There are two sides to this policewoman

Samantha Sepulveda is no ordinary police officer. The beauty was told time and time again that she was too pretty to be an officer, something she took as an offense. However, she eventually gave in and thought that there may be something to those statements from her peers. She decided to take a small break from policing and enter the world of modeling, never to look back. Her fellow police men and women had no idea what she was up to, though.

The New York Post did a piece on Sam and got in depth with Sam herself as to her two very different jobs. In terms of her undeniable beauty, Sam said, “I talk men into handcuffs all the time because they don’t want to fight me. With a female officer, their guard is lowered. There’s less aggression and the situation is defused.” We believe that! When she is off the clock, Sam said that she likes to look as manly as possible to avoid attention to herself. This was pre-second job, though. These days she is looking a lot more feminine than she ever dared to look.

On her Facebook page’s about section, Sam wrote, “Join me on my extraordinary adventures! Inspiring all those around me with smiles and good vibes! Suggestions always welcomed guys!” In the biography section, she wrote, “Ex-Division 1 Lacrosse Player with a passion for fitness, fashion and fancy foods. MBA in Finance from Hofstra with an incredible passion for traveling and immersing myself in new cultures.” She doesn’t directly talk about her day-to-day life but the photos speak for themselves and her change in style also goes to show a transformation on Sam’s behalf. Sam has become a true internet sensation and her story is one that has been called inspirational and modern.

Officer Samantha Sepulveda

Sepulveda is a decorated officer. She surprised the whole of the police enforcement world when it was revealed that this devout policewoman was hiding a lot under that starchy uniform. Indeed, she was much more than a pretty face, but those around her couldn’t imagine what she was really up to when she wasn’t policing her way around. What started out as selfies in the mirror and comments from people, transformed into a secret and booming career.



Samantha Sepulveda was born in the Dominican Republic. She moved to the United States when she was 5 years old. Samantha’s mother landed a position at a factory in New York City, and had brought Samantha and her sister to New York City with her so that they could have a better chance at a good education and a brighter future. Samantha moved to New York City just in time to start first grade.


Lacrosse star

Sam did a lot better than anyone hoped for. As a child she loved sports, as a young adult she excelled even more at it. Her dedication and love for sports came to her advantage when she received a Lacrosse scholarship. She was accepted through that scholarship to the University of Massachusetts. It was at UMASS that Sam got her undergraduate degree in Business. She then went on to get a Master’s degree in finance from Hofstra University.



Sam is not a big woman, but she is a very strong one. Standing at just 5 foot 2 inches, Sam may look like she could be pushed around but has absolutely everybody fooled. Her petite frame had people thinking she was crazy for thinking about going into a new career, one that had nothing to do with her business and finance majors throughout her undergraduate and graduate degrees.



It was after she graduated with her Master’s degree in finance from Hofstra that Sam realized that she didn’t want to work in the business or finance world. While on paper her degrees and accomplishments were noted and impressive, in her heart she didn’t want to sit behind a desk and push paper all day. Her idea of a job wasn’t being in front of a screen crunching numbers.



Sam decided that what she really wanted to do was be a police officer. She decided that being a police officer would be the right decision as she wanted a job that would entail helping other people. She knew that working as a stockbroker or executive behind a desk on Wall Street would perhaps pay more but would not fulfill her need and want to help people in her line of work.


Freeport PD

As one does when he or she wants to be a police officer, Sam attended a police academy to get her training and certification as a law enforcement individual. The photo we see here is from her graduation from the police academy. Sam went to work for the Freeport Police Department in Long Island following her time at the academy. She was doing what she loved and what she wanted to do.



Due to the fact that Sam was a woman, and a small and beautiful one at that, there were many of her peers who did not take her as seriously as she would expect them to take a fellow officer of the law. Over time, though, Sam won their respect (although she should have had it in the first place) and was an intricate part of the local police force when she worked and served.



Sam had a way with her demeanor and words. She moved up the criminal justice chain of command through her excellent interpersonal skills. Other members of the force were very intimidating and therefore hard to speak to by those who were not a part of the department Sam ave those same people a way in with her bedside manner so to speak. Sam was approachable and caring, attributed that made her thrive.



Whether or not you would consider Sam a tomboy or not, she liked to wear her hair back and her clothes baggy even when she wasn’t on duty. She hid her figure when she was in her civilian clothing and made sure to always keep her wits about her. Her friends were nothing like the way she was but she didn’t care one bit. Her masculine appearance was a way for her to be taken seriously and not considered weaker than the opposite gender.


Criminal remark

During one of the many occasions that Sam was a part of an arresting party, she was told that she was the most beautiful cop that felon had ever seen. She arrested him nonetheless but she took the compliment to heart. There were many times that her looks made it easier for her to arrest people, she was a sort of siren that got her wish every time. It was this encounter that made her rethink things.



Wow is the right word if you are saying it right now, we certainly did. Sam decided to go into modeling in 2013 as a result of the many encouraging words from people over the years. She did not tell her fellow law enforcement co-workers of her new side gig. She got her start when she was invited to model for a lingerie company in their fashion show. It was there that her modeling career skyrocketed.


