegal substances, alcohol or inappropriate material, they do have a tendency to get too attached. Jep Robertson is no exception. Jep was addicted to illegal substances and explicit material, if you know what we mean. Jep said he once had a ‘wet daddy’, which is essentially a joint that was soaked in formaldehyde. Much like his father, these addictions put his marriage at risk, until he found religion again.


Phil has a word or two for atheists

The more we learn about Phil the more we know that he just doesn’t like anyone who isn’t a white, Christian, American. During a prayer breakfast one morning, Phil brought up the issue of atheists and how he doesn’t like those who don’t believe in God at all. He gave an imaginary scenario to prove the presence of God, which we will not repeat. All we can say that it was violent and graphic.


The Robertson men have to keep their beards, contractually

The beards make then men in this case! The men of Duck Dynasty are known for their long full beards and as such are contractually obligated to keep them. The eldest Robertson, Alan, who is not on the show very much and doesn’t sport a beard very much either, said to Good Day L.A. that “their beards are in their contracts, they have to keep them a certain length.” Now that’s dedication friends.


Phil was a very hard disciplinarian

Would you expect anything else from a man like Phil? His two sons that are on the show with him, Al and Jep, were open about their father’s way of disciplining them when they were younger when they would do something bad. Jep explained this in his 2015 book, saying that his father would whip him with a belt while quoting a bible verse about discipline. We are not in the least bit surprised to learn this fact.


Si’s son Scott was suicidal as a youth

In a twist of mental health, Si Robertson’s son Scott was said to have been “trouble before he was even born.” Si gave an interview about Scott in 2017, where he explained that Scott was “suicidal from the tie he was about five years old.” Scott even attempted to jump off a bridge when he was just 11 years old. It was at that time he was diagnosed and prescribed medication for Asperger’s.


Women have propositioned the Robertson men, but they have always refused

With fame comes adoration, whether it makes sense or not. Phil said that there have been women who have asked him to sign their very small undergarments. He has always refused and stated, “as I move forward on my travels, I make sure I take two things with me: my Bible and my woman, Miss Kay.” Lovely to see his dedication to the woman he has been with practically his entire life.


Si has been proposed to thousands of times

Si is indeed a very lovable man, who laughs and acts like a much younger man than he is. His brother Phil said that Si has gotten “hundreds, if not thousands” of proposals, as in marriage proposals, since the show made it to the big leagues and got to national level recognition. Whether these women were serious or not, it’s heart-warming to see good Si getting noticed!


The Robertson men are sober, but have a snuff habit

The men in the Robertson family do not drink or smoke as they know that that only leads to trouble for them. As the good Christians they claim to be, these substances are banned from their homes as a path down to a dark place. However, the Robertson men have picked up another bad idea, a serious snuff habit. While snuff is not smoking or drinking, it is tobacco and extremely unhealthy for you.


The Robertson’s and PETA don’t get along, naturally

PETA, also known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is not very happy with the show as a whole and the Robertson family individually. Phil calls what he does as “good, clean, and honorable” but PETA came out and said that teaching children how to hunt is immoral and breeds violence down the road for them. We have to stay out of this fight, both sides are very stubborn.


The Robertson’s make oodles of money off of their outspoken style

The Robertson family made their fortune from their line of hunting products, that’s no secret. The surprising fact is that they are making even more money thanks to the show that is just following their lives as audiences are tuning in to the family’s outrageous, filterless, outspoken style of conversing, holding nothing back.


The whole family skipped out on an autograph session once

The Robertson family as a whole was very popular thanks to their television show. It was not just Kay and Phil, the heads of the Robertson family, that were famous, but their sons and their wives too, not to forget Phil’s brother Si as well. In April of 2013, the Robertson family was due to have a planned autograph signing at an event. The family got to the event but walked out before the signing could take place, disappointing many of their fans.


Phil has an African-American grandchild yet made racist remarks

Phil has always been known as someone who has zero filter, he says exactly what’s on his mind. However, Phil put his foot in his mouth in 2013 when he made incredibly insensitive comments about African-Americans. All of which came back to bite him when his son Jep and his daughter-in-law Jessica adopted a child in 2016 who is African-American. When Jep and his family was on Good Morning America, he said that Phil loves his grandchild despite everything he may have said in the past.


Phil Robertson got into a serious bar fight once

Phil has a temper, that’s no secret, ESPECIALLY when he drinks. Prior to finding his Christian faith again and changing some aspects of his life, Phil managed a bar. When the bar’s landlords wanted to raise the rent on the property, Phil proceeded to beat the two landlords to a pulp and run away under things calmed down. We know all of this from Kay’s2014 book explaining the whole situation and how “mean and threatening” Phil was when he was younger.


Phil made some extremely homophobic comments

Again and again we are in awe of how little filter Phil Robertson has. While we do not agree what so ever with his thoughts on social matters, Phil made it known to the world that he is a homophobe. In a 2013 interview, Phil said that he believed that gay individuals were “not logical” and would not “inherit the kingdom of God.” The backlash was so severe for his words that the show had to suspend Phil for several days until things calmed down.


The Duck Dynasty producers were smacked with a lawsuit

Scott and Diedre Gurney, the producers of Duck Dynasty were handed a lawsuit for breach of contract and fraud by ITV America back in December 2016. The company sued the show due to “unauthorized distributions” and “numerous misrepresentations.” Of what we are not sure but the producers don’t seem too worried about the situation. Every show is going to be put in a compromising situation from time to time, networks know how to handle it by now.


