Ways to lose your body fat

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it can be hard to lose body fat. In modern life, we are used to a lifestyle that is much more sedentary, with lots of opportunities to consume things that just aren’t good for the levels of fat in our body. Not only can carrying extra weight make us a little self-conscious about how we look, but it also has a negative effect on our health – increasing our risk of cardiovascular disease, increased blood pressure and type two diabetes. If this is something that concerns you, read these tips to reduce your body fat.


Consuming empty calories in the form of wine on a regular basis will contribute to increased levels of fat in your body. These calories are not giving you anything nutritious so are something you can easily eliminate from your diet, or at least reduce as much as possible. If it helps you try and cut down, there are some interesting numbers to consider – drinking two glasses of wine every evening are adding an additional 72,000 calories to your intake every year and is about the same as 20 pounds of fat.


Increasing the level of protein you are consuming could be a massive help when it comes to reducing fat levels. Foods with high levels of protein will release the PYY hormone, that tells the brain that your stomach is full so it will reduce your overeating significantly. Not only this, but protein will help to give you a higher metabolism, that will increase your ability to build muscle. If possible, start adding protein to all your meals, or into as many as possible.


Have you considered if you may have a sensitivity to certain foods? Many people can be sensitive to foods and spend many years completely unaware of it. It is worth beginning a food diary and recording what you eat and how you feel afterward. If anything seems unusual, visit your doctor. Addressing and foods that may be having adverse effects on your body will help you with not only weight loss, but also help to improve your mood.

Resistance Training

We all know, even if we don’t want to sometimes, that exercise is a necessary evil when it comes to weight loss, but often people forget the importance of resistance training. Resistance training typically occurs in the form of weight lifting as it will help improve your muscle mass and increase your metabolism temporarily, so you are still burning fat even after you’re done at the gym. That being said, you should also use a wide variety of exercise types to get the best out of your gym session.

These certainly aren’t easy fixes, because losing weight and cutting fat aren’t easy things to achieve sadly. But they are all certainly very effective. The quicker you start to introduce these tips and techniques into your life, the quicker you will see the results you want. It is important to remember that you should approach weight loss in a healthy way and only use the appropriate lifestyle changes to achieve it.