Toasty tips for staying hot in cold weather

There is nothing worse than being cold. If you are too hot, you can cool down by jumping in a pool or eating ice cream, and those things are a lot of fun. Being too cold, however, is awful and can make for a very miserable day. So here are some tips for staying toasty when everywhere else is freezing!

Warm your body up first

Before you whack on the heating, wrap yourself up first. It is much easier (and more eco-friendly!) to warm up your body temperature than to warm up a whole room. Remember that you lose heat from your head (although not the 80% of your body heat that your Grandma used to tell you! But either way, it’s an excellent way to keep warm!), so pop on a wooly hat, some cozy socks, and an extra jumper.

Block Drafts

A door draft can cause a whole room to feel like the Antarctic, so it’s time to block up those drafts! You don’t have to go out and buy a pricey draft excluder; you can make one with a pool noodle! Simply cut it in half down the length, wrap it in fabric and slide it under the door. You will be surprised at just how much of a difference it makes!

Wrap up your windows

Windows are another place where heat can escape, and drafts can come in. Try to replace your curtains with heavier drapes (wool or fleece work well), to keep all your heat inside the room.

Turn on your ceiling fan

So this sounds counterintuitive but bear with us! Hot air rises, as we all know, so by turning the fan on (low!) in a clockwise direction, it will push the warm air back down to a level where you can feel the benefit!

A locked thermostat

If you live in an apartment or work in an office building where you are not actually able to access the thermostat to change it, you might have to get a little crafty. Leave some ice near the detector to make it think that it is colder than it is and hopefully it will compensate by putting the temperature up a few degrees.


There is something pretty cozy about spending a cold day inside baking, and the heat of the oven will warm up your house too. Eating warm cookies straight from the oven is a great way to feel toasty too!

Get your compost on

As well as the other environmental benefits that come with composting, you are also able to produce some heat! The microbial breakdown of the organic material can even be used to heat showers or greenhouses.

Layer those blankets

When it comes to adding layers to your bed, you want the fluffiest blanket to be on the bottom, closest to your skin. Add various other blankets to your bed, with dense ones at the top as this will help with convective heat loss.

Hopefully, these toasty tips will hopefully keep you as warm as possible during the cold weather. Remember, the summer, and the wonderful warm sunshine is not too far away – let that warm your icy heart as you sit under your layers of blanket, a bobble hat on your head, eating cookies fresh from the oven – when we put it like that, it doesn’t seem so bad!