These fake Halloween costumes are so bad they’re good

Halloween is one of the best times of the year, when everyone gets to to dress up as their favorite characters and just have a good time. Choosing an outfit can be tough, however, and costume stores want to offer the most popular characters without paying for the rights. So, they come up with these very entertaining knock-off costumes. Here are some of the funniest fake Halloween costumes out there.

Yer a Wizzrd, Harry

We’re not quite sure what a “wizzrd” is, but witches and wizards were popular costume choices long before J.K. Rowling penned the Harry Potter series and Daniel Radcliffe became famous for playing The Boy Who Lived.

However, when a wizard is dressed up in round glasses and has a red and gold scarf, it’s pretty clear that it is supposed to be Harry Potter. Hiding the name of the character that this costume represents wasn’t enough for these costume makers – they also changed the word “wizard” into something unrecognizable.

Kansas dress code

If these costumes are any indication, there must be something about Kansas that causes women to wear short, blue and white checkered dresses.

They also seem to carry baskets and wear their hair in pigtails tied with red ribbons there. Of course, we all know that this is really just a copy of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but if you choose to wear this costume, you are officially walking around as a “Kansas Beauty” or a “Kansas Sweetie.”

The Guardians of what?

Here’s a great idea for a group costume, although “The Guardians,” just sounds like the name of a band or something.

We all know that it’s actually a poorly disguised copy costume of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the hilarious ensemble of Marvel super heroes that we love so much. They couldn’t legally put the name of the movie on the costume packaging, so they shortened it. We especially like the Plant Buddy, and hope he’s included in the set.

Stripey Dude

The makers of this costume really put zero effort into the name they wrote on the package.

The costume is obviously a version of the classic Where’s Waldo costume but instead of simply admitting that on the label, they came up with a different name for him – Stripey Dude. While it’s not the best name, It’s always possible that the Where’s Waldo creators actually came up with that name first but rejected it in favor of something a bit more memorable.

Out of Space

Darth Vader is one of the most recognizable villains of all time. Any time anyone sees the figure dressed in black armor with a black cape and mask, they immediately know that it’s Darth Vader.

So, when people are shopping for Halloween costumes and they come across this one, they’ll understand the subtext right away. Imagine going to a party in this costume and continually insisting that you’re not actually dressed as Darth Vader but are instead a Man Out of Space.

“Froze” with shock

It’s hard to decide which part of this package is more entertaining: the fact that the name of the character is “Boyish Snow-Clown” or that it says that it’s from Disney’s “Froze.”

You see, they didn’t just copy the character to make the costume. They actually took the Disney logo and the font from the popular movie Frozen and changed it around to make it their own. All this for a headpiece and stick on buttons.

Bizarre Matters

When you’re looking for a name for your knock-off costume, it helps if you have a thesaurus handy. We’re fairly certain that was the situation here, when someone had to come up with a similar and yet different name for a popular sci-fi horror television series.

If you take the name of the show, Stranger Things, and look up synonyms for the words, you’ll come across Unusual Events, among other interesting choices. Maybe they’ll call this character “Twelve” as well.

A new kind of superhero

Captain America is one of the most famous Marvel superheroes. Everyone recognizes the soldier’s red, white, and blue suit and indestructible star shield.

This character, however, may look just like Captain America on first glance, but he’s actually called Brave Warrior America. They have a lot of similarities, and even though he has the exact same white letter A on his blue hat, it’s simply because they both have the word “America” in their names, not because they are the same hero.

The bossy sister

Every year when fall rolls around and Halloween is around the corner, people pull out their favorite spooky movies to watch. Hocus Pocus is one of the classics and we all love to make some popcorn and watch the Sanderson sisters and their silly shenanigans.

And in fact, dressing up as the characters from Hocus Pocus is a great idea for a Halloween costume. The makers of this costume thought so too, but they couldn’t call the character by her name, instead choosing to describe her in a not-so-flattering manner.


This one is actually almost clever. Disney characters are trademarked, so you can’t just go ahead and use their names on the packaging when you make copy-cat Halloween costumes of them.

Instead of calling their fake Aladdin costume by the character’s real name, these costume makers decided to skip the risk of copyright infringement and make up their own name. They may or may not have put some thought into it, using an interesting play on words with the name A-Lad-In a costume.

Super Video Game Guy Brothers

Sure, we’re not denying that Mario can be loosely defined as a “Video Game Guy,” but when you’re looking for the perfect Halloween costume, you’re usually looking for something a bit more specific.

Luckily, Mario is one of the most recognizable video game guys out there, so most people will immediately know what this costume is supposed to be. We still think that the creators of this kit could have put a little more thought into it, though.