Phil accused producers of trying to remove Jesus references

Phil spoke with Sports Spectrum TV back in 2015 and said that the Duck Dynasty producers decided to cut some prayer scenes from the show. Phil then stated that the producers didn’t want to “offend some of the Muslims or something.” Other than being politically incorrect to say the least, Phil’s son Alan later spoke with another publication and said that the show’s cut of the prayer scenes was not faith-based censorship.


Jep has spoken out about being inappropriately touched as a kid

When Jep Robertson wrote his book in 2015, he included a lot of personal information in there, including an incident when he was abused in an inappropriate manner by an older girl on the school bus when he was just six years old. Jep went on to say that he could never speak to his parents about it but that he has since put the distressing incidents behind him and that it no longer affects his life.


Phil believes marrying underage girls is okay

Another case of an outrageous statement by Phil Robertson. Phil was recorded during a Christian retreat back in 2009, that he believed that men need to marry young girls. He said, “You got to marry when they are about 15 or 16.” He also practice what he preaches as he married Kay when she was 16 and he was 20 years old. Kay also had their first child by that time, making the whole thing very eye-opening.


Part of the show was paid for by taxpayers

Talk about an unfair twist. It was revealed in 2014 that a lot of Duck Dynasty was being paid for by taxpayers due to the fact that Louisiana has a 35% subsidies for TV and film productions. Taxpayers were paying approximately $70,000 per episode of the show! The outrageous thing about this is that taxpayers are also gay individuals, who are actually and unknowingly paying for Phil to speak out against them!


Phil and Si’s mom isn’t talked about on the show

Si and Phil’s mother is not talked about on the show as the two boys don’t like discussing the fact that their mother suffered a mental breakdown when she was young and was later diagnosed as a manic-depressive. The two boys were very young when their mother was going through all of this. We know about this thanks to Si’s book, Si-cology. The family as a whole really likes to publish books filled with unknowns about them.


The show isn’t entirely reality, the producers arrange scenes

Much like all other reality television shows on air today or in the past, there is not actual reality happening most of the time. The Los Angeles team in charge of the show has arranged the scenes for the show, not the Robertson’s. Phil spilled the beans about that one when he was very displeased with the team that was handling his ‘reality’. This is how we learn that everything we have come to know as true and real is in fact a lie. Great.


The Robertson’s have a love hate relationship with the show

While the show is making them a lot of money and gaining them tons of fame, there is a love hate relationship with the A&E network and the show as a whole. They love to do press junkets and promotions – being out there in general – but Phil stated that, “It’s spiritual warfare … A lot of depravity and a lot of heathens and a lot of the evil one.”


Si dropped out of Louisiana Tech for partying too hard

Si stated, “college is crap!” while we can’t always agree with that, Si is very convinced with his opinion of higher education. Si attended Louisiana Tech until he stopped out for too much partying. The over indulgence of alcohol and other such substances got him too bent out of shape for continuing on the path of academic success. Honestly, this is a lesson for any college student – you party too much and it’ll catch up with you.


Si’s Tupperware cup was sent to him by his mom

Si doesn’t go ANYWHERE without his Tupperware cup. So why is it so important to him? Well, not only did his mother (who we discussed as a sore subject) send it to him, but it was sent to him while he was in Vietnam of all places! Mementos like that are what you keep for life, that’s for sure. We shutter to think how he cares for the cup as it has been with him for so many years!


They have a line of guns

The Duck Dynasty family business Duck Commander teamed up with famed arms maker Mossberg and Sons to create several new lines of weapons for both hunting as well as personal protection. They have come out with a line of duck hunting shotguns as well as pistols and semi-automatic rifles in coordination with the Robertsons. They range in price from $400 to $900. Every single one of the weapons features the Robertson’s waterfowl camo design.


Reed considered suicide

Due to the massive near overnight success of the show, Reed Robertson, who is Jase’s son, actually considered putting an end to his own life. In an interview to a website called, he said that the superstar fame he and his family found themselves in caused him to lose contact with his friends and gave him an overwhelming sense of loneliness. However, he has since turned to God during his time of trouble, and he is now doing much better.


Their brand produces wine

Despite the fact that the members of the Robertson family have had issues with substance abuse before and that many of them are sober, their company actually produces wine. They produce everything from Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay to both pink and white Moscato. There has been some controversy with this marketing choice, with Christian groups expressing their disapproval over this sale of alcohol by such a devout family.


Jase didn’t think the show would last

The second oldest son Jase Robertson was in complete and utter shock when the family was asked to keep producing their show past the first season. This is due to the fact that he was certain that the show would not even last the entirety of one season. In an interview with Fox News Radio, Jase said that he thought that reality TV shows needed more drama and swearing, and that their show did not have enough of it.


Jase didn’t drink until he was 30

Jase grew up around a father who was addicted to the bottle. Seeing how his father behaved as well as the strain that this activity put on the family led Jase to stay clean and sober up until the age of 30. This is perhaps better than a lot of us who start in high school or college and never really learned how to do this in moderation.


Friends with the President

The Robertson family have been friends with the current United States President for several years, even before he rose to the role of POTUS. This is because one day, when the Robertsons were in New York City, Jase went into a hotel owned by the president to ask to go to the bathroom. Thinking that Jase was homeless, the doorman escorted him out and onto the street. When the current president and owner of the hotel heard about this, he called the family and personally apologized.


Willie and Korie Robertson couldn’t afford their adoption

Back when Willie and Korie adopted their son Will, they didn’t have enough funds to pay the adoption fees. Thanks to the income from the show, they were able to settle the payments and have since been on much better grounds. They plan on adopting another child soon! Willie and Korie aren’t the only Robertson’s to adopt either, Jep and Jessica have adopted as well, making the new generation of Robertson’s very diverse.