Things you need to know about sugar

Sugar. The taboo word that has since gone on to become a demon in its own right. As cutting sugar out of your diet has become one of the latest trends to hit the diet industry, is there truth to the reports that are floating around? There are plenty of health activists out there that may be enough to convince you on their own, but is there truth to their statements about the importance of avoiding sugar in your life?

Nothing of anything

Sugar doesn’t actually contain anything that is useful to the body! The substance contains no protein, nutrients, or any types of healthy fat! In fact, eating sugar (especially processed sugar) does a lot more harm than good and can lead to some serious health complications. The effect it has on the body releases a ton of hormones that can cause people to get highly addicted! While you may not think so, much like someone’s substance addiction, sugar can lead down a slippery slope.

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Weight gain

Most of us have heard by now that sugar is a leading cause of obesity, but why? After becoming addicted to the sweet stuff in food that you may not even know contained it, it’s not a surprise to see people’s weight go up and up. The stats go as far to prove that your risk of becoming obese increase by up to 60% through just one sugary drink a day! The calories that are obtained through sugar also aren’t used as efficiently so many people feel they have to eat or drink more which leads to an over calorie intake.

Liver issues

The liver is the home to where sugar is processed and stored in the body. When too much unnatural sugar (sucrose) is eaten, the liver cannot keep up with handling it all so is forced to turn it into fat! This then causes a fatty liver that leads to further health complications – not good! The liver is the only organ that can process this type of sugar, and you definitely don’t want to put your body under too much strain!

Diseases and conditions

As scary as it is, sugar is actually linked to causing cancer. It is all connected as sugar increases insulin production. Too much sugar means the body cannot keep up and you may develop an insulin immunity. This can then lead on to developing type II diabetes! All of this means that with too much insulin in your body it can cause cancerous cells to grow, as well as give you issues with how your metabolism naturally keeps everything in order and put the body in great danger! Increased sugar intake can also lead on to high cholesterol levels, and with high cholesterol currently causing more deaths a year than cancer, that is something you definitely do not want to have.

After reading these reasons, it’s not hard to see just why sugar is on the naughty list and not the nice one! However, don’t let these ideas scare you. Not all sugar in the world is out to get you! Natural sugar found in fruits contain a different a different form of sugar named fructose that can easily be digested and processed by the body! Balance is always vital, and by cutting down on the amount of processed sugar is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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