What does your handshake say about you?

Your handshake is often the first thing someone notices about you, so it is important for you to take it seriously. It might not seem like a big deal most most of the time, but there are people out there who form their first impression of you from this small gesture.

Cool and young at heart

There are some fun and zany handshakes used by young high school and college students, professional athletes, fraternity houses, and close friends that show those who witness them that there is a close, familiar bond.

Using these choreographed types of handshakes is reserved for informal settings and they are to be used only when greeting very close people. If you try using them in a formal setting or with someone who is not a close friend, it gives the impression that you’re not so mature. It also shows that you are not aware of situations you find yourself in.

What does your handshake say about you?

Quick brush of hands

When you shake hands with another person with just a quick brush of hands, you may seem like you look down on others. You look like a person who feels their hygiene is more important than meeting another person, and you cannot risk getting germs on your hands.

Shaking hands without making eye contact or looking like your attention is elsewhere also gives a negative impression. It shows that you have better things to do and can’t wait to be done with the person in question.

Limp handshake

So many negative vibes come from a handshake that makes the other person think you are shy, nervous, weak, or lacking in confidence. It is natural to sometimes have sweaty palms when you’re nervous, so if this happens the other person knows you are uncomfortable.

However, a limp handshake gives others the impression that you are weak, lack confidence, and are uncertain about the things you do.

Holding on

If you shake hands with another person and hold on for too long, it gives off the impression that you are desperately in need of a close bond with others.

Also, shaking hands with a very strong grip, and somewhat aggressive and intimidating posture, gives off the impression that you are insecure and feel the need to impose yourself on others. You seem like you are trying to assert your control and dominate the situation.

What does your handshake say about you?

The perfect handshake

The perfect handshake, which gives off the impression that you are an individual who is worth taking seriously, is not so complicated. Try to shake hands with a slightly firm grip, maintain eye contact, smile, keep a good posture, and use the movement from your elbow and not your wrist in order to achieve the perfect handshake.

Shaking hands in this way gives you an air of confidence that will have everyone thinking that you must be a great individual to make contact with.

As insignificant as you may think a handshake is, it could make a big difference at your next business event. So keep it in mind next time you meet someone new.