Wives and Girlfriends of the Richest Men in the World

It pays to marry well, literally! Have you ever wondered about the wives and girlfriends of the world’s richest men? Wonder no more, as we’re about to take you on a gold-plated trip into the marital goings on of some incredibly wealthy couples. Don’t get too envious.

Priscilla Chan, married to Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg

Before you ask, yes, they did use Facebook’s life event system to mark their marriage. They’ve got to remain on-brand, you know? Money certainly wasn’t the attracting factor here (Zuckerberg is worth $35 Billion alone!), as the pair met way before Facebook was even created back at a College party in 2003. You have to admit, being College sweethearts is kind of cute.


Katie Greer, dating the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey

They’re not exactly a match made in heaven due to the nature of their very on and off relationship, but somehow they always end up back together. Maybe this time they’ll be able to stick with each other permanently. You’d think dating the founder of Twitter would be intimidating from a professional standpoint, but Greer has also made a name for herself in non-profit firms.


Flavia Sampaio, dating the oil and gas powerhouse Eike Batista

From the looks of Flavia, you can tell she enjoys the finer things in life. Her boyfriend Eike Batista is no different, though the two of them may need to tighten their belts sooner or later. Despite being worth over $30 Billion, Batista’s fortune is going to be slashed to a mere $500 Million after a dispute with creditors that left him shelling out an obscene amount of money.


Nita Ambani, wife of the “Richest Man in India” Mukesh Ambani

Nita married into the prominent and wealthy Ambani family. Her husband, Mukesh, is the richest man in the whole of India, which is not a title to be sneezed at. If the materials used for your clothes were made in India, they were most likely made in the Ambani family’s Reliance Industries textile factories. Nita herself is a big fan of philanthropy and is very socially conscious.



Miranda Kerr, engaged to the founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel

Kerr is a former Victoria’s Secret model looking to settle down into a calmer, easier life. Having a Billionaire husband-to-be certainly helps in that respect. Seeing how they only got together last year, it seems like the whirlwind romance between the two has seen Spiegel putting a ring on Kerr’s finger. They’re both pretty young, so hopefully, they thought about it properly.


Eloise Dejoria, married to haircare magnate John Paul DeJoria

If there’s one benefit to being married to John Paul DeJoria, it’s that you’re unlikely ever to run out of shampoo or conditioner. Eloise is a former Playboy model who got hitched to DeJoria way back in 1993. Although we may cynically assume former models dating Billionaires are gold-diggers, it seems that Eloise and John Paul have lasted the test of time with a happy marriage.


Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple tech giant Steve Jobs

Say what you like about Steve Jobs, but it takes a very special person to stand by him, which is what Laurene is. These days she mostly continues her work promoting education and technology, but we can’t help but imagine the death of Jobs from cancer has left a hole in her life that she just can’t fill. Sad though it may be, she aims to continue his legacy in the most positive way possible.

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Gail Golden-Icahn, married to capital manager Carl Icahn

The story behind this pairing isn’t particularly heart-warming, as Carl left his first wife for Gail. She was his assistant at the time so we can imagine the romance blossomed out of many late nights together working in the office. Gail remained Carl’s assistant for quite some time until she was finally allowed to branch out on her own with a luxury travel company. Talk about the high life.


Lucy Southworth, married to Google co-founder Larry Page

Page apparently likes his partners to have brains, as Southworth is a graduate of Oxford University and currently working towards a further Biomedicine doctorate. Page is a noted brainbox himself, so it’s no surprise the two met in nerd-capitol San Francisco where they now also live together. There’s one thing we can guarantee about these two, and it’s that they’ll have smart kids.


Tamiko Bolton, married to investor George Soros

Soros is no stranger to marriages and is currently on his third with Tamiko. While George is old school in how he makes his money. Tamiko is very much new-age, managing her own Yoga company on the web. You have to wonder if they’re a bit ‘chalk and cheese’ at home, but you know what they say; opposites attract!


