What your dreams say about you

No matter whether you remember them or not, we all have dreams. Of course, we’re not talking of those dreams you have as a child of going up into space and eating moon cheese or owning a puppy farm. These are the dreams we have when we’re asleep, that often seem so real we believe we’re actually awake. Experts suggest that the average person has up to four to six dreams every single night, and it seems as though these dreams can actually say a lot about you.

Are you avoiding something?

Your dreams are the gateway to your subconscious, and the thoughts that you may have pushed right down to the back of your mind. However, these dreams normally give you away. That’s because those who are hiding or avoiding something almost always dream about impending doom. You could be standing in front of a giant tidal wave, you could be being pursued by a stranger, or you could even be eaten by a monster. The best way to stop these dreams is to confront what you’ve been avoiding.

What your dreams say about you

Are you creative?

If you remember your dreams, what do you dream about? Do you dream about a day at work? Doing chores at home? If you answered yes to either of those questions, there’s a high chance that you’re not very creative. Creative people do not dream about mundane events such as this but instead, are known to dream about weird and wonderful situations or problems. It may be that they’re traveling through a desert landscape, or it may be that they’re having to overcome an obstacle.

Are you about to have a migraine?

It may seem odd to link migraines and dreams, but experts have found a direct correlation between them both. In fact, one sleep study found that those people who woke up with a migraine reported having negative dreams the previous night. These dreams involved the themes of anger and aggression and were more like nightmares. This has led people to believe that the developing migraine actually triggers this bad dream.

Are you a problem solver?

Lucid dreamers are those people who understand that they’re not awake when they are dreaming, and it seems as though these people are actually better problem solvers than those who don’t recognize this. That’s because those who are able to comprehend such a complex process can also do the same when it comes to real life. This also works the other way around. If you become better at problem-solving over the course of your life, there’s a high chance that your dreams will become more lucid.

What your dreams say about you

Considering we spend such a huge part of our lives asleep, this also means that we spend a large portion of our existence dreaming. While there are some people who simply don’t remember their dreams, others can really learn something about themselves and their personalities when they dissect these dreams. So, what do your dreams say about you?