These visitors waited for a man in a hospital

Nobody wakes up in the morning with the intention of going to the emergency room, but that’s the reality for many people around the globe each day. Their health takes a drastic turn for the worse, and they soon realize that they have to seek medical help. This can be hard for many people to come to terms with, and this homeless man was especially worried. Things became even more emotional when he realized that he was not alone…

Setting the scene

However, to truly understand this story, we need to learn a little more about the homeless man in question. While speaking to The Dodo, Cris Mamprim spoke in more detail about the man and his backstory, and the visitors that turned up at the hospital doors. While working at the Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Brazil, Cris and her colleagues welcomed a man by the name of Cesar into their emergency room. It was 3am, and the staff were incredibly tired, but they wanted to give everyone the treatment they deserved. It was clear that Cesar needed particular help, as they soon learned that he had been living on the streets.

Not alone

As Mamprin and her colleagues ushered the man to a cubicle, they understood that he needed urgent medical care due to a preexisting condition that had gotten much worse over the past few hours. He needed medicine, and he needed comfort, and they were going to give him that. However, Cris soon realized that the homeless man was not alone. As she walked by the open doors, she noticed that there were a few visitors poking their noses into the building. Yet, these were not human noses. They were the noses of four dogs, who were eagerly awaiting the return of the man who had taken such good care of him.

Life on the streets

Before too long, the hospital staff knew what was going on. Although Cesar had nothing to his name and was sleeping rough on the streets, he had been looking after the dogs. He gave them love, he provided them with water, and he even made sure that they were fed. He had grown to love the dogs, and they had grown to love him in return. Because of this, Cesar’s faithful companions couldn’t bear to see him ill. They wanted to make sure that he would be okay, so they followed him to the hospital. In fact, Cris noted that the dogs were “well taken care of and chubby,” which meant that Cesar would often put their needs before his own.

Ultimately, the dogs were allowed into the medical center to keep Cesar company, and he was elated to see them. The medical staff were so touched that they decided to give the homeless man and his faithful friends some food, and even then Cesar shared most of his portion with the dogs. We’ve all heard that dogs are man’s best friend, but Cesar took this to a whole new level.