The Wealthiest Pets In The World

Grumpy Cat – $1 Million

This cat was an internet sensation for the longest time, so his presence on this list is only semi-surprising. Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce, not sure which is better. He launched a million memes worldwide. His interesting features are what got him noticed, he looks the way he does because he has feline dwarfism. Thanks to all of his appearances on television and basically winning the internet, Grumpy Cat is worth $1 Million.


Silverstone – $27,000

Let us begin with the fact that this tortoise, one of two on our list, is 50 years old – he’s earned his keep. Silverstone was Christina Foyle’s pet tortoise. Christina was a bookshop tycoon. Silverstone is worth $27,000, which, granted, is far less than the other super rich animals on this list, but really, what is a 50 year old turtle going to do with that kind of cash?!


Olivia Benson – $97 Million

Olivia Benson, named after the Law and Order detective, is none other than songstress Taylor Swift’s cat. The white Scottish Fold kitten is also working for her keep and making herself some serious cash. Olivia has deals with Diet Coke and Keds shoes with her mom, Taylor, earning her a truly mind numbing amount of $97 million, according to Daily Mail Online.


Moose – $3 Million

Moose worked his little tail off for his pay day. You may remember him from the sitcom Frasier? He was the endlessly energetic pup known as Eddie the dog. This adorable Jack Russell terrier won the hearts the world over. He was making $9,000 an episode on Frasier and worked for over 9 years, earning on over $3 Million. Little known fact: on Frasier, Moose was replaced sometimes with his son, Enzo.


Pontiac – $5 Million

Pontiac had two very good reasons to smile. One is that he’s the beloved dog of the über famous actress, Betty White (we mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to be cared by her), and second – this dog has a trust fund of over $5 million; making Pontiac one of the world’s most wealthy pets. Betty was quoted as saying, “It’s just the two of us for Christmas, because I’m alone, and so we just have a cozy day all day. We look forward to that all year.”


Trouble – $12 Million

Leona Helmsey, the inspiration for The Devil Wears Prada boss, was known for her quirkiness. One of those quirks? Leaving her dog, Trouble, an original amount of $12 million. Her children had a lot to say on the matter, and after Leona passed away, they took the situation to court where a judge gave Trouble $2 million and the rest was given to her children. Leona’s brother, Alvin Rosenthal, was appointed guardian of Trouble, the white Maltese Terrier until it dies. When Trouble does pass away, he is to be buried alongside Leona in her mausoleum in Upstate New York.


Gigoo – $10 Million

A chicken. A chicken is richer than us. Gigoo is a Scots Dumpy Hen, considered pretty rare in the bird department. Must have been quite a pet for textbook publishing millionaire, Miles Blackwell to leave the bird his fortune of $10 Million! That is outrageous in our book. Blackwell also left money for an organization that helps protect these unique Hens, but we still can’t get over a chicken being worth $10 Million.


Blackie – $12.5 Million

Blackie is the richest cat to ever live. She is the cat of millionaire Ben Rea, the world-famous architect and antique dealer. Ben left Blackie a fortune of $12.5 million when he died in 1988. Rea owned 15 cats in total, but Blackie was the last one to stay alive. Blackie was the last survivor among the 15 cats owned by Rea. Rea left Blackie almost everything he had because I was disconnected from his family. Rea donated his money to three organization and listed the rest for Blackie.


Toby Rimes – $92 Million

Toby is the gorgeous poodle of Ella Wendel. Ella was the last living Wendel of the New York based family that got their wealth in the Gilded Age. There were many people who sought to claim the family’s fortune, something along the lines of 2000 people – cute. But no one got the family’s money, except Toby, the family dog who inherited Ella’s fortune. Toby only lived a few months after Ella but for a time there, he was the richest dog alive.


Tomassino – $12.4 Million

Another stray cat that managed to claw his way to a nice humans home, but in this case it was a win win situation. Maria Assunta, the Italian property magnate, found little Tomassino in her home. Maria is worth around $12.4 million. When she passed away, it was learned that Maria left her entire fortune to Tomassino. At this point the money is being held by Maria’s nurse in a trust.


Big Tibby – $62,000

Donald Moss, millionaire businessman, left around $62,000 for his best friend, his pet tortoise, Big Tibby. The reason he left money was to make sure Tibby would be looked after after his death. Moss bought the toroise from a shop on Tib Street in Manchester in 1945, which is why he was given the name Big Tibby. Moss left the money for Big Tibby with Caroline Williams, a trusted neighbor; and a trusted neighbor she was, Caroline did everything Moss would have wanted to make sure Big Tibby was taken care of as best as possible.


