What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is advertised as the sport of fitness.  Interesting. What does that actually mean? In fact, it’s a training philosophy that teaches all kinds of people how to improve their fitness in a hardcore and encouraging environment.The program aims to build both conditioning and strength through highly diversified and difficult workouts.
Each workout tests a different aspect of functional conditioning or strength. It does not specialize in one specific thing, however, it focuses on the overall goal of building a body similar to that of superman, one that’s able to do everything.


CrossFit is not your average gym. Not only because you won’t find the usual equipment such as weight machines, treadmills or dance classes.  But because the whole idea is based on one workout that is prescribed to everyone for that day. However, the workouts are scalable based on skill. Beginners are suggested to start slower by doing the exercise with a lower weight for example, and as trainees get better they can add more weight gradually.
CrossFit can be for everyone, but it is not actually made for just anyone. It is most recommended for people who are starting out with weight training and can teach them many important lifts in a supportive environment. If you’re looking for a community that will offer you support, then CrossFit is also for you.  If you’re a fitness fanatic, then CrossFit will be completely addictive for you since it’s all about consistency.  It’s also great for former athletes since it’s all about competition and teamwork. Nearly every workout has a time component and you get to compete with people in the class. There are even nationwide CrossFit competitions for those who take it to the next level.
CrossFit is not recommended for specialists or sport-specific athletes since it does not focus on thing such as powerlifting and will not help you improve in one area. It’s also not suggested for solo trainers who love working out alone, it’s all about group training.

What is CrossFit?

If you’re wondering if CrossFit is dangerous, then you should be aware that it can be slightly, if done under the coaching of the wrong people. Since the whole idea of CrossFit is to finish as fast as possible, it can sacrifice proper form if you don’t have someone spotting you or watching over you. Furthermore, CrossFit also attracts the kind of people who like to push themselves, which can be great, but also sometimes rather dangerous. It is important to know what you are getting into.
Any CrossFit gym in your area will let you try an introductory class free of charge. In order to ensure safety, upon joining they require members to go through an element’s course to teach trainees the foundational movements of CrossFit as well as proper form. Even the most experienced of people could benefit from perfecting their form.
And once you’re a member, they offer regular classes that range from 45 minutes to an hour. They begin with a dynamic warm-up, such as jumping jacks and jump rope, as well as functional movements and stretches. The workout then moves to the strength or skill work, such as deadlifts or squats. And then the main attraction is the workout of the day, where trainees are given a series of exercises that they are told to complete as fast as possible. The workout finishes with a cool down and stretching.

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