Two hungry boys get Taco Bell thanks to a generous soldier

An Alabama soldier has touched the hearts of many after footage of him buying two boys lunch was posted online. This rather sweet random act of kindness happened when the two schoolboys approached him seeking to sell him some homemade dessert.


Lt. Col. Robert Risdon was in Taco Bell one rainy evening when he was approached by the two boys. The boys were young, aged nine and 11. They had some food that they had prepared at home and inquired whether the soldier would like to buy some. Unfortunately as it might have seemed at first, Risdon did not have any cash on him, so he couldn’t buy from the young boys, who were just trying to make a little money. Determined to be of help in some way, he asked them whether they were hungry.

When they affirmed his suspicions, Risdon led them to the counter and helped them to place their orders. The footage shows the younger of the boys pointing at the colorful display board at the cashier’s counter and picking choice number one. Had Risdon had some cash on him, he would have bought the food the boys were selling, and they would have been on their way. As events turned out, he ended up using his credit card to help them out. That was definitely something the little boys hadn’t seen coming their way.

Two hungry boys get Taco Bell thanks to a generous soldier

No big deal

According to MailOnline, Risdon was quoted as saying that he felt it wasn’t much of a big deal, but found it an appropriate gesture towards two kids honestly trying to make money on a rainy school night. The soldier said that it was his duty to get them something to eat.

Having done the act purely on instinct and only with the boys in mind, Risdon later told ABC that the exposure online left him a little embarrassed. This is clearly an indication that his kindness stemmed from the heart. Granted, a lot of people got to witness his act of kindness through the internet and were moved by it. It was clearly a reminder of how far a small act of kindness can go. As for the two boys, they aren’t likely to forget the soldier as they grow up.

Seeds of virtue

Risdon might even have planted seeds of great virtue in the little boys, as the younger one expressed his desire to be just like the soldier when he grew up, and saluted him. Risdon, however, says what he did was simply what he had been raised to do.
This spur of the moment, unplanned encounter shows how important it is to always take those around you into consideration. Most importantly, always being willing to extend a helping hand when it’s needed to whoever who needs it is a lesson that everyone can learn from the kind soldier.

Two hungry boys get Taco Bell thanks to a generous soldier

Risdon’s small gesture was definitely big in so many ways, as seen by the warm reactions it received. Clearly, the world is in need of such morals, and the more people who learn how much little acts of kindness mean to others, the better the world will become.