Why the world is belonged to late bloomers

Being a late bloomer isn’t all about growing out of those thick-rimmed glasses or braces that have plagued you since high school. It can also be getting your foot on the career ladder. So what if your friends started young and are getting more responsibilities with each week? It might be hard to see yourself ever reaching the top, especially as your friends are the same age, but fear not; we have some good news. There are plenty of ways late bloomers can catch up to their peers, and even sneak into the lead.

Volunteer in your spare time

Sure, free time is meant to be the hours we get to unwind and relax after a long day at the office. However, you might need to sacrifice those extra long bubble baths or that weekend lay-in for a few months if you want to catch up to your peers. Volunteering not only shows future employers that you are willing to work at a profession you love for free, but it could also give you the connections you need to further yourself in your career.

Get out and meet business people

Okay, that sounds simple enough, right? Meeting connections and working your way up the ladder is the first step toward getting ahead in your job. Those career expos are a goldmine as everyone you need to meet and greet are in one building. Could it get any better? As well as meeting a whole bunch of people that have a ton of advice – and maybe even a job or two – expos are also a hub of information, workshops, and time with some people at the top of their careers. Nice.

Read, re-read, and re-re-read

If you don’t want to get out there and socialize after your shift at the office (which, to be honest, we can’t blame you), then you could still climb ahead by burying your nose into a good book. Professionals, business people, and life coaches have all got plenty of advice to offer anyone looking to catch up to their peers. Whether it’s speaking from personal experience or watching what works in the working world, there is no harm in listening to their great advice to get ahead.

Take up freelancing

So you have a whole host of skills but haven’t got anyone to back you up just yet? Many people now look to freelancers instead of going to the big-name companies. They can often be cheaper and can have a larger variety of skills. Plus, it will give you a perfect chance to practice what you know as well as build a client base, and learn how to work with a host of people. Working life gives us the chance to work alongside a variety of characters; learning how to cope with them all is a key skill when trying to catch up with your peers.

Work smarter

We admit that one might sound a little ambiguous, but hear us out. Working longer hours might get more work done in the long run, but it’s not always a long-term answer to a late bloomer catching up to their friends. Instead, it’s important to prioritize your tasks at work as well as making sure you put your time to good use, rather than spending hours slumped over your desk. See, it might not be as tricky as we once thought after all.

There’s no worry if you’re a late bloomer looking to catch up with your peers. The career ladder isn’t out of reach! In fact, your path to making it to the top has only just begun, and now it seems as though you can give your career the kickstart it needs. Perhaps you could be the one sitting in the CEO’s chair one day? Fancy name plaque and all.