The world’s first biodegradable coffee pod

Coffee pods are a super cool, innovative and great way to enjoy a delicious cup of java.  The first coffee pod was invented by Eric Favre, an employee of Nestle in 1976, and the first machine was released in 1990. But have you ever felt guilty about throwing away all of your coffee pods? It can’t be too good for the environment, right? Well, thanks to Halo Coffee you never have to feel bad again since they just launched the very first biodegradable coffee pod.


More than a third of residents of the UK own a coffee pod machine, and clearly, this technology is going to stick around for awhile. However, the aluminum coffee capsules also stick around for a long time. Most people throw them in the garbage, despite the efforts of companies to encourage people to recycle them. These pods end up in landfill sites and take more than 200 years to completely get broken down. According to Halo, approximately 13, 500 capsules are sent to landfill every single minute, and therefore there are more than 30 billion aluminum coffee capsules in the world.

Halo Coffee is hoping to change this with their completely biodegradable capsule. It’s made from natural fibers, including paper and bamboo. These fibers can be thrown in the garbage and even into the compost where they will break down within 90 days.


According to the co-founder of Halo, Nils Leonard, many people believe that products that are good for the planet probably not of good quality, taste or appearance.  And that’s exactly why Halo has made it their mission to provide the best tasting coffee possible that is also the best for the world.

The innovative company believes that soon enough aluminum pods will be banned, and it has already happened in Hamburg, Germany. The local authorities there banned coffee pods from all of their state buildings in order to reduce waste. Until this initiative becomes more universal, Halo biodegradable coffee pods are here to save the day, and allow you to sip away at your coffee worry free.