Ways to curb your smartphone addiction

If there is one invention that has undeniably improved our lives in the past decade, it’s the smartphone. We can have our whole lives on these phones now, and they are like a portable personal assistant that can fit snugly in our pockets. The problem is that, because we are becoming more and more dependent on our smartphones, it also means we are more prone to addiction.

You probably have at least one friend who is partially addicted to their smartphone, you might even be yourself. Apps have made the phones a much more tantalizing prospect, and we find ourselves staring at screens more and more as the months go past. However, smartphone addiction leads to higher levels of anxiety and depression among young adults, and that’s why you need to look at how you can cut down. Check out these simple yet effective ways of quelling your smartphone addiction.

Turn vibrations off

When you have your phone on silent, you’re often worried that you’re going to miss an important message, phone call, or status update, so you switch the phone to vibrate. The problem with this is that it actually winds up compounding the problem. The vibrating phone becomes like the crying baby, commanding you to respond to its every whim, and this is not healthy. Also, there’s the added issue of worry and anxiety when you don’t hear the vibration, and wonder why your friend is taking so long to get back to you.

Get rid of the battery number

Now, this might sound counterintuitive, but it actually really helps. Because the battery display is there, you are able to see exactly how much of a percentage you have left. This makes you spend the entire time stressing or worrying that you might not have enough battery to help you last the rest of the day. By removing the battery percentage number, you will naturally find yourself being more frugal with your phone usage because you’ll be more cautious. This can be a big factor in helping you reduce your addiction.

Change to grayscale

When we say grayscale, we’re not talking about Game of Thrones, we’re talking about the visual display of your phone. Smartphones work on a subconscious level, by showing you different colors that denote different things. Your phone is constantly vying for your attention, so why not make it a little more boring, that way you won’t be tempted to keep looking at it? Grayscale is a really effective way of nullifying much of your phone’s addictive power, and you can always change it back if it gets too much.

Delete apps

We get that smartphones need apps to run, and that’s fine, but you probably don’t need as many apps as you have. There are a lot of apps that are just a little bit pointless and are making your addiction worse. For example, do you need all your social media apps? Can’t you just log on when you get home? Also, try to delete some of the app games you have as well, they are a big reason why you’re spending too much time on your phone.

Think about all the different things that make your smartphone so addictive. It plays a hugely important role in your life, but you also have the problem of using it too much. So, check out our suggestions that will help you cut down on the amount you are actually using your smartphone.