Whatever happened to the girl who was ‘photobombed’ by Beyoncé?

Beyoncé is easily one of the biggest names in the music industry. The 20-time Grammy-winning superstar has gathered millions of devoted fans over the years, who would do pretty much anything to have a chance of meeting their musical idol in person. Every time the pop singer is on tour, millions of fans from all around the world flock to her concerts. During the star’s last tour, The Formation World Tour, she reached over $210 million in ticket sales, selling more than two million tickets.

Unfortunately, most of the concert-goers have to watch from a distance, but one lucky 15-year-old fan from Melbourne, Australia invested in front row seats so as to see her role model as close as possible. Little did she know, that by the end of the night, she was going to be going home with a lot more than incredible memories, but a priceless and extremely rare souvenir.

Over the years, Beyoncé has become known as one of the world’s greatest entertainers, and is known for her insanely perfect performing skills. The superstar has certainly proved herself with her incredible dance moves, powerful vocals, and charming personality, all demonstrated in every performance she gives. She is also known for holding a special place in her heart for her many devoted fans, and occasionally gets close to some of her front-row concert-goers, talking to them, Facetiming with their friends, handing them the microphone to sing along, and on the very rare occasion…. taking mid-concert selfies with them.

Valentina Attard was 15 years old when she finally got to see her musical idol and ultimate role model, Queen B herself, live in concert for the first time ever. She, just like the thousands more standing in the audience, was dancing the night away and singing along to all of her favorite Beyoncé songs with her group of best girlfriends. She was having the time of her life, and didn’t want the night to be over. Getting to stand in the front row, so close to her favorite pop star, was an unreal experience that many could only dream of. However, she had no idea just how much more amazing the night was going to turn out, and how famous she would become in the next 24 hours.

It’s been over four years since the Australian teen’s close encounter with Beyoncé, but she still relives it every day.

Dream come true

Beyoncé is easily considered one of the biggest names in the music industry. The singing diva who is also known as Queen B, has had one heck of a career, including 20 Grammys and 100 million solo records sold. So to attend a Beyoncé concert is literally a dream come true for her millions of fans. One lucky fan in particular, not only got to stand in the front row at one of her concerts, she also got a priceless souvenir that she will always cherish.

Number one fan

Valentina Attard, a 15-year-old Maltese-Australian girl, excitedly told her friends on Facebook October 25, 2013, that she and Beyoncé made eye contact during one of her concerts in Melbourne, Australia. The teenager had been a fan of the Queen B since she was a kid, and seeing her in concert was something she had always dreamed of. Little did she know that she would have an even closer encounter with the superstar the following day.

Moment of a lifetime

On the following day, October 26, 2013, Valentina was lucky enough to attend Beyoncé’s second Melbourne show. It was just as great as the first night, and Valentina was having the time of her life dancing and singing along with her friends to all of their favorite Beyoncé songs. However, in the middle of the show, something incredible happened, a moment that Valentina will relive again and again for the rest of her life.

The famous selfie

Just then, the singer noticed 15-year-old Valentina in the front row, and saw she wanted a picture. It all happened pretty fast, but before Valentina knew it, she turned around and saw her idol, the one and only Beyoncé, right there behind her. She kneeled down beside her and got into the shot, and Valentina, who was still in a bit of a shock, quickly snapped a selfie of the two of them, side by side.

Going viral

Valentina knew that this selfie was way too good not to share with her friends. So she posted it on her Instagram page and on her Tumblr blog with the rather nonchalant caption, “So um Beyoncé posed for my selfie.” Only moments after she posted it, Valentina’s phone wouldn’t stop going off with hundreds of messages, texts, comments, and likes. The photo even made its way to Beyoncé’s official Facebook page, where it gained over 50 million likes, posted with the caption “Photobomb.”

In shock

The teenager’s friends and followers were quick to let her know that the photograph was now on Queen B’s official personal Facebook page. Many Tumblr users sent messages to Valentina writing, “Omg you’re on Beyoncé’s Facebook page like she posted the picture!” and “Duuuuude Beyoncé just posted your photo on her Facebook omg!” A very shocked Valentina replied, “Ahhhh I’m shaking! This is crazy I didn’t think she would ever see the photo!”

What is photobombing?

Photobombing is a term used when a person sneaks their way into someone else’s picture, usually a selfie. No one is really sure how the photobombing trend first began, but many photobomb selfies have gone viral since emerging a few years ago. Even celebrities got in on the funny trend, like this viral photo of pop stars Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato unknowingly getting photobombed at the Teen Choice Awards by Nick’s older brother Joe.

The truth

A couple of days after going viral, Valentina took to her Tumblr blog to clarify what really happened the night of the concert. She wrote, “Okay, so as most of the people that have recently followed me I have been the girl that got her selfie ‘photobombed’ by Beyoncé when in fact I asked her for the photo so she posed and smiled as the perfect person she is!” She added, “Just thought I’d clear the air.”

