How to write the perfect best man’s speech

Being chosen as the best man is one of the biggest honors you can have bestowed upon you. There are a lot of important duties involved in being a best man, and you need to carry them out with care and attention. One of these duties is the speech, and we don’t want to tell you how important it is. Because if we learned something from all the best romantic comedies ever – it’s that the best-man’s speech can end an marriage, even before it begins. So to prevent that from happening, please read these helpful tips.

Open with a joke

They always say you should open with a joke, and you can’t really go wrong by employing this approach. There are always jokes you can make that will help get your speech off to a flying start. Try to go for family-friendly, general jokes that will resonate with everyone; jokes about yourself, or the groom always go down well. But, make sure you keep the jokes as clean and age-appropriate as you possibly can.

How to write the perfect best man’s speech

Know your stuff

The best speeches are always those that show the person really knows the subject matter. And, as Best Man, you need to make sure you know your stuff. The fact that your friend has appointed you Best Man means you are likely to be pretty close already. As such, you’re going to know plenty about the bride and groom already. So, if you can pepper your speech with facts that prove you really know your stuff, it will go a long way to making the speech as awesome as possible.

Play to the audience

You’ve got to know your audience and make sure your speech is aimed at them as much as possible. This means you need to go through your speech with a fine-tooth comb and make sure there is nothing inappropriate in there. The entire speech needs to be family friendly and geared at families as well as friends. That means you have to keep it clean as well as funny and interesting at the same time! Tough ask, but no one said this was going to be easy did they?!


When it comes to public speaking, the most successful and amazing speeches are always those that are delivered confidently and clearly. You have to make sure you enunciate as best you can. This will improve your delivery and make you come across as a better speaker. Work on your public speaking in the build-up to the wedding, and try out your speech on friends and family. Make sure you have the speech perfect before the day so you know you’re going to give the best delivery you can.


Flattery always goes down well and will give a good impression. Weddings are a beautiful occasion, and people are looking to have a fun and enjoyable time. So, you should take the opportunity to make the wedding party feel great. Complementing the bride, bridesmaids, and mothers always goes down well and will get you into everyone’s good graces. Plus, as a bonus, it will take up valuable seconds of your speech.

Time management

Delivering a speech involves considering many factors, one of the main ones being time management. You want the speech to be long enough that it is worthwhile, but not too long that it’s going to bore people. And it’s a fine line that you need to make sure you get right! Having props or sketches is fine, and they will make the process longer. But, they will also hold people’s interest for longer as well. Try to shave time off the speech if you possibly can and aim for 5-10 minutes.

How to write the perfect best man’s speech

Good stories

The best thing to do when giving the ideal Best Man’s speech is to make sure you have good anecdotes and stories. These are a great way of making sure you entertain people and hold their interest. Funny and interesting anecdotes make for the ultimate Best Man speech. But, you must remember, again, to keep things clean and appropriate. There will be families and kids there, after all.