All time legends that appeared in The Blues Brothers

Cult movie The Blues Brothers is one of the most fun and underrated movies of all time. It’s a firm favorite of ours and will appeal to anyone who has an interest in music. One of the things that floats our boat the most about this flick is the soundtrack, which totally kicks butt! But, we also dig the sheer volume of amazing guest stars who pop up and make appearances in the movie.

Most movies are generally only as good as their supporting cast, and the supporting cast here is excellent. But, there are also loads of legends from screen and stage that appear in the film. Lots of acting legends, and a fair few musical icons as well. Being an iconic musical-comedy movie, there are so many cool bits in the film, and we love all the cameo appearances. Here are some of the all-time legends that appear in the movie.


Carrie Fisher

Late, great screen legend Carrie Fisher is, of course, best-known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies. But, she also had iconic roles in When Harry Met Sally and had an early, fun cameo in The Blues Brothers as the Mystery Woman. This was an early role for Fisher – in fact, only her 4th movie appearance. Seeing her in the film, even now, is incredibly iconic, and gives us a Princess Leia injection in an already superb movie. Though Fisher’s appearance is fleeting, it’s still an iconic appearance, even more so due to her success, at the time, from Star Wars.

Aretha Franklin

One of the finest voices of all time, Aretha Franklin is a legend of the musical world. Not that she needed to appear in a movie to increase her popularity, but The Blues Brothers did no harm for Aretha’s career. Her performance of the song Think, in collaboration with the Blues Brothers, is one of the highlights of the movie. It also worked wonders for Franklin’s career and helped to boost her record sales. Aretha even has to do a bit of acting in the movie, and she does a pretty fine job – perhaps what led to her appearing in the sequel Blues Brothers 2000.


John Candy

Legendary comic actor John Candy also appears in the movie, alongside his friends Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. Playing corrections officer Burton Mercer in the film, Candy brought some extra comedy acting to the movie. His hilarious character (who wears shades in a nightclub?!) almost stole the film and signified a prolific career period for Candy. The movie is wonderfully quotable, with Candy’s character Burton Mercer having some of the best lines in the movie. “Three Orange Whips!”

There are some wonderful guest appearances in this movie, as well as some awesome cameos too. In addition to being one of the funniest films ever made, The Blues Brothers is also one of the most quotable. These are just a few of the awesome legends who appeared in the movie and helped to elevate it above what would be considered a regular film. Some of the other icons to appear in the movie include Ray Charles, Henry Gibson, James Brown, and Charles Napier. What a treat that is for those who have yet to be initiated into the delights of this great movie.