Top 23 Armored Military Forces


Coming in at number 23 is the Republic of Poland. Because of the recent war in Ukraine, and general political tensions in the region, the Polish government has decided to increase their armor strength to over 1,000 tanks, and nearly 3,000 armored personnel carriers.


The Polish army is a professional army and is highly trained. Poland is also a member of NATO, and many soldiers have combat experience from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Saudi Arabia

Next up is Saudi Arabia with 1,200 tanks and nearly 4,500 armored personnel carriers. In addition Saudi Arabia has 235,000 active soldiers. The Saudi army is a professional army, however most Saudi soldier lack combat experience.

As long as Iran is a threat, the Saudi army will keep growing it’s tank count…

As one of the most important countries in the volatile Middle East, Saudi Arabia has to cope with constant threats from both terrorism and civil unrest. It should be noted here that the Saudi Arabian government is one of America’s strongest partners in the region.


With 1,200 tanks in it’s possession, Morocco is number 21 on our list, Morocco has nearly 400,000 military service members and has both modern and old equipment in its possession.

The Moroccan Military Has Many American Tanks
The Moroccan Military Has Many American Tanks

Morocco is not a member of NATO, but its army has combat experience from both Peacekeeping operations, and from internal security duties.


Coming in at number 20 with 1,250 tanks, and 2,500 armored personnel carries, Jordan’s military is a very strong power in the Middle East, and is one of the main countries in the fight against the Islamic State.

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With over 110,000 active soldiers who are well trained, and with lots of experience, Jordan’s army is a force to be reckoned with.


At number 19, Yemen has about 1,300 tanks and 3,000 armored personnel carriers. Yemen’s has roughly 70,000 military service members, and it’s security forces are not considered well trained.

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It is important to note that Yemen’s military has a lot of experience in conducting counter insurgent operations as much of the country is considered to be unsafe. Yemen is not a member of a regional alliance, and has not recently contributed peacekeepers.


Coming in at 18 is Vietnam. The first Communist country on our list, Vietnam has been at peace since the early 1989, when the Cambodia conflict ended. However, that doesn’t stop the army from having 1,470 tanks, and 3,150 armored personnel carriers, along with 415,000 active soldiers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.57.45 AM

Vietnamese forces are well trained, but they don’t have so much combat experience compared to other countries on this list.


17th on this list is Greece with 1,556 tanks, and 4,209 armored personnel carriers. More impressively, given Greece’s abysmal financial state, is that much of this equipment is modern. Greece also has 180,000 active soldiers, who are well trained, and have combat experience.


Greece is a member of NATO, and has contributed soldiers for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Greece has also contributed soldiers for United Nations Peacekeeping operations.


With 1,658 tanks, 1,315 armored personnel carriers, and over 500,000 active soldiers, Iran is number 16 on our list.


Given its geographical location, in the Middle East, and it’s poor relationship with it’s neighbors, it isn’t  surprising that Iran’s army is as big as it is. It might very well need it.


With over 1,665 tanks and 2,321 armored personnel carriers, Belarus comes in at 15th place. With over 65,000 active military members, many of who, are well trained, but with out combat experience.


Belarus is also one of Russia’s most important allies, and has one of the strongest militaries in the region.


Located across the Straits of Taiwan from its arch-enemy, China, Taiwan has over 2,000 tanks and 4,350 armored personnel carriers. Taiwan also has mandatory conscription, and over 300,000 active military members. Additionally, the Taiwanese Army is one of the most advanced in the region.


Taiwan’s army is mostly inexperienced, and it has not contributed soldiers to the Afghanistan or Iraq wars. As Taiwan is not recognized by the United Nations, Taiwanese soldiers have not partook in peacekeeping operations.


With over 2,300 tanks, and 800 armored personnel carries, Ethiopa has one of the strongest armies in Africa. With around 185,000 soldiers, Ethiopia is not lacking in manpower either. One caveat is that much of the equipment is from the Soviet times, and a good chunk of it might not work.