A blur

Not long after she wrote the first blog post, the teen wrote another post about what she remembered from that unbelievable evening. She said, “It was such a blur I just remember her bending down to me and my friend and I just turned for the photo and wowoowow, it was the best moment ever, like she posed it’s crazy I wasn’t even expecting her to look at my phone or notice me in the crowd.”

Media attention

The photo continued to go viral, and the special moment between the singer and her fan was shared and written about in hundreds of media news outlets, including MTV News, Yahoo, Today, Daily Mail, E!, and the Herald Sun. The popular British news site Daily Mail named the famous selfie the “best photobomb ever” and E! headlined their article on its front page with the title “Best Photobomb Ever. Let this be the selfie that ends all selfies.”

Facetiming with Beyoncé

The famous selfie moment came only days before another viral Beyoncé concert moment, during one of her shows in Adelaide, Australia. The pop star was greeting the lucky front row concert-goers when she suddenly leaned down to grab a young man’s cell phone. At the time, he was video chatting with his friend via FaceTime, Beyoncé looked straight into the camera and said, “Nice to meet you!” before returning the phone to its elated owner.

Internet celebrity

Valentina suddenly received online celebrity status and gained thousands of more followers on her social media accounts. She kept receiving hundreds of messages from people around the world who heard about her, asking ‘are you the girl who was photobombed by Beyoncé?’ Several of Valentina’s new fans commented on how she is the luckiest girl in the world. Many complimented the new Internet celebrity, sending her messages about how beautiful she is.

Gaining followers

Over four years have passed since Valentina’s famous selfie took place. Although the excitement of going viral has since worn off a bit, the now 19-year-old is still recognized every now and then as the ‘girl who was ‘photobombed’ by Beyoncé.’ That single moment with the Queen B certainly gained Valentina a steady online following, which is only growing by the day. Her Instagram account is currently sitting pretty with over 17 thousand followers.

Many admirers

The 19-year-old Australian beauty frequently shares her stunning photos of her modeling, hanging out by the beach, or chilling with her friends at a party. She still receives hundreds of comments and messages of admiration, including “You are so gorgeous omg” and “Flawless.” Many of her online followers often compliment the young Instagram celeb for her trendy and modern fashion sense, spot on makeup skills, lovely long locks, and perfectly-shaped eyebrows.

Extremly grateful

On her Tumblr page, where she also receives plenty of love from her many online fans, she noted how grateful and flattered she is for all of the positive attention she has been receiving lately. She wrote that she reads each and every compliment, “I do see all of them and really appreciate them and reply to as many as I can, but I don’t want to clog up my blog with text posts. But I do appreciate them all, you people make my day.”

Makeup vlogger

The Aussie teen isn’t only well-followed on her Instagram and Tumblr accounts, she also has her own Youtube channel that has nearly 4,000 subscribers. On her page, she shares videos of herself offering various kinds of makeup tutorials where she demonstrates how she creates her ‘everyday makeup’ look, and ‘formal event makeup’ look. She also has a video where she shares her best eyebrow-shaping techniques, a trait she is well-known and admired for.


The Youtube vlogger is also quite the daredevil, and recently shared a video documenting her and her friend’s skydiving experience. Only moments before the big jump, Valentina announced that she was excited but also extremely nervous. However, during their drive home, she explained that it was one of the craziest and most fun moments of her life. She said, “That was insane. That felt so crazy. I’m glad we did it I highly recommend skydiving.”

Looking back

Valentina plans on focusing more on her Youtube channel in the future. She expressed her desire to start “documenting” her life more. She explained in one of her recent vlogs, “I’m just going to start vlogging random things in my life, that I might want to look back on one day.” She continued, “I will do more makeup videos because that’s what you guys like seeing, but I also just want to vlog, for my own benefit of looking back at Youtube videos in 20 years and being like ‘wow, I had fun as a 19-year-old.'”

Talented dancer

Besides being a well-followed Youtube vlogger, Tumblr blogger, and Instagram star, the teen is also a talented dancer. Although she practices several different types of dance including ballet, jazz, modern, and hip hop, she said in one of her blog posts that hip hop is definitely her favorite. Every now and then she shares videos of her and the rest of her dance crew’s routines. She also occasionally competes, and last competed in the World Supremacy Battlegrounds, one of the most prestigious street dance competitions in the world.

World traveler

The social media queen also has a passion for traveling around the world. She recently hung out with her best friends in Rome, Italy, where she shared a photo of her and her girlfriends relaxing by a stunning picturesque waterfall. She is also a beach lover and documented her and her friends latest trip to the beautiful tropical white sands of Maré Island, an Island located in New Caledonia, where they went snorkeling. Do you wish you had her life now? Because we certainly do!