Young female billionaires


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Billionaire status is much more impressive and hard to achieve than that of millionaire status. The women on this list have broken the glass ceiling (shattered it more like it) with their business acumen, creative thinking, inheritance or royal connection. These women’s last name may sound familiar to you as there are women here that come from a long line of business moguls, royal families, and political dynasties.  

It’s hard to imagine that there are women here who inherited billions of dollars at a drop of hat, some as young as 21 years old. Whether they got their billions from their grandfathers or mothers these women have been doing many good things with their lives. There are women on this list who are involved in business ventures that grow the already massive family fortune or continue living their lives in a manner befitting the life they had before they became billionaires.

There are self-made billionaire women on this list, giving girl power a whole new meaning. Hard work, savvy business skills and a little bit of luck are the formula to achieving success in your ventures, and these women took it to heart. A few of these women are avid philanthropists, understanding that their money is a blessing that could make or break an organization that does a lot of good for people who desperately need it.

 Overall, this piece is about women who are worth billions of dollars, but there is a much deeper underlying theme here – success and what they do with it. It says a lot about a person’s character how they behave when they reach the top.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.12.16 PM