Ethipian soldiers, have a reasonable amount of combat experience, from constant skirmished with neighboring Eritrea.

South Korea

Coming in at number 12 with 2,381 tanks and 2,661 armored personnel carriers. South Korea has one of the most advanced armies in the world. With over 625,000 active soldiers and mandatory conscription, South Korea is not lacking in manpower either.


South Korea has a lot of recent combat experience from both Peacekeeping Operations, and it’s contribution of soldiers to recent conflicts in the Middle East.


With 2,809 tanks and 8,217 armored personnel carriers, Ukraine has one of the largest militaries in Europe. With over 160,000 active soldiers, Ukraine has a lot of manpower too.


It is also important to note that parts of Ukraine are considered to be active war zones, and the Ukrainian army has gotten very experienced with active combat.


At 10th place with 2,924 tanks and 2,828 armored personnel carriers, Pakistan’s 620,000 soldiers are also some of the worlds most experienced with regular deployments for internal security, as well as United Nations peacekeeping operations.


We should also note that Pakistan always has India on their mind…


With 3,778 tanks, and 7,550 armored personnel carriers, 9th place goes to Turkey. The Turkish armed forces have over 410,000 soldiers, and Turkey has mandatory conscription for males for a minimum of 6 months.


Turkey also is a member of NATO, and has combat experience in Northern Cyprus.


Israel has 4,170 tanks and over 10,000 armored personnel carriers. Israel is the strongest country in the Middle East.


Known as the start-up nation, Israel has one of the most technologically advanced militaries in the world With over 160,000 active soldier, all of whom are well trained, and have combat experience.

North Korea

The evil twin to South Korea, North Korea say they have 4,200 tanks and 4,100 armored personnel carriers, but many of them are probably not in an operable condition.

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North Korea has mandatory conscription, with an army of over 700,000 soldiers.


Syria has around 4,500 tanks and 4,510 armored personnel carriers. Syria also has about 180,000 soldiers. Please be mindful that these are pre civil war statistics, and that Syria could very well, and most likely has significantly less forces than these, and the only way we will know for sure, is when hostilities in Syria are over.


If Assad stays in power after the war, he will probably order in more tanks from Russia.


With over 4,624 tanks, and 13,949 armored personnel carries Egypt has one of the strongest militaries in the Arab world. With over 470,000 active soldiers, Egypt qualifies as number 5 on our list.


The Egyptian security services are also well trained, and have a lot of experience in conducting internal security operations.


Pakistan’s main rival, India is one of the largest countries in the world with a population numbering in the billions. India has 6,464 tanks and — armored personnel carriers. India also has more than 1,325,000 active soldiers who are well trained, and have experience from United Nations peacekeeping operations, and security operations in India’s trouble spots.


India is rapidly modernizing it’s military equipment and it’s only a matter of time until it reaches technological parity with the other militaries in the top 3.


At third place with 8,848 tanks and 6,704 armored personnel carriers, the United States also has over 1,325,000 professional soldiers, who highly trained, with many having combat experience from Iraq and Afghanistan.


While being third place in numbers, they are not by any means 3rd place overall, the United States of America has technological advantages that make numbers irrelevant. With one of the worlds most technologically advanced militaries, the United States has been setting the military technology standards since the 1940’s and will likely continue to do so for a very long time.



In second place, China has around 9,150 tanks and 4,788 armored personnel carries. China distinguishes itself because of it has the largest standing army on this list with over 2,335,000 soldiers.


The Chinese are rapidly expanding the military industrial complex, and are going to hit full technological parity with the west, within a few years.


And the winner with 15,398 tanks and 5,792 armored personnel carriers is Mother Russia. With around 766,055 soldiers, Russia’s army might not be the largest, but it is generally well trained, with many of the professional soldiers having combat experience.


It is also important to note that Russia practices mandatory conscription. Much of Russia’s military technology comes from the Soviet times, but there has been a huge push to modernize, as a result of the Ukraine war.