Amanda Rosenberg, had an affair with Google co-founder Sergey Brin

It took a while for the reason why Brin was divorcing his wife Anne Wojcicki to come out in public, but it was eventually revealed that Brin had an affair with employee Amanda Rosenberg. Brin is probably going to have a very costly divorce settlement, as you can be assured he will not be forgiven for his infidelity lightly in a court of law. Say goodbye to a few Billion, Brin.


Julia Koch, married to Koch Industries’ David Koch

The Koch brothers are absolutely infamous for their political meddling and attempting to lobby the United States Government on areas such as stunting the growth of green energy, as Koch Industries has substantial investments in coal, oil, and gas. Julia herself clearly had second thoughts about Koch, as it took them a good few months to commit towards actually dating.


Andrea Hissom, married to casino king Steve Wynn

If you live in Las Vegas, you know the names of this couple for sure. Hissom and Wynn met only a few years ago while vacationing in the French Riviera, but there was a snag. Wynn was married to his wife of 45 years. Just two years after meeting each other, Wynn got a divorce and hitched up with Hissom in an incredibly costly ceremony filled with celebrities.


Janet Jackson, married to Qatar business mogul Wissam Al Mana

Jackson is wealthy and successful in her own right, so this certainly isn’t a case of gold digging, but these two are kind of an odd couple. You wouldn’t imagine a Qatari businessman moving in the same circles as an aging pop star, but stranger things have happened. The two have been happily married for about four years now, and are expecting their first child together soon.


Dr. Precious Makgosi, married to mining magnate Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe

Makgosi is married to the man who has been called the richest man in South Africa for years now. As mining in South Africa goes from strength to strength, Patrice Motsepe’s fortune will grow and grow. Clearly, the couple is trying to create a dynasty out of their family, as they already have three children and plan on having more who will eventually inherit their wealth.


Iman, widow of music legend David Bowie

The former model was struck with a devastating blow early in 2016 when her husband David finally succumbed to cancer after releasing his final album. The two had been married for over twenty years and have a daughter together. Iman and Bowie were one of the few celebrity couples where you could genuinely feel that they were happy together.


Nikita Kahn, dating software giant Larry Ellison

The Ukrainian actress is pretty much eclipsed by Billionaire boyfriend, but that’s just one of the many hazards of dating while famous. While Larry is off investing in cloud computing technology, Nikita is acting, hobnobbing with the rich and famous, and enjoying her great passion in life; nature. Hopefully, she can convince Larry to use a few Billion on environmental causes.


Kirsty Bertarelli, dating Biotech Billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli

The former model married Ernesto over fifteen years ago now, and their marriage seems to be going strong. The two appear to have bonded over a strong social conscience, and the two of them are heavily active in Switzerland when it comes to charity. Of course, you do have to wonder if the pair lives there exclusively for the tax laws that benefit them.


Wendi Deng-Murdoch, ex-wife of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch

The pair met at the tail end of the 90s when Murdoch was working in Hong Kong as an executive for a television station. Wendi supported Rupert through thick and thin, notably when she fended off a man who threw a cream pie at Rupert while being questioned at a press commission. Of course, the couple has since divorced amid rumors of Wendi having an affair.


Melinda Gates, married to Microsoft founder Bill Gates

Melinda has the honor (?) of being married to the world’s premiere geek, Bill Gates. An incredibly educated woman in her own right, Bill and Melinda are another couple who bond over their heavy social conscience. The two have their own charitable foundation that utilizes their wealth for causes close to their heart, like eradicating starvation and disease in Africa.


Talulah Riley, ex-wife of billionaire investor Elon Musk

Musk and Riley have an incredibly fractious relationship, likely caused by Musk’s very busy schedule. Not only was he the co-founder of Tesla Motors and PayPal, but he’s also created a company called SpaceX which aims to put people on Mars within the next 25 years. Riley is a British actress with an equally busy schedule. Maybe the two just need some more time together?


