Try these last minute study techniques before exam

Let’s be honest; exams can be seriously nerve-wracking. We sweat, we shake, and we feel downright nervous the whole way through. But if you know your stuff, it shouldn’t seem quite so daunting. So, how do you know your stuff? By revising everything you need to know, up until the very last minute. If you need a last-minute study cram session, here are some techniques to help you through.

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Try these last minute study techniques before exam

Get rid of distractions

One of the main enemies of revision is distractions. Whether it’s your phone, your TV, your favorite Netflix show, your Xbox, your pet or your parents; distractions waste your revision time. The best way to get the most out of your revision is to remove all of these distractions from your work area – as this will let you focus. Remember to take breaks whenever you feel your concentration waning (but only short breaks of 5-10 minutes, not a whole Netflix series!).

Try these last minute study techniques before exam

Revise anywhere and everywhere

And we mean it. Exams require you to know everything about everything – and that is a lot of information that you need to drill into your brain. One way to do this is to stick up revision cards, or revision sheets in places outside of your study area. Place them in plastic wallets and put them in the shower, stick them opposite your toilet, put them on your fridge – make sure nowhere is free of revision tips.

Make it your phone screen

When we’re revising, there is always one subject or one item that we just can’t remember – and you just know it will come up in your exam. How do you remember it? Make it your phone screen saver. Then, whenever you look at your phone you will have to look at it, and it should become engrained in your memory. But remember, this doesn’t give you a free pass to look at your phone all the time.

Get ready the night before

The night before an exam can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it is one of the most important moments of your revision. Use this time to tidy up all of your notes, and try and break down all of it onto one cheat sheet. By this time, you should write each point – but be able to trail off all the extra info in your head. You can use this before you go into the exam hall, to remind yourself of the main points and subjects you will need for the test. However, ensure you don’t spend all night making it. Get an early night to wake up rested.

Try these last minute study techniques before exam

Think positive and stay motivated

The only person who can ruin your chances in an exam is yourself. If you think negatively, this will affect your mood, your motivation, and your ability to remember all of the notes and all of the revision you’ve spent hours going over. Be confident in your own abilities, think positively and look towards the future and where you’re going after the exam has finished to celebrate smashing your test.

Try these last minute study techniques before exam

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