The most useless inventions ever made

There have been so many amazing inventions throughout history – the wheel, sliced bread, and the telephone. But, there are a fair few inventions over the years that have been downright pointless. Don’t believe us? Well, there are literally hundreds of thousands of patents registered every year in the US alone! That’s a lot of inventions, so it stands to reason that some of them will be rubbish, and some will be plain and simply, pointless.

We actually had quite a bit of fun cruising the pantheons of pointless inventions and having a good giggle at some of them. So, in order to share the fun, we thought we would compile a list of some of our favorites. Some of these were clearly good ideas in theory, but unworkable in practice, and some are just plain silly. Here is our favorite list of the most useless inventions of all time.

Air-conditioned shoes

Yes, you read that right. A company called Hydro-Tech has actually invented air conditioned shoes, with the idea of letting more air into your soles. But, essentially, they are just a pair of shoes with holes in them. We sort of like the idea, but we think they’d be much better with mini heaters instead, for those icy December nights, and to dry off wet socks too! Besides, at $75, this product is too much of a luxury purchase for us. Sorry!


This one we actually put on the list because it’s more a bugbear than a useless invention. Yes, we can see how that would be useful… if you want your kids turning into mindless automatons who can’t function without looking at a screen – no thanks! The potty should be a place to do one’s business and then leave, there seems no sense in having an iPad holder. Also, we’d much rather kids were reading books on the potty, not playing Candy Crush Saga!


Privacy scarf

Okay, when we saw this we legit thought it was a joke, but, it’s not. It’s real. Not only is this completely impractical as an idea, but it also looks ridiculous, and is a total fashion faux pas. You couldn’t pay us to leave the house with one of these things. Besides, who even needs that much privacy anyway. If you want to look at sensitive material, make sure you do it in the privacy of your own home.

Shoe Umbrella

Okay, this is just pointless, not to mention annoying, garish, and doesn’t go with any of our outfits! What sort of person in their right mind would want to wear shoe umbrellas anyhow? You might just as well put your shoes in plastic bags and leave the house like that. Besides, the impractical design almost assures that your feet are going to get wet anyway. Definite is-shoes (issues… geddit?) with this one; we think we’ll sit it out!


As you can see, there are plenty of ridiculous inventions on this list; that’s just the tip of the iceberg as well guys! There are a ton of useless inventions that have proven very popular, and we’re sure there will be more to come over the years. But we doubt there will be many that will match the heights of these useless ones!