Anne Dias Griffin, married to hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin

It seems a shared career helped bring this power couple together. Anne is a businesswoman who worked within some of the top banks in the world, so it’s no great surprise she eventually crossed paths with a guy like Kenneth. The pair bonded over the arts, and have a special place in their heart for orchestral music. As such, both are trustees of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


Kristy Hinze, married to Netscape founder Jim Clark

Clarke went from geek to God when the big tech booms of the last four decades began. He rode the wave of success to become a legendary computer scientist and one of Silicon Valley’s most notable investors. Kristy was a former model, and despite the near forty year age gap between them didn’t seem to mind marrying Clarke.


Mellody Hobson, married to Star Wars creator George Lucas

Lucas had been unlucky in love for quite some time before he met Hobson, holding a deep grudge against his ex-wife that may have influenced his infamous ‘special edition’ changes to the original Star Wars films. After meeting Hobson at a business conference, the two began dating for seven years before they finally tied the knot, and now have a daughter together.


Princess Ameerah, ex-wife of Saudi Royalty Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal

The Saudi Princes are pretty infamous for having relationships that fizzle out, and this one is no different. Despite being nearly thirty years younger than the Prince, Ameera joined the expansive Saudi Royal family but fell by the wayside once their relationship began to stall, resulting in their divorce in 2013. At least the settlement means she’ll be well looked after.


Grace Hightower, married to legendary actor Robert DeNiro

Yes, the Taxi Driver himself is capable of feeling love. Despite being a notably fierce and intense actor, it seems Hightower has been able to tame the Raging Bull. Things haven’t always been peaceful for the pair, as their early marriage was marred with a potential divorce and custody battle. By 2004 they’d settled it all out, and have been happily married ever since.


Anne Wojcicki, ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin

Cast your mind back a little while, and you’ll remember that we mentioned Brin’s ex-wife earlier in the list when we talked about his mistress. Wojcicki comes from a long line of smart people, with her father being a tenured professor at the esteemed Stanford University. Wojcicki herself is the CEO of a company looking to unlock the secrets held by human genetics.


Princess Angela, married to Liechtenstein Royalty Prince Maximilian

Talk about blowing down cultural prejudices. Princess Angela is the first person of known, traceable African descent to become part of a current European Monarchy. If there was any hope in the world that we’re heading to a more inclusive future, this is it. Their bi-racial son Alfons is also in-line to the throne.


Fabiana Flosi, married to Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone

Although not confirmed, Fabiana Flosi is most likely the reason Ecclestone divorced from his former wife and mother of his children, Slavica. There are rumors of deep tension within his family due to the new wife, with neither of Bernie’s children attending his wedding out of respect for their mother. Yikes! Talk about a power struggle. You can imagine the legal battles when Bernie dies.


Irina Viner, married to publishing mogul Alisher Usmanov

It’s not easy to be crowned the richest man in Russia, believe me. Considering the amount of oligarchs and energy magnates in the country, it’s pretty incredible Alisher made his Billions as a publisher. Irina keeps herself very busy through her passion for Gymnastics, being the head coach of the Russian team.


Queen Noor of Jordan, widow of (obviously) King Hussein of Jordan

Considering King Hussein had four wives before even the start of the 80s, Queen Noor must have been a very special woman for them to stick together until his death in 1999. Since the King’s death, the Queen has been heavily active in the peace process in the Middle East, Asia, and in Africa. Considering war threatens her country, she’s not likely to stop anytime soon.


Stephanie Seymour, married to real estate king Peter Brant

Seymour and Brant’s relationship started out quite controversially as they started dating while he was still married with five children. The two had a rocky couple of years when approaching their fifteenth wedding anniversary that almost ended in divorce, but they managed to patch things up and stay together all the same.


