Things you didn't know about avocado

Ah, the avocado. This is the food that has seen millennials hit the headlines over the years, but would you believe there are things you didn’t know about avocado? That’s right; this superfood still knows how to keep us guessing. Move over kale chips and protein shakes – we’re here to learn about the godfather of the health craze.

The must be hand-picked

Yup, it turns out there is plenty of work that goes into growing avocados. They grow high up in trees meaning harvesters must use 16-foot-long poles with clippers and a pouch on the end to get them down from the tree. The amount of labor that goes into growing avocados is just one of the reasons they are often more expensive than other fruits or vegetables.

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They’re full of love

This might sound like a strange one, but hear us out. Avocados grow in pairs on trees. Plus, they can’t self-pollinate meaning they rely on another nearby tree to produce any fruit. Both of these reasons led the Aztecs to believe the avocado was a symbol for fertility and love. They might not get us feeling all romantic, but it looks as though avocados know how to feel the love themselves.

You can make them ripen

Getting the perfectly ripe avocado can be tough. It seems as though there are just 27 seconds in the day that your fruit will be perfect to eat before it’s over-ripened and lost forever. If you need a way to speed up the ripening to fulfill all your avocado needs, then you might be in luck. All you need to do is place them in a bag with a banana or apple as the other fruit release ethylene gas which helps speed up the ripening process.

They’re a berry

Okay, so there has been the long debate about what many of these foods are. Could they be a fruit or a vegetable? Sometimes, there is no winning the discussion. However, avocados throw a whole new curveball into the mix as they are neither – they’re actually a berry! They might not look like your typical berry, but they tick all the right boxes when it comes to classification.

Things you didn’t know about avocado

They can be baked

There are so many uses for avocados. Perhaps it’s no wonder they have become so popular over the last few years? It looks as though their magic continues to spread as they can also replace butter in baking. An avocado’s texture and creaminess mean they can be the perfect stand in for anyone looking to shake up their meals. The best bit? They’re packed full of healthy fats, too.

It looks as though there is no end to the incredible number of uses. However, the things you didn’t know about avocado show there is a lot more to this berry underneath that outer skin. Sometimes, it’s all about what’s on the inside that counts – especially when the inside is filled with the delicious goodness of an avocado. Excuse us while we whip up a snack.

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