This vet did something remarkable to make this dog feel more comfortable

Animals quickly become a huge part of our lives, and it’s often incredibly heartbreaking to see them in pain. You want to do everything you can for them, you want to make sure they’re okay, and you want to ensure that they are as happy as they can possibly be. So, when one owner took her anxious dog to the vet, she knew it would a traumatic ordeal. After many yelps and growls, the vet decided to go the extra mile to make the anxious dog feel more comfortable…

Little Rupert

Sonya is the proud owner of a dalmatian by the name of Rupert. She rescued Rupert from an animal shelter and knew that he had been abused in the part. Because of this, she was aware of the fact that the adorable dog would take longer to trust her and get used to a change of scenery. Sure enough, it took Rupert a whole year to become fully comfortable with Sonya, and even then there were difficulties. As the dalmatian relied more and more on his owner, he found leaving her to be incredibly difficult. He grew to develop separation anxiety and would hate the thought of leaving Sonya’s side. This was especially true when it came to trips to the vets.

This vet did something remarkable to make this dog feel more comfortable

Getting ready for surgery

Although Rupert was a fairly healthy dog, Sonya was upset to hear that he would need an operation. He was due to go under the knife to solve a health problem at the local veterinary surgery, and he was to be looked after by Mike Farrell. However, getting Rupert into surgery was not easy. He did not want to leave Sonya’s side, and he didn’t want to be examined in the slightest. Although Sonya placed a muzzle on her beloved dog, she could see that Rupert was still uncomfortable and irritated. Ultimately, she knew they couldn’t go ahead with the surgery with Rupert in that state.

Finding an alternative

Mike Farrell was determined to give Rupert the best possible care, so he asked Sonya if there was anything she could bring from home to make the process more comfortable for the dog. She racked her brains, and she finally came to an incredible conclusion. She made her way home and came back with something she hoped would calm her pooch down and allow Mike to continue with the surgery. She handed it to the vet, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was a giant mouse onesie!

This vet did something remarkable to make this dog feel more comfortable

Getting creative

While in her home, Sonya would laze around with Rupert in this mouse onesie, and he had grown to love and cherish her scent on the material. She hoped that in Mike wearing the onesie, he would be able to calm down the dog and get him to trust him. So, Mike donned the suit, and they quickly became best friends! In fact, the surgery was a success.

Sometimes you have to take the road less traveled to complete your task, and that’s exactly what Mike did to make sure Rupert himself took the road to recovery.