The ultimate debate – Mac or PC

Paging all tech geeks, and computer aficionados – the great debate is back! It’s the age-old contest, one that seems as though it’s existed since the dawn of time – what’s better, a Mac or a PC? Asking which is better out of a PC and a Mac is a question that could start a fight in an empty room, and it’s certainly one of the more subjective debates out there. The preference will largely depend on what you’re looking for, as well as the sort of operating system you favor.

Indeed, Googling either will generate hundreds of results proclaiming why one is better than the other. Of course, this is an argument that is completely dependent on your stance, so it’s impossible to give a definitive answer. But, as should be the case with all great debates, we’re going to explore both sides of the coin. Whether you’ve had both in the past, or just used one and not the other, there’s a good bet you’re going to have an opinion on which is preferable. So, let’s power up the debate and boot up the positives for each side.

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The ultimate debate – Mac or PC


PC enthusiasts will tell you all about the staying power of the PC, and how it is so much more universal than a Mac. Usually, the PC brigade (ha, get it?) tend to be purists who have used PCs all their life, and see no reason to convert. Much of the debate on the PC side of the coin tends to be around the fact that PCs are faster, greener, and easier to use (if you’re used to them, of course), while Macs are simply built on aesthetic appeal. Whether or not this is true is largely subjective – however, it is certainly true that the PC, for the most part, is slightly better value.

Another great advantage is how many amazing games you can get for the PC. In fact, these days, many users will build their own, customized, gaming PCs. This is often more popular than owning a console, and the sheer volume of games gives PC a clear edge over Macs in terms of gaming. PCs also tend to have much more up to date specs and software, while Macs can take months to catch up. Lastly, PCs tend to be much more user-friendly for those who have limited experience with iOS.

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The ultimate debate – Mac or PC


On the Mac side of things, there are plenty of reasons why Macs are superior to PCs as well. Mac users will point to a superior experience with the Apple computer than PCs can offer, and there is a degree of truth to this. It’s especially true if you have an iPhone because you’ve already learned the operating system already! Another of the arguments used is that there is far too much choice on the PC front, and this is true. Macs offer six different computers, each with different specs, so it never gets too overwhelming.

One of the biggies here is that Macs tend to be more secure than PCs, and they are proven to suffer fewer attacks and breaches than their PC counterparts. For the time being, Mac remains a safer platform, but, hackers are becoming advanced enough that extra precautions will become necessary. On a similar note, it could be argued that the build quality of a Mac is far superior to that of PCs. Macs look beautiful and are wonderfully put together – this matters to some, but not to others, again, it’s subjective. Macs do tend to stand the test of time better than their PC counterparts, so if you’re looking for a long-term investment, Macs have the upper hand.

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The ultimate debate – Mac or PC

As you can see, the debate is still raging, and could very well go on for years. Every time a new model is released, we have to press Ctrl Alt Del and reboot the argument! So, at the end of the day, it’s important to look at what you actually want out of your computer, and decide what you feel best suits your personal needs.