TV reboots that are better than the original

With the demand for new media always growing, it’s pretty common these days to find a number of television shows that are simply reboots of old series. We don’t blame you for believing TV reboots are usually just an uninteresting endeavor to recreate an original series. Most reboots are nothing more than the media house’s desperate attempt to keep cashing in on popular franchises. In most cases, reboots are nowhere near the original series in terms of cast, plot, and script.

Every now and then, however, we get a few reboots that are a breath of fresh air. These reboots take a used idea and put a fresh, new spin on it, with great casts, interesting and more modern plot points, and improved quality and special effects. Here are a some such reboots that you may find it hard to stop watching.

1.Battlestar Galactica

The 1970s science fiction show was considered to be a knock-off of Star Wars. Despite it’s mediocre reception in the ‘70s, the show was rebooted 20 years later and to everyone’s surprise, the reboot was much better than the original show. Gripping drama, interesting sci-fi plots, and a superb cast that included Academy Award nominees made this show stand out from the crowd. The reboot was a huge success and has a cult following to this day.


Although it first aired on UK television in 2004, Shameless got its US version in 2011. While the UK version of the show can be best described as forgettable due to its amateur direction, the 2011 reboot was an earnest attempt to cover the story of a lower class family and their everyday struggles. It was critically acclaimed and gained a loyal fan following.

3. Doctor Who

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t hate the original show. Aired from 1963 to 1989, the show had almost everything going for it, except the special effects (that were not so special!). The show got a reboot in 2005, which was loved by the audience due to its better pacing, realistic scenes, and direction. It continues to this day, with a variety of different Doctors and companions.

4.The Office

While the original British comedy show was loved by one and all, the reboot is widely considered as a game changer. The Office quickly became the new face of the modern sitcom in the United States. The fact that the audience was able to relate to the hilarious scenarios in the show gives the reboot an upper hand over the original. Regarded as a cult classic, the Office launched the careers of many actors. It also made a number of contributions to pop culture that remain even after the series came to an end.

5.Thunderbirds Are A Go!

Thanks to a gripping storyline, the original show Thunderbirds was an instant hit in the western world. Fast forward 50 years, the producers decide to launch a reboot, naming it Thunderbirds Are A Go! The show was not only loved in the US and Australia, but also made a mark in China and Japan. The show boasts realistic CGI and awesome voiceover performances.