Mariah Carey, engaged to philanthropist and inventor James Packer

After her divorce from Nick Cannon, Carey found herself in the arms of Australian James Packer. Packer himself is quite an unpredictable guy, considering he got into a fist fight with fellow Aussie businessman David Gyngell on the streets of Sydney. She obviously thought so too, as she has just announced she has broken off their engagement.


Aleksandra Melnichenko, married to industrialist Andrey Melnichenko

Worth over $30 Billion, Andrey clearly likes to spoil his wife, Aleksandra. Not only did they have a huge wedding, but celebrity singers Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston were hired to perform at the event. This wasn’t a one-time occurrence either, as Jennifer Lopez sang at Aleksandra’s 30th birthday party. Talk about going all out for the one you love.


Beyonce, married to businessman and rapper Jay-Z

To say Beyonce is ‘just’ the wife of Jay-Z is ridiculous. Together, they are one of the dominant power couples in the entertainment industry, and nobody will deny Beyonce’s part in that. In fact, some would arguably say that Beyonce is pulling ahead of her husband regarding outright fame, although you can’t mention one without invoking the other.


Salma Hayek, married to holding company CEO Francois-Henri Pinault

The Mexican-born actress seemingly can’t resist the charms of Frenchmen. Although a very successful actress in her own right, Hayek’s fortune doesn’t hold a candle to the money her husband pulls in. Remember kids, if you want to make the big bucks, it isn’t in acting, it’s in shares, stocks, and fund management.


Dasha Alexandrovna Zhukova, partner of oil and steel magnate Roman Abramovich

Dasha is pretty lucky in that she never really has to work thanks to her Billionaire partner. So what does she do with her free time without the constraints of a working life? As a fan of the arts, she spends her time being a patron to them, and let’s be honest, she could probably afford to bankroll many world-class museums several times over if she wanted to.


Mackenzie Bezos, married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

They’re certainly not going to be hurting for spare cardboard boxes in the Bezos household. The couple has been married since the early 90s, so it’s clear that money probably wasn’t the motivating factor in their union. Mackenzie is an established author in her own right, with two novels published in the last decade. No word on whether they come free with an Amazon Kindle.


Julie Chen, married to CBS President Les Moonves

The former news anchor and now talk-show host Chen started her relationship with Moonves in 2004. Unfortunately, Moonves was married at the time, and so there was more than a little bit of tension as his marriage was dissolved to couple up with Chen. Still, who are we to judge? Love is a mysterious thing, and not always conducive with man-made institutions like marriage.


Diane Von Furstenberg, married to Expedia CEO Barry Diller

The Belgian fashion designer had one hell of a ride in her love life before she met Diller. Not only was she married into German aristocracy at one point, but most of her early life was swamped with high-profile and notably rocky relationships. It seems Diller had a calming effect on Diane, as according to her their first date ended with them taking Valium and having a nap.


Susan Dell, married to Dell Computers CEO (obviously) Michael Dell

Whatever you think of their computers, you can’t argue that this couple has stayed together for a long time by the standards of the rich and famous. Having married in 1989, the pair has had a long, happy relationship together that bore four kids, and a joint organization to provide health care and education to underprivileged children worldwide.


Alison Gelb, married to social game CEO Mark Pincus

Believe it or not, but Mark Pincus became a Billionaire on the back of Facebook game smash hit Farmville. Not content to be outdone by her husband, though, Alison has her own company that specializes in home decor and is worth a respectable half a Billion on the stock market. If there’s one thing this couple knows, it’s success.


Jerry Hall, married to Machiavellian media mogul Rupert Murdoch

The former Mrs. Mick Jagger has found herself married to Rupert Murdoch after he divorced Wendi Deng, whom you may remember from earlier in this article. Usually rich men divorce their wives for a younger woman, but in this case, Hall is thirteen years younger than Wendi Deng, meaning Murdoch is marrying somewhat closer to his age this time.