Inner femininity

Sam was a police officer for only three years when she decided to give her modeling side job a chance. She had said that becoming a model was an empowering experience, just as empowering as being a police officer who was a powerful enforcer of the law and a model (excuse the pun) for what a law abiding citizen is all about. Sam took it upon herself to allow her own femininity to shine through, something she was normally averse to.


Working two jobs

Sam’s co-workers had no idea that she was also a model, a very seductive one at that. When her modeling work took her to car off locations, Sam needed to make sure it was on her days off so as to make sure her work as a police officer never suffered, and indeed it never did. Sam took her first job very seriously and was a dedicated policewoman at any given moment.


Cat’s out of the bag

Eventually her co-workers at the police department found out about Sam’s other job. Initially they were merciless with their teasing. She would hear constant remarks about her modeling but she knew they were in good spirits. Her co-workers eventually got over the idea and accepted Sam as both model and police officer as her work with them did not change and neither did she – she was the same old Sam she always was.


Unwanted attention

Sam, being a model as well as a police officer, took a lot of heat for having modeling as her second job. She din’t like the fact that she was getting so much attention since she didn’t feel like her modeling was any different than taking on any form of other second job. When the public found out that Sam was a model, and a lingerie one at that (most of the time), she was getting unwanted attention.



Initially critics had a lot to say about Sam and to Sam about her second job. There were those who didn’t like it that a police officer, an established member of the community and a role model, would ‘stoop so low’ as to model undergarments in order to make more money. It got to Sam at first but then she realized they had no business telling her what to do, she said, “If people find it offensive, they can close their eyes!”


Book deal

Her first book, American Beauty, is currently being written by Sam. She wanted to bring to light her struggle of being a female police officer as well as a model and how she made the two careers work for her at the same time. She writes about how much she wants to inspire girls to make their dreams a reality and for boys and girls to work hard to be the best version of themselves that they could possibly be.



In addition to working her two positions, she takes some precious time and resources and lends her hand to a project that builds sustainable plants in Thailand. She believes in donating her time as well as her money as the two are valuable when helping others out. She also knew that due to her many social media followers, whatever she worked on would get a lot of exposure. She has over 270,000 followers on Instagram to date.


Working her guns off

Sam is naturally gifted physically but continues to work hard on her body. She wants to be as strong as she can be and leads a very healthy lifestyle. Her fitness regimen is a serious and strict one. She uses her workouts to make her a better cop as well as a more toned model. She works on making sure all of her dreams come true, even the ones she has yet to realize.


America’s next great trainer

It’s no secret that Sam has an incredible figure, and she works hard to keep it that way. In fact, over the course of her secretive and successful modeling career, Sam has used her fitness regime to her advantage. In 2013, she was chosen to appear as a model in a video for the Reality TV show, America’s Next Great Trainer. She has also appeared in numerous fitness magazines, including Inside Fitness and Muscle and Fitness.


Fashion Week

2017 has seen Sam’s modeling career and popularity soar through the roof, and she received her greatest honor in September 2017. Incredibly, the cop-turned-model was offered the chance to appear in the exclusive New York Fashion Week – a feat most models spend their lives working towards. She was chosen by the Aussie designer, Azuland Akora, to model her impressive collection of wedding gowns. She wowed the audience, and it’s fair to say she absolutely rocked the catwalk!


Stopped in his tracks

Although many of her cop colleagues teased Sam for her beautiful looks and her modeling ways, there were times when her beauty worked in their favor. In fact, there was one incident where her beauty literally stopped a suspect in his tracks. Sam and her colleagues were patrolling the streets of her hometown when she received a call to pursue a suspect on foot. However, they didn’t need to run too far, as the suspect was frozen by her beauty and apprehended straight away.


Traveling the world

After taking a break from the world of law enforcement, Sam had the chance to fully pursue a modeling career – a career which saw her fly from country to country. As she devoted her life to her looks and her body, Sam was in high demand and was offered modeling opportunities from modeling agencies and companies across the world. Sam documented these travels on her Instagram page and posted selfies from countries such as Spain, Nicaragua, and Australia.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 16.53.01

Close your eyes!

As she continues to dominate the modeling industry, Sam receives even more raised eyebrows for her revealing lingerie shoots and her often risque poses. However, Sam maintains that she is doing nothing wrong and that her poses and modeling shoots are celebrating the female form. For all of the people that post negative comments on her photos and criticize what she does, she has one piece of advice: If you find any of them offensive in any way, ‘close your eyes!’

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 16.54.08

Hard at work

Nowadays, Sam has returned to law enforcement and divides her time between cop work and her modeling career – but the two couldn’t be any different. Outside of work, Sam keeps up her model profile with her raunchy photographs and revealing outfits. She makes sure her makeup is always perfect, and her hair is blow dried to perfection. While she’s clocked in, she’s a completely different person. She likes to keep it professional, and stays makeup-free, with her hair tied back.


What she’s up to now

Recently, Sam has filled her Instagram feed with shots of her vacation. Taking a well-deserved break from life on the beat, Sam has taken herself to Dubai. In between the infamous bikini and lingerie shots, Sam has also posted photographs of herself dolled up for a night on the town with her family and friends – and her 289,000 followers have flooded her comments with love hearts and compliments that are bound to make her day.