How to work from home and get stuff done

So, you’ve been given the chance to work away from the office and get your work done in the comfort of your own home – hurrah! You’ll get so much more done, right? Well, perhaps not. While you may not have to get up early and start your daily commute at 6 am, or even spend an hour getting ready (pajamas 4 life), you’ll soon find that working from home is one of those things you always dream about… but in reality, it’s a whoooooole lot different. You get distracted by your pets (but your puppy is so ca-yoot!), you seem to want to spend your whole day eating everything in your refrigerator, and you seem to find your motivation has disappeared. So how do you work from home and get stuff done?

Create your own workspace

When you work from home, it can be super easy to slip into bad habits. With no office to work in, or no boss busting your…ahem, naughty parts…you have free reign to do whatever you want. However, if you slide back under the covers and try to work from your bed, you’ll soon discover that your hour of answering emails has turned into an hour nap. If you create your own workspace away from your bed and couch, you’ll be more inclined to get cracking.

How to work from home and get stuff done

Create your own timetable

No, you’re not at school – but to be as efficient as you possibly can when you work from home, you’re going to need to be your own teacher. If you create your own timetable, you will be able to work out what you need to get done that day, and when it needs to be done in relation to the rest of your day. This way, you can tell yourself off for getting distracted and sliding off course. We suggest detention!

Take advantage of a social media blocker

With more time and freedom on your hands to get work done, you’ll probably find that you struggle to stay on task when working from home. After all, you have all day to complete it, right? You can play on your phone for ten minutes, right? WRONG! If you wouldn;’t scroll through social media for half an hour in your office, you shouldn’t do it at home. Just to be safe, take advantage of a social media blocker, and only get rid of it when you’ve finished your work day.

Create your own work rewards

If you work from home full-time, you might find yourself losing motivation and losing passion for your job – because you get very little out of it. You don’t get a boss telling you how well you’re doing, and you definitely can’t get employee of the month (unless you give it to yourself every month). So, you need to create your own work rewards for when you have completed tasks. This could be a long bath after your day, or even giving yourself a five-minute snuggle with your pooch in the middle of the day.

How to work from home and get stuff done

Have the right attitude

If you work from home without believing in yourself or your capabilities, you’ll be more likely to fail in the long run – and nobody wants that. You need to believe that the skills and the work that you’re doing at work is worth it and worth not working in an office. So, believe in yourself, and you’ll believe in your work!

Working from home shouldn’t be an excuse to snuggle under the comforter all day, but you need to strike a balance between working 24 hours a day and giving yourself a designated working day and space. So, follow these rules, and you’ll get stuff done in no time!