Gunther IV – $106 Million

German Countess, Karlotta Libenstein, left her beloved German Shepherd, Gunther III around $106 million, back in 1992. Those in charge of her money invested it for the Countess and managed to multiply her fortune. Gunther III passed away, but not before Gunther IV was born. Once Gunther III died, Gunther IV became the richest dog alive. These days it is said that he is worth an astounding $372 million.


Conchita – $3 Million

Conchita, adorably named to fit her equally adorable small fact, is the fur baby of Gail Posner, an American heiress. When Gail passed away in 2010, she left her $3 million fortune AND her palatial Miami home to Conchita. This spoiled pup wears nothing but designer duds and gets spa treatments like she were the human she thinks she is. Just to put it in perspective – Gail’s son was left with less than half of what the dog got. Ouch.


Chunmun – $250,000

The only ape on the list! Chunmun is the beloved monkey of Brajesh and Shabista Srivastava, a very wealthy and childless Indian couple. They adopted Chunmun in 2004 and basically raised his like he was their son. The couple had no contact with their families due to their marriage (they were not of the same religion and that was prohibited for them). Chunmun is a long-tailed macaque who is basically doted upon in every way. The ape is set to inherit the house he is living in and the businesses his ‘parents’ own when they pass away. Interesting.


Tina and Kate – $720,000

Tina and Kate are worth $720,000 between the two of them. These two smart canines managed to out rank their human counterparts for the running of will and testament. The two spoiled dogs have a full-time care giver who takes care of the, and the house they both inherited when their owner passed away. Their since deceased owner, Nora Hardwell, was a well-known recluse in Britain, left her home and money to the dogs until their deaths, after which the remaining money would go to charity. In the photo below we see Tina and Kate with their butler, Henry Scott.


Tinker – $160,000

Tinker the cat is worth $160,000. Let that sink in for a second. A cat is worth that much. Tinker was a wise kitten though, he befriended an elderly lady who decided to leave all of her money to her feline friend. The cat was left money and the house he was living in. Not shocking at all, Tinker’s life was being threatened (we can already see the ransom note!), so he was moved to a safer place. That safer place was a mansion, in case you were wondering.


Jasper and Jason – $100,000

Diana Myburgh, a brewery heiress, left trust funds for each of her dogs. Each fund was for $50,000. Jasper, a Labrador-Doberman combination and Jason, a Whippet, were official trust fund babies as of 1995, when the heiress passed away. Like Gunther, Jasper and Jason’s money was invested and has since tripled in value. We wonder how they’re going to spend their money… chew toys or over the top haircuts?


Callum, Juice, and Minter – $82,000 (each)

These three canines were lucky enough to be the fur children of the late great designer, Alexander McQueen. When he ended his life in 2010, he left a note asking for someone to take care of his dogs. The three English bull terriers are worth $82,000 each, which is the amount the designer designated be left for each dog. In addition to the money for each dog, he left two substantial donations for animal welfare organizations.


Bob – $734,000

A true rags to riches story here. A homeless man with substance abuse issues managed to change his life with the help of a cat. James Bowen saw the little ginger kitten in London. The two started performing on the street, much to the delight of passerby’s, seeing as they were paying him. Bowen ended up writing a book about his ginger cat, Bob, called A Street Cat Named Bob, that ended up earning the two approximately $734,000.


Bella Mia – $1.5 Million

Bella Mia already has a nickname, and it’s a pretty impressive one – The Million Dollar Maltese. Bella Mia is the pet companion of Rose Ann Bolsany, an American accountant with an approximate net worth of $1.5 million. Bolsany cut both of her sons out of her last will and testament to make room for her beloved furry friend because she said that she cares for her more. Classy.


Sadie, Lauren, Sunny, Layla, and Luke – $5 Million (each)

Dead giveaway, these are Oprah’s dogs, so you know they’re worth a fortune. Oprah has made it fully known to the public just how obsessed she is with her pups, which she has five of at this time – cocker spaniel Sadie, springer spaniels Lauren and Sunny, and golden retrievers Layla and Luke. Oprah loves her fur babies so much, she is leaving each of them millions. Sadie is said to be getting at least $5 million.


Frankie, Ani, and Pepe – $14 Million

The place: San Diego, California. The absurd situation: an unknown neighbor left Lenise Patrick an estimated $14 million to look after his dog Frankie and his two kittens Ani and Pepe. The money was for the animals to continues living in their current home. The three adorable home bodies are currently housed in their deceased owners $15 million home. We love how they remain a family, of a dog and cats no less.


Choupette – $3.3 Million

Ah the most luxurious for last. She may not be the richest, but Choupette is definitely the most spoiled. The feline companion of Chanel director, Karl Lagerfeld, Choupette is said to be “the most famous cat in the world, and the richest.” Lagerfeld said that Choupette “hates other animals and she hates children. She stays always with me and she has two personal maids.” This cat earned her own keep though, through modeling jobs for pets, Choupette made a surprising $3.3 million in 2015.