Things that successful people do over long weekends

There is nothing quite like the prospect of a long weekend. Knowing that you have three days, not just two, to get things done (or not do anything) can really get you through a tough week at work. However, not everyone knows what to do with that extra day. Whether you’re being given a long weekend thanks to Presidents’ Day or you’ve just booked a Friday off at work, making the most out of a three-day weekend is important. We’ve rounded up some of the best tips from successful people, to help you get the best from your long weekend.

Plan ahead

If you don’t plan ahead for your long weekend, then there is a good chance you’ll end up doing nothing. Or, you will spend the first day of your three-day weekend doing the planning. Be proactive about planning ahead by booking events, scheduling activities, and reserving a table at your favorite restaurant. This way, you will have lots of activities planned out, and you won’t feel as though you’re wasting the weekend. Most importantly, leave yourself a little bit of flexibility just in case any important work issues arise. You won’t be spending your whole long weekend working, but you will be able to answer any urgent work emails.

Finish your work

While the prospect of a long weekend can be exciting, it can also be distracting. This means that it can be harder to finish the to-do list before you leave for the weekend, but make sure you stick at it. The last thing you want to be doing is any last-minute work bits before you can go and enjoy your time off. Ensure you clean up the office, finish anything urgent, and make a plan of action for when you return. Leaving the office with a clear mind and an empty inbox will ensure you can really enjoy the weekend ahead of you.

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Switch off

Even the most successful people know that they need to switch off and unplug every now and then. It might not be possible for you to turn all of your devices off for three days, but at least try to schedule some ‘unplugged’ time. This means turning off your phone and tablet and switching your laptop off. This will give you more time to connect with your family and loved ones, while also being able to unwind your mind. It’s amazing what a little bit of unplugged time can do for your mental health.

Spend time with loved ones

You have a whole three days to make the most out of, so it’s important to spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. When you’re planning ahead and booking fun activities, make sure you include your friends and family. Take the children on a long walk in the woods to reconnect with nature (leaving your phone off), take the other half out for a much-needed dinner and catch up, and play some tennis with your friends. You will get to spend more time with the people you love and make others happy at the same time. It’s a win-win!

And… Relax

Finally, it is important to use this extra time to unwind and relax. If you’ve been feeling stressed out at work recently, then a three-day weekend may be exactly what you need. Recharge your batteries, meditate, don’t think about work, and truly enjoy the time you have off. You will be able to go back to work after the long weekend feeling well rested and ready to take on the world.

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Three-day weekends don’t come around very often, so make the most out of them when you can. Follow these tips from successful people, who know how to strike the perfect balance between work life and home life. You will be back in the office and planning for the next long weekend before you know it!