The cold season is coming

This is another example of knock-off costume makers simply using a description of the character behind the costume they are trying to sell instead of their name.

This wig, which is part of a collection called “Game of Thrones Costumes” is supposedly a costume for the Dark Northern King. We’re all pretty sure that they mean Jon Snow, both because of the style of the wig and the fact that he’s the only person who could really be called the Northern King.

Tomb Looter

If you’re a woman looking for a good Halloween costume and don’t feel like dressing up like a man, there are several female action heroes that you can choose out there.

Lara Croft, from the movie Tomb Raider, is one of those, and if you’re a fan of the movie, she’s a great choice. But of course, if due to copyright issues you can’t use the word Raider, you can substitute the word Looter, and everyone will probably still understand exactly what the costume is supposed to be.

Hungry Games

People who decide to wear this costume will probably be better off if they don’t tell people that they are dressed up as a hungry rebel girl, because that can have a completely different connotation.

What these costume designers are going for seems to be Katniss from the popular dystopian action books and movies The Hunger Games. Even though they put the word “hungry” on the costume package, it’s just not the same. On top of that, most of the items that come with the costume are apparently used.

Not quite

Unlike the other costumes on this list, this one is not actually a knock-off of a known character but simply a very strange, mislabeled costume.

The little child on the packaging is clearly dressed as some sort of knight, complete with fake chainmail and a cross on his chest, however the label says that he is a samurai, which is in fact a Japanese fighter. It’s a pretty big error. In addition, this kid looks pretty unhappy with his attire which is not the best way to sell a costume.

Top student at Chogborts

It’s not easy to be the top student at a school like Chogborts, where all of the young witches and wizards come together to learn things like spells and potions.

Hermany Grinder is lucky to have friends like Herty Popper and Ren Wizzly to help her get through her time at the school. You too can dress up like this very intelligent young girl with this black wizard cloak and plaid tie, and you’ll fit right in at Chogborts.

Fresh squeezed

Instead of licensing your copy-cat costume idea, you can simply change the words around a bit so that they make no sense while still being somewhat similar to the original movie from which you are taking the character.

This genius costume designer changed the words of the name of the classic dystopian crime film from the 1970s, A Clockwork Orange, to A Ticktock Orange Juice. It’s completely absurd, especially with the tagline underneath “for that fresh squeezed flava!”

Cyber man

This costume gives you two choices so you don’t have to repeat your costume. You can be Cyber Man for your Friday night party and Padre for your Saturday evening celebration. The costume is clearly a knock-off, but we get this one.

In a way, Neo, the main character in the science fiction action movie The Matrix, is a “cyber man,” fighting to save humankind in a cyber world. While Cyber Man does sound like a decent superhero name, we are a bit confused about where the Padre comes from.

Yellow boy

The Simpsons are the best known animated family in the world. They have a distinctive look – these yellow, funny-looking, big-headed characters can be recognized instantly.

So maybe that’s why it’s so funny when we see a picture of what is very obviously Bart Simpson, but instead of his name on the package, he appears with the words “Yellow Boy Mascot.” They didn’t make any effort to disguise the look of the character, instead only changing his name.

The costume is strange

While this costume appears to be Minnie Mouse, the words on the package are so strange and inexplicable that we have no idea what they were going for.

Either it’s a really bad translation (who knows of what) or they just decided to use arbitrary words on the label. We don’t understand how this made it to the shelf of a store without someone somewhere along the way realizing how bizarre it looks and making a change.

The artist formerly known as Purple Musician

One of the artists with the most distinctive looks of all time was Prince, who was known for his unique fashion sense in addition to his musical talents.

So when we saw this picture of some unnamed so-called ‘80s Purple Musician, it was very clear who it was supposed to be. It’s a little bit odd, but at least they didn’t make up any words or fake names for this one and simply used a fairly accurate description.

Found adult

Almost as strange as “Where’s the Stripey Dude,” here’s another knock-off of the classic red and white striped character Where’s Waldo.

These costume manufacturers went a different direction with their packaging, though, going for a very generic summary of who the character is rather than choosing a fake name for him. Sure, technically Waldo is a lost adult, but there is so much more to him than that. Interestingly, underneath the name of the character, they included a website that does have the name Waldo in it.

Not a clue

As we mentioned before, thesauruses can come in handy when you’re trying to come up with new names for characters and movies that already exist. In this case, the name they chose is so bad it’s almost good, and it’s definitely very funny.

They took the romantic comedy Clueless, looked up “clue” in the thesaurus, and ended up with the reimagined name Notionless. Keep in mind that this costume is not cheap, especially not for a knock-off, so hopefully the costume is better quality than the name.