Things that you will learn as a freelancer

Taking the big leap from a steady, stable full-time job, to become a freelancer is a huge step and one that is a massive learning curve. Although it might seem like you are living the dream, that is not always the case, and here are some things that being freelance will teach you.

Being your own boss is hard and amazing all at once

When you are your own boss, you have to motivate yourself which doesn’t always come easily. However, when you manage it, it is so empowering. You can enjoy the knowledge that when you are working and making money, you are making it for yourself, not for some fat cat at the top of a pyramid. Everything you achieve is with your own skills, talents, and connections – you are like an entrepreneur of your own empire.

Being your own boss is hard and amazing all at once

Working from home isn’t as amazing as it may seem

Sure, not having to put clothes on every day, working from your armchair and enjoying all the comforts that home offers (such as snuggles with your cat and afternoon naps), can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a real drag. Not leaving the house for days on end, or working only on your own can be a drain on your mental health and give you real cabin fever. It is important to join groups or find reasons to leave the house to socialize, so you don’t go stir crazy.

Being freelance is so fulfilling

Although getting paid is important to be able to, you know, live, a benefit to being freelance is feeling as though you are part of something bigger. You get to choose to do work that you care about, or that makes a difference. You are (hopefully!) working in a field that you are passionate about and although there will be difficult days, ultimately, you will be doing something you love – and not everyone has that luxury!

Getting paid is not easy

When you don’t have a finance department making sure things are paid for you, or a guarantee that you will get your salary on the same time every month, you realize just how frustrating the system can be. As a freelancer, you will notice how long it takes people to complete invoices and how much you will rely on that money. It is important to have a buffer in your account before taking the freelance leap, as you will rarely get paid on time, no matter how big your client is.

Getting paid is not easy

It is pretty cool!

Being able to work to your own schedule, using your skills and enjoying flexibility with your routine is pretty amazing. As is telling people that you are a freelancer. When your friends are complaining about having to work on an early Monday morning, you can feel pretty smug about your lie in!

There is a lot to consider and think about if you decide to become a freelancer, and along the way you are going to learn a whole load of things. It is not always rainbows and butterflies, but it is a huge achievement and gives you much more freedom than an average